Financial Health Report for Every NBA Team Heading into 2013 Free Agency

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistMay 29, 2013

Financial Health Report for Every NBA Team Heading into 2013 Free Agency

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    It's not easy to figure out a team's monetary situation heading into the 2013 offseason, so I've done it for you by compiling a financial health report for each and every team in the NBA

    On the following slides, you'll see three sections per squad.

    The first is "Money Committed."

    This is the spot where you can see how much that franchise already has on the books for the 2013-14 season. It's sort of a financial worst-case scenario, because it assumes that all players and teams exercise options and no one opts out of any contracts. 

    Of course, that's not always going to become a reality, which is why the second section is necessary. 

    In "Decisions to Make," we'll look at these option clauses in contracts, identifying which players could no longer count against the cap. Restricted free agents and non-guaranteed contracts come into play here as well. 

    Finally, there's the "Ability to Spend" portion. 

    By the time you get there, you should have a pretty solid idea of what your team can and can't do during the offseason, but this is a nice bit of confirmation. 

    As a reference point, we should tentatively assume that the salary cap will come in just under $60 million, but it has not yet been set for the 2013-14 season. That estimate also means that the luxury-tax threshold will come in just over $70 million, and the apron another $4 million above that. 

    Feel free to leave your own plans in the comment section, but remember to be cognizant of the money. After all, NBA teams have to worry about it. 

    Note: All contract information comes from and my own calculations. 

Atlanta Hawks

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    Money Committed 

    Danny Ferry went to work clearing cap space as soon as he sat down in his new office, and the results were quite impressive. After trading away Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams to the Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz, respectively, the Atlanta Hawks were loaded with expiring contracts. 

    Atlanta has $21,513,122 committed during the 2013-14 season and only five players on the roster: Al Horford, Lou Williams, DeShawn Stevenson, John Jenkins and Mike Scott. 

    Decisions to Make

    Even though the Hawks have slightly over $21 million committed, they could drop that total to $18,483,800 by releasing Scott and Stevenson, both of whom have non-guaranteed contracts. 

    Additionally, Atlanta has two restricted free agents to play around with. Jeff Teague and Ivan Johnson are ultimately controlled by the Hawks, and it seems rather likely that the team will build around Teague if unable to land a bigger fish during the summer. 

    Ability to Spend 

    No team has more wiggle room than the Hawks this offseason. Ferry possesses the ability to go out and pick any two free agents, no matter how expensive they may be. 

    Chris Paul and Dwight Howard are the primary targets, but Atlanta has so much flexibility that anything could end up happening. 

Boston Celtics

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    Money Committed 

    For a team supposedly entering into a rebuilding phase, the Boston Celtics have an awful lot of money committed for the 2013-14 season. 

    In fact, they're already at $73,886,331, and that's with 12 players signed. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are the biggest culprits here, combining to make nearly $28 million next season.  

    Decisions to Make

    The decision that's getting a lot of buzz lately is whether or not to buy out Paul Pierce's contract and make him a free agent. If the C's choose to go down that route, they'll likely do the same with Kevin Garnett, who seems to desire a pairing with Pierce throughout the rest of his professional career. 

    Getting those salaries off the books would do a lot for the C's' cap penalties, but it wouldn't give them much financial flexibility. 

    This move seems rather non-consequential in comparison, but Boston must also decide whether or not to pick up Shavlik Randolph's $1.1 million club option. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Even if KG and Pierce are no longer wearing Celtic green, Boston will still be pressed right up against the salary cap, making it unlikely that the C's can become major players during the offseason. 

    We'll see them make a few smaller moves, but the stars are off-limits unless the management decides to completely gut the roster via trades. 

Brooklyn Nets

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    Money Committed 

    The Brooklyn Nets have quite a bit of money committed for the 2013-14 campaign and beyond. 

    Led by Joe Johnson and his albatross of a contract, Brooklyn is on the books for $86,340,962 next season, and the future tells a similar story. Johnson, Deron Williams and Brook Lopez—the three most expensive players on the roster—aren't free agents until after the 2015-16 season draws to a conclusion. 

    Fortunately, the Nets already have 12 players in place, including three guys on rookie-scale salaries. 

    Decisions to Make

    Only one contract is non-guaranteed: the one belonging to second-round draft pick Kris Joseph. He's owed less than 800 grand, though, and possesses some potential, making it illogical for Mikhail Prokhorov to let him go. 

    The other decision belongs to C.J. Watson. He has a $1.1 million player option, and it would behoove him to decline it, choosing instead to test the waters of free agency. 

    Watson was impressive enough during the postseason that he'd draw some long looks from a number of teams in search of a backup floor general. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Even if the Nets let both Joseph and Watson walk, they'd be stuck with well over $80 million owed to their roster. They're not going to be spending much money at all. 

