UFC on Fuel 10: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis for Main Card

Craig Amos@@CAABRMMAFeatured ColumnistJune 8, 2013

UFC on Fuel 10: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis for Main Card

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    UFC on Fuel 10 is now officially in the books. The event has to be one of shorter ones the UFC has put on in recent memory, thanks to the abundance of stoppages, particularly submissions, which kept the judges from having to do a lot of work.

    If you missed any of the main card action, or just want to relive some of its submissionish goodness, check out the quick results below, or pursue the subsequent slides for a round-by-round recap of the night. 

    Main card quick results:

    • Fabricio Werdum def. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira via submission (Round 2, 2:49)
    • Leonardo Santos def. William Macario via submission (Round 2, 4:43)
    • Thiago Silva def Rafael Cavalcante via TKO (Round 1, 4:29)
    • Erick Silva def. Jason High via submission (Round 1, 1:11)
    • Daniel Sarafian def. Eddie Mendez via submission (Round 1, 2:20)
    • Rony Jason def. Mike Wilkinson via technical submission (Round 1, 1:24)

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Fabricio Werdum

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    Round 1

    The fighters touch gloves and we begin. Werdum starts with a pair of leg-kicks. Minotauro stalks his opponent, but Werudm is able to get the Thai clinch. He passes it up in preference of a takedown, which he lands and quickly moves to mount. Nogueira shakes him back to half-guard, but eats a hammer fist for his troubles.

    Nogueira is able to push Werdum off, but Werdum lands some nice punches and knees on the way back up. Standing again, Big Nog lands a jab, but he eats one in exchange. He lunges forward and presses Werdum against the fence. Nog begins to work some dirty boxing as Werdum is looking for the Thai clinch.

    He can't grasp it, but he does separate. Nogueira lands a nice left and follows with an uppercut to the body. Nogueira pushes Werdum to the fence once again. Werdum flips position and lands a sharp knee to the body. He then searches for another takedown, but fails to secure it. Nogueira separates.

    An elbow from Nogueira lands and he gets underhooks. Werdum lands five or six short punches though, and they separate as the round expires.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Werdum

    Round 2

    Werdum starts with a leg-kick, then doubles up with another. He works a trio more and follows with a big right that Nogueira eats. Minotauro presses forward and pushes Werdum to the fence. He goes back to the dirty boxing and drops for a guillotine. He loses it on the way down though and ends up with Werdum in his guard.

    Werdum moves to half-guard and is hunting an arm. Nogueira scrambles, but Werdum moves to side-control then takes the back. He is going after Nogueira's arm.

    He gets it! That's it. Werdum becomes the second man to finish Minotauro by submission.

    Result: Fabricio Werdum def. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira via submission (Round 2, 2:49)

William Macario vs. Leonardo Santos

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    Round 1

    Macario starts with a leg-kick then the fighters clinch. Separation ensues shortly after, and Santos lunges in with a punch that misses by a mile. Macario gains the clinch, pushing Santos to the fence. Macario lands some knees to the thigh as Santos grabs in vane for a guillotine.

    Santos is able to escape and get back to the center of the Octagon. Macario lands a nice right hand then hits with a trip, landing in Santos' guard. He stands then dives down when Santos attempts to stand, getting to half-guard. He begins with elbows to Santos' head.

    Standing back up, Macario tries to throw Santos' legs away and resume battering his foe, this time with fists. Santos is able to regain position and stands up, but Macario holds the clinch and keeps him on the fence.

    Santos connects with a leg-kick and another clinch follows. Santos attempts a trip, but Macario reverses and nearly gets the back of Santos as the round ends.

    Bleacher Report scores Round 1: 10-9 Macario 

    Round 2

    Back to it, Santos searches for a head-kick but misses. He tries his luck on the takedown, but misses there as well. Macario attempts to counter with a shot of his own, but it too is stuffed. It's Santos' turn to attempt a takedown now, and he once again fails. Macario settles for bullying Santos to the cage on his turn.

