Chelsea: What to Expect from Jose Mourinho's First Press Conference

Rowanne Westhenry@@agirlintheshedFeatured ColumnistJune 9, 2013

Chelsea: What to Expect from Jose Mourinho's First Press Conference

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    As Chelsea finally confirmed that Jose Mourinho was replacing interim manager Rafa Benitez, journalists across the UK waited desperately for news on when he would be holding his first official press conference.

    ChelseaTV's exclusive interview proved to be a tantalising teaser: The Special One made the rest of the press wait a full seven days to speak to him again.

    As the anticipation mounts, it's time to have a look at what we can expect to see and hear from Mourinho on June 10.


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    Whilst the Premier League has hardly been devoid of characters since Mourinho's abrupt 2007 departure, there have been few who could provide the same number of entertaining quotes as Mourinho. From protracted analogies involving eggs, omelettes and supermarkets to concerns about continental pandemics, the Special One has a way with words.

    Expect copious references to love and commitment. It's going to be beautiful.

Bold Statements

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    Mourinho is likely to reiterate the rhetoric about a long and happy marriage. In light of the seven managers who have taken charge of Chelsea in the five years since his departure, this does seem a far-fetched dream.

    However, his arrival in 2004 was amidst a fanfare of boasting about the fact that he would win titles, even when Chelsea had not won the League for half a century. Less than 12 months later, he had his hands on his second trophy of the season.

    Although it will take longer to prove the truth of this bold statement, it will be just as satisfying when it comes off.

A Narrative

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    Ultimately, Mourinho's first press conference on his return will go exactly as he plans it. He will underline his commitment to bringing Romelu Lukaku into the first-team squad, and will more than likely evade questions regarding Fernando Torres. He will make jokes and will undoubtedly reference the retired Sir Alex Ferguson at some point.

    The sycophants will be fed a feast while cynics are put in their place, and he will set the tone for what is sure to be a successful second spell in charge at Stamford Bridge.