WWE Payback 2013: Breaking Down Night's Most Disappointing Outcomes

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IJune 17, 2013

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

WWE Payback 2013 put on a good show overall on Sunday, but there were still a few results that left wrestling fans a bit puzzled.

Whether it was a top star falling in unexpected fashion or a tag team matchup failing to be very creative, a couple of things just didn't sit right.

While it doesn't change the fact that the WWE did a solid job overall with a solid lineup on Sunday, it could have been even more spectacular if not for a few glitches.

Dolph Ziggler Loses

This came out of nowhere. There are surprises that keep you intrigued, and then there are surprises that disturb you. This disturbed me.

When Dolph Ziggler was out with a concussion for six weeks, the WWE didn't make a big scene, and no one figured it would hurt him in the long run.

Well, it did. Alberto Del Rio waited patiently to face Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday at WWE Payback after being stuck in a standstill with Big E. Langston. Then he shocked the world.

A wrestler as well-respected and decorated as Dolph Ziggler doesn't deserve this. In a spectacular card overall, this was the big stinker.

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan Lose to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Randy Orton doesn't have that spark anymore. Daniel Bryan does and the WWE should be making the most out of it.

Maybe some other time.

Orton and Bryan lost to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield on Sunday, failing to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship. In the process, they got into a skirmish. In a title bout that could have injected some life into Orton and boosted Daniel Bryan even more, we got neither. The WWE could have done much more here.

Randy Orton Doesn't Turn Heel

Speaking of Orton, I thought his feud with Bryan was a perfect opportunity for the 33-year-old to turn heel.

While Orton is still popular in the wrestling world, his mic skills have been average at best lately and his character has become a bit monotonous. The WWE should frankly be more inventive with Orton, who obviously has drawn his fair share of support throughout the years, but currently isn't standing up to the reputation he built.

Overall, you can't complain too much about WWE Payback on Sunday. However, as always, the WWE did a couple of things that made you scratch your head.

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