    In fact, the phrase "ability to spend" might be met with peals of laughter in the Nets' offices. 

Charlotte Bobcats

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    Money Committed 

    The Charlotte Bobcats already owe money to nine different players, but they'll have plenty of cap room to work with during the upcoming offseason.

    Ben Gordon and Tyrus Thomas are gobbling up the most money for Charlotte—that's when you know you're in trouble—and the team as a whole owes $41,077,306 to its players. 

    See, it's not all bad news for the Bobcats!

    Decisions to Make

    The biggest decision belongs to Ben Gordon, as he has to weigh making $13.2 million against playing for a winning team. With a player option in his contract, he can make that choice for himself, but that's a whole lot of money for a player of his age and skill level to turn down. 

    Charlotte also has two restricted free agents to deal with: Gerald Henderson and Byron Mullens. Henderson in particular should be brought back. 

    Finally, Jeff Adrien's contract is of the non-guaranteed variety, so it's possible for the Bobcats to wipe his $916,099 off the books. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Charlotte's ability to spend is checked only by its ability to actually lure free agents onto the Bobcats' roster. 

    Even though they possess the financial means necessary to land a max-level player, can they manage to convince one to join the squad? 

    Although there's potential for more, don't expect to see big names join the Bobcats. 

Chicago Bulls

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    Money Committed 

    The Chicago Bulls will need to get creative if they hope to bring another star to the Windy City. 

    With 10 players rosterable, the Bulls are already spending $77,988,636. And yes, that includes Derrick Rose, who will probably suit up during the 2013-14 campaign. 

    Rose, Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng are making the most money on this squad, while Joakim Noah's $11.1 million salary is starting to look like more and more of a bargain. 

    Decisions to Make

    The amnesty clause could come into play during the middle of July as Gar Forman seriously considers using it on Carlos Boozer. With $15.3 million allotted to the big man and Taj Gibson anxiously waiting on the bench, it's a move that still makes sense. 

    Chicago could also free itself of Rip Hamilton's salary, as the club possesses an option and could decline to bring the masked 2-guard back for $5 million. One million of that five is guaranteed, but the rest could be stricken from the records, as could Malcolm Thomas' minuscule rookie-scale deal. 

    Many members of the Bulls are becoming unrestricted free agents, but that's a subject for another time and place.  

    Ability to Spend 

    Let's assume that Forman uses the amnesty clause on Boozer and declines Hamilton's option. Right away, the salary committed drops from nearly $78 million to a more manageable $58,688,636. 

    Even with that lowered sum, there's not much potential for spending large sums. Chicago is going to be nestled up against the salary cap regardless of what happens. 

Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Money Committed 

    Few teams are in better financial shape than the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

    Despite the presence of Kyrie Irving and two promising young players in Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters, the Cavs are only on the books for $35,012,156. 

    Anderson Varejao is the highest-paid player, and he's only making seven figures. 

    Decisions to Make

    Cleveland's offseason could be filled with a number of interesting decisions. 

    First, Marreese Speights must decide whether or not he'll exercise his player option. If he does, he'll stay with the up-and-coming team and make $4,515,000. If he doesn't, he'll be a free agent and could possibly up his earning potential. 

    The Cavs also have two restricted free agents to deal with: Omri Casspi and Wayne Ellington. Neither is terribly essential to the cause, but both could present the squad with good value. 

    Kevin Jones, C.J. Miles and Chris Quinn are all on non-guaranteed contracts as well, so Cleveland could cut even more salary if it deems it necessary.

    Ability to Spend 

    Due to the combination of the appeal of a team on the rise and the money that's flowing out of Cleveland's front office, the Cavaliers could be a major player this offseason, potentially landing one of the bigger names on the market. 

    Then again, Dan Gilbert notoriously likes to pinch his pennies. His middle name may as well be "Frugal." 

    Don't believe me? Just ask LeBron James

Dallas Mavericks

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    Money Committed 

    The Dallas Mavericks have been positioning themselves to spend money next offseason, but they have enough cap space to make some big moves this year as well. 

    Between eight players, the Mavs have $42,744,093. The leading earner is Dirk Nowitzki, set to make well over $22 million before he eventually takes a pay cut. 

    There's also a chance Vince Carter enters the free-agency period as the second-highest-paid player on the roster. 

    Decisions to Make

    Dallas has the potential to land multiple superstars if everything works out correctly. 

    O.J. Mayo is as good as gone because there's no reason he shouldn't decline his $4.2 million player option. Shawn Marion has an early termination option as well, and the Mavs will likely try to convince him to opt out and then re-sign for less money. 

    Josh Akognon and Bernard James are on non-guaranteed contracts as well, but the combined $1.5 million Dallas could free up is relatively inconsequential.  

