Which Sports Fans Drink the Most Beer?

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMay 30, 2013

Which Sports Fans Drink the Most Beer?

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    It's no secret; beer is as much a part of sports as is the equipment used to actually play the games.

    Whether it's shotgunning during a Saturday morning tailgate, sipping on a few (overpriced) ones during the game, washing away your sorrows after your team blew a 20-plus point lead or just tossing a few back before and after an intramural game, those suds are essential in helping you keep your competitive sanity at times.

    But which fans throw back the most?

    We dug as deep as we can, even contemplating living at different arenas to find out, and came up with these top drinking supporters.

Washington Nationals

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    Look, we've never attended a Nationals game, so we don't know if the fans there are necessarily sorry for partying.

    But what we do know is that a small draft beer costs $8.25.

    Seeing that they rank ninth in the Majors in total attendance right now, we applaud Nats' fans serious dedication to buy the brew.

Soccer Dads

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    There's a reason why your Dad hates standing next to your Mom during any of your youth soccer games.

    The main one is because the yelling is a tad too much to take a lot of times.

    For the guy who can't get out of it though, that's when a brown bagged beer is the way to go in order to get through those hour-long games.

Boston Sports Fans

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    Suffering through an 86-year World Series drought will definitely toughen a guy up, but Boston sports fans know that many of them wouldn't still be here if not for the invention of alcohol.

    Beer eased the pains of Bucky 'Flippin'' Dent  and Aaron Boone, while being the main choice when celebrating any of the titles their teams have won over the past decade—just check out the players themselves—or the fact that Beantown ranked as the drunkest city in the States.

Darts Fans

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    Do you honestly know anyone who plays darts without being inside of a bar?

    Sure, there are plenty of houses that have the boards hanging on the walls, but no one ever thinks about actually standing there and tossing the sharp missiles towards the corked board.

    That's one reason why darts fans are some of the drunkest around.

    Another very good example would be the World Darts Championship, which is routinely one of the best reasons to blackout for any fan.

    The sport may not be high on your list to try and see live, but trust that you're missing out on a good time.

Philadelphia Sports Fans

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    Besides this little video of a Phils fan doing the corpse dance through a parking lot, everyone does remember the time Philly fans booed Santa Claus at an Eagles game, right?

    If these two incidents weren't enough, there was that little moment at a Phillies game in 1999 when former second overall pick J.D. Drew, who shunned the city by waiting till the next year to be redrafted by the Cardinals and sign with them, had batteries thrown at him.

    Oh, what the hell, here are some famous sports moments in the city's history—which we're guessing weren't all done soberly.

Horse Racing Fans

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    Have you ever heard of the Kentucky Derby?

    Yeah, it's kind of a big deal—especially to those who live in the bourbon-crazed state.

    Though Mint Juleps are the go-to for anyone wearing a bowtie or funny-looking hat, you can be sure that the all-day drunkfest includes plenty of beer too.

Cleveland Sports Fans

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    How in the hell do you think the city of Cleveland has coped with not winning a major sports championship since 1964?

    A lot of alcohol, that's how.

    From the barrage of beer bottles thrown at refs during a Browns game in 2001, to the infamous 10 cent beer night back in 1974 at an Indians game, we dare you to call this proud city the "Mistake by the Lake" without some negative response.

Hockey Fans

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    Watching a hockey game on TV doesn't quite do the sport justice, as seeing one live is much more exciting and fun.

    After seeing a study that showed hockey fans drink the most of any sports fans, it's actually surprising there aren't more instances of public barfing in the attempt to try and keep up with the fast-paced action.

    Between the tasty Canadian beer and the imported American flavors, no hockey fans should ever be empty handed.


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    Every sports fan is passionate as hell about their team or favorite athlete, but NASCAR fans take things a little bit further.

    If you've ever been to a live race, getting drunk isn't an option, it's a necessity.

    As one guy found out when he tossed a beer at Jimmie Johnson after JJ won the NASCAR All-Star race a few weeks ago, drinking and watching driving can be a dangerous proposition.

Football Fans

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    Yep, NFL fans are some of the rowdiest supporters out there.

    How bad can it get?

    Bad enough that when a guy we know stepped into enemy territory with a styrofoam cooler, looking for his buddies to tailgate, it went down.

    Eggs, beer cans and a swift hit of the cooler out of his hands reminded him why he should have planned his route a little bit better.

    There probably isn't a Sunday afternoon during the Fall that doesn't include at least a few cold ones, sitting in an recliner from noon to 10 at night.

College Sports Fans

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    Stepping foot on a college campus is like walking into your favorite brewery.

    It reeks of alcohol, there are unlimited amounts and everyone wants to do one thing—get completely sloshed.

    Even the worst of college sports teams have some of the most loyal supporters thanks to the inclusion of alcohol, partying it up to play flip cup, beer pong and anything else that includes slamming drinks.

    College kids like to drink at sporting events, the facts are facts.

Soccer Fans

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    The only fans on the planet that can claim to be bigger drinkers than college kids are those hooligan soccer fans.

    With plenty of fights in the stands and reckless behavior otherwise, fans of the beautiful game don't worry about how beautiful they look while tossing back the heavy lagers often served in stadiums.

    It really doesn't matter what the reason is, soccer fans will find anything to make their suds-sucking habits continue.

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