Watch LeBron James Barely Avoid Decapitation During Miami Heat Parade

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJune 25, 2013

The Miami Heat celebrated their second consecutive NBA Championship with a parade on Monday morning, and if it weren't for an alert LeBron James, they could have lost their shot at a three-peat thanks to a parade route lacking foresight.

James, his sons and Juwan Howard were atop a double-decker bus for the length of the parade, which ran across 8th St. and up Biscayne Blvd and apparently under a few too many bridges.

Going under three consecutive overpasses with a 14'6" clearance kept LeBron on his toes, as they didn't seem to plan very well for a giant basketball player of a man standing on top of a bus that is already close to knocking into the overpasses.

The first one they went under, which was caught on the extremely important "LeBron Cam," seemed to make everybody doubtful.

Everybody on top of the bus had a bit of an apprehensive way about themselves, crouching a bit when they were a few yards out, and then realizing that they'd be bonked on the head if they didn't crouch further.

With smiles coming across everyone's face, they were ready for the second obstruction.

However, LeBron looked behind the bus as a third overpass was rapidly approaching, turning around just in time to duck and avoid a devastating head injury.

Maybe next time the guy planning the parade should either find a route with fewer obstacles that could decapitate their star player, or just have him ride on top of a shorter vehicle. 


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