    Ability to Spend 

    As you might expect from any team run by Mark Cuban, the Mavericks are going to insert themselves into just about every free-agency conversation. 

    They can already afford a max contract, and more big names could follow if Mayo and Marion's salaries both come off the books. 

    Still, next offseason is the big one for Dallas, and we might not see any massive moves until then. At the moment, the Mavs have a grand total of zero dollars committed for the 2014-15 campaign, assuming they turn down Jared Cunningham and Jae Crowder's team options.

    They won't, but just hypothetically.  

Denver Nuggets

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    Money Committed 

    Even with Ty Lawson's salary quadrupling, the Denver Nuggets check in at $68,681,468. 

    There's a fairly balanced monetary distribution on the roster, which makes sense since this is very much a team that excels because it's deep at every position. Andre Iguodala is the big moneymaker, but then Lawson, JaVale McGee and Danilo Gallinari have virtually undifferentiable salaries.

    Decisions to Make

    Denver could save itself $638,872 if it chose to let Quincy Miller walk away, but that wouldn't be a very sensible move. 

    The bigger decision, larger even than the restricted free agency of Timofey Mozgov, lies with Andre Iguodala. Will the swingman use his early termination option, forgoing $16 million for the shot at one last multi-year mega-deal? 

    If he does, the Nuggets will do everything possible to re-sign him.

    Ability to Spend 

    The Nuggets don't have much of an ability to spend money this offseason, but they also don't particularly need to. After all—assuming Iggy returns—there's depth at every position. 

    Don't expect to hear much from Denver this offseason unless Iguodala is also involved. 

Detroit Pistons

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    Money Committed 

    During the 2012-13 season, Jose Calderon and Corey Maggette had the biggest salaries on the Detroit Pistons. Now, both of the veterans are unrestricted free agents, making Rodney Stuckey and Charlie Villanueva the best-paid players.

    As you might have guessed, that means not much money is committed for 2013-14. Between 10 players, the Pistons only owe $35,045,557.  

    Decisions to Make

    Going into the free-agency period, the Pistons don't have too many decisions to focus their attention on. Nobody has any sort of option, and there are no restricted free agents. 

    Detroit needs only concern itself with the non-guaranteed contracts. 

    Kim English and Viacheslav Kravtsov both have that type of deal, although the latter is guaranteed one-third of his $1.5 million. The bigger deal is Stuckey, who is only guaranteed $4 million of the $8.5 million he's owed. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Detroit has the ability to be a big spender during the 2013 offseason, but it has to convince stars to come join Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond. That could prove to be a difficult task. 

    Still, Detroit can offer a max contract and still have some money left over. Most teams can't claim that. 

Golden State Warriors

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    Money Committed 

    If you asked Golden State Warriors fans about their financial status right now, a common answer might be, "We have Stephen Curry, so whatever." 

    But the reality of the situation is that the Dubs are in pretty good shape because they have a nearly full roster already put together without spilling too far over the cap. 

    Golden State has 13 players employed, and it's spending $74,891,716. Andrew Bogut is making the most money, checking in at $14 million for the 2013-14 campaign. 

    Curry's salary is nearly tripling, but it still falls way shy of the Australian big man's. 

    Decisions to Make

    The Warriors don't have much control before free agency, as the players are the ones making the decisions. 

    After Richard Jefferson picked up his $11 million option, per Chris Haynes of Comcast SportsNet, two more guys have options of their own. Carl Landry and Brandon Rush could seek more than the $4 million they're each owed. Landry in particular. 

    Kent Bazemore and Dwyane Jones are also operating on non-guaranteed contracts. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Unless the Dubs somehow get rid of Andris Biedrins and his $9 million contract, there's not much of an ability to pursue free agents. 

    The primary focus will be getting Jarrett Jack back, as the backup point guard is now an unrestricted free agent. 

Houston Rockets

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    Money Committed 

    Daryl Morey can resume his star-chasing ways, because he has some money to work with during the offseason. 

    The Houston Rockets only have one player under contract who's making eight figures: James Harden, whose salary jumps to nearly $13.7 million this offseason. 

    All in all, the Rockets have the ability to employ a full 15-man roster for just $54,843,158. 

    Decisions to Make

    The Rockets don't have a single unrestricted or restricted free agent coming out of the 2012-13 group, but they do have a number of club options and non-guaranteed contracts that could be used to free up some roster space. 

    Francisco Garcia ($6.4 million), Aaron Brooks ($2.5 million) and Tim Ohlbrecht ($788,872) all have club options, while James Anderson ($916,099), Patrick Beverly ($788,872) and Carlos Delfino ($3 million) are working with non-guaranteed contracts.

    Don't be surprised when one or more of them leave to make room for a big acquisition. 