    Back to the center now, Santos hits with a knee, then a one-two combo. He tries for the Thai clinch, but loses it and Macario drives Santos to the floor. Up against the cage, Macario attempts to land some punches, but Santos shakes him off and stands.

    Macario is pursuing yet another shot, but Santos gains position and attempts a takedown of his own. It looked to be working, but Macario grabbed the fence on the way down and ended up in the mount. The ref stops the action and gives a warning to Macario.

    After the action resumes Santos indeed gets the takedown he would have got if not for the fence grab. Straight to mount for Santos, he begins working some gnp. He's now moving towards an arm-triangle, but his leg is tapped in half-guard. 

    It doesn't matter though. He earns the tap despite lacking the ideal position. Santos wins via submission.

    Result: Leonardo Santos def. William Macario via submission (Round 2, 4:43)

Thiago Silva vs. Rafael Cavalcante

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    Round 1

    Cavalcante starts with a leg-kick and continues to be the aggressor. Silva moves forward and lands a leg-kick of his own. Cavalcante comes back and lands a hard right-hand to Silva's dome. Cavalcante now goes to the body with a digging punch.

    Silva looking to regain some momentum and comes forward, but lands nothing of note. Cavalcante snaps off a nice couple jabs that back Silva up. He comes back though, landing a kick to the body.Silva lands a nice right hand that backs Cavalcante up. He then follows with a leg-kick.

    Cavalcante's jab lands, and Silva gets one back. An overhand right glances off for Cavalcante, but Silva answers again. Cavalcante hits with a nice spinning elbow that hurts Silva. He backs up, but seems to recover quickly, coming back and landing a jab.

    Silva connects with a nice right cross and adds a couple leg-kick. Silva is coming forward again and he is forcing Cavalcante to cover up. He drops Cavalcante with an uppercut, collapsing him against the cage. 

    That's it. Cavalcante is done. A TKO for Silva.

    Result: Thiago Silva def Rafael Cavalcante via TKO (Round 1, 4:29)

Erick Silva vs. Jason High

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    Round 1

    High and Silva touch gloves and we are underway. High begins by whiffing on a leg-kick and Silva starts to stalk. High lands a body-kick and attempts a takedown, but Silva stuffs it and transitions to High's back. High attempts to shake him off the top, but Silva hangs on to an arm and begins working for a submission.

    He gets it! A sneaky submission victory for Silva, who keeps the theme of the night going strong.

    Result: Erick Silva def. Jason High via submission (Round 1, 1:11)

Daniel Sarafian vs. Eddie Mendez

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    Round 1

    Sarafian comes out, taking the center of the cage, but it's Mendez who attacks first, missing with a hook, but landing a followup leg-kick. Sarafian lands a pair of jabs to the delight of the Brazilian fans. Mendez counters by bullying Sarafian to the fence and proceeds to hunt a takedown.

    It's Sarafian who gets Mendez down though, as he counters with a nice trip. He immediately takes half-guard and attempts to pass. Mendez stifles him a bit so he settles for working the body. Now he gets his leg out and takes the mount. He begins looking for an arm-triangle and looks to have it.

    That's it. Sarafian mimicks his countryman Rony Jason by sinking in a quick first-round submission victory in front of the partisan crowd.

    Result: Daniel Sarafian def. Eddie Mendez via submission (Round 1, 2:20)

Rony Jason vs. Mike Wilkinson

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    Round 1

    The first fight of the night begins as Wilkinson and Jason answer the bell. A period of tentativeness ensue before Jason final lashes out with a left hand. Wilkinson counters by shooting for a takedown and ends up in the Brazilian's guard.

    Short punches land for Wilkinson. Jason throws his legs up for a triangle. It's deep. Wilkinson attempts to explode out, but Jason hangs on and adds some elbows to the mix.

    Wilkinson is out! That's it, folks. a quick win for Rony Jason.

    Result: Rony Jason def. Mike Wilkinson via technical submission (Round 1, 1:24)