    Ability to Spend 

    The Rockets will be willing to go over the salary cap in order to land a star, and you can bet that they're interested in either Chris Paul or Dwight Howard. 

    Morey, as Foreigner might say, has stars in his eyes. He found one in James Harden, but now he's looking to use his money to land another. 

Indiana Pacers

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    Money Committed 

    The Indiana Pacers better enjoy this postseason, because it's going to take a lot of work to put this team back together. 

    At the moment, the Pacers only have nine players under contract for the 2013-14 season, and together, they're getting paid $49,928,027. 

    The problem for Indiana is that those nine players don't include David West, D.J. Augustin or Tyler Hansbrough.

    Decisions to Make

    Hansbrough, Jeff Pendergraph and Sam Young are all restricted free agents, so the Pacers must gauge their interest in that trio. 

    Additionally, Lance Stephenson's sub-million contract is non-guaranteed, but after this series against the Miami Heat, it seems almost certain that he'll be retained. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Indiana will do most of its spending internally as it seeks to bring back David West. He'll command a rather hefty price, one that prohibits the Pacers from signing any new big names. 

    There will be a bit of scrambling in Indiana to make everything work, but they should be just fine if they truly want to keep this season's squad together for another year. 

Los Angeles Clippers

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    Money Committed 

    With Chris Paul becoming an unrestricted free agent, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are the two highest-paid players on the roster. Together, they're making over $28 million during the 2013-14 season. 

    Besides the frontcourt duo, the Los Angeles Clippers have only five other players under contract: Caron Butler, Jamal Crawford, Grant Hill, Eric Bledsoe and Willie Green. 

    Together, they're all being paid $47,631,519. 

    Decisions to Make

    Amazingly enough, LAC only has to worry about non-guaranteed contracts going into the free-agency period. 

    Willie Green and Grant Hill both have that type of deal, and both are reasonably paid. It's likely that we won't hear much from the Clippers until the moratorium lifts. 

    Ability to Spend 

    The Clippers have just enough money to bring back their own free agents. Nothing less and nothing more. 

    CP3 remains the primary target, and really, he's going to be the sole focus of the offseason for L.A. 

Los Angeles Lakers

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    Money Committed 

    Few offseasons are going to be filled with more movement than the Los Angeles Lakers'. 

    Right now, eight players are under contract, led by Kobe Bryant and his salary that's so big I can't even fit it on the page. 

    All together, these eight are making $79,631,035. The Lakers are already well over the cap, and they still have plenty of players to sign, including a certain big man. 

    Decisions to Make

    Dwight Howard is going to get most of the attention from the Lakers, but he's by no means the only player about whom decisions must be made. 

    Metta World Peace and his early termination option could pop up, as could L.A.'s ability to use the amnesty clause on either MWP, Steve Blake, Pau Gasol or Kobe Bryant. When you're this far over the cap and ready to be subjected to the repeater tax going forward, anything can happen. 

    Jodie Meeks also has a club option; Devin Ebanks, Darius Morris, Robert Sacre and Andrew Goudelock are restricted free agents; and Chris Duhon's contract isn't guaranteed. 

    There's a lot going on in Tinseltown. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Shocking as this may seem, the Lakers don't have money to spend. They can bring back their own free agents, but that's about it unless players are amnestied or traded. 

    Don't expect to see any big moves that don't involve D12. 

Memphis Grizzlies

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    Money Committed 

    The Memphis Grizzlies couldn't take down the San Antonio Spurs, but they're in great financial shape for a second run in 2013-14. 

    Memphis has $59,683,836 committed for Take 2, and 11 players are under contract. Fortunately all the stars already have a deal in place, including Zach Randolph, who is making more than anyone else. 

    Z-Bo's $17.8 million in 2013-14 means that he'll have to play better than he did against San Antonio. 

    Decisions to Make

    Jerryd Bayless has a player option for $3,135,000 during this offseason, and it would be folly to guess whether or not he'll exercise it. On one hand, Bayless has limited upside and is on a great team, but on the other hand, he looked great at times during the postseason. 

    Austin Daye and Jon Leuer are the restricted free agents here, but they'll pale in comparison to the importance of retaining Tony Allen, who is now an unrestricted free agent. 

    Finally, Donte Green and Willie Reed have non-guaranteed contracts. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Memphis doesn't have many needs in free agency other than finding depth. And that's a good thing for the Grizz because they don't have the money to reel in any other stars. 

    Paying Tony Allen is necessary, and so is finding a few veterans willing to take on a lower salary for a chance to win a ring. 

Miami Heat

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    Money Committed 

    Big Threes are expensive, as the Miami Heat have found out. 

    LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade make the majority of the money in South Beach, and there's a lot to be made. Between that trio and the other nine rostered players, Miami is on the books for $85,675,757. 

    But what more do you really need? 

    Decisions to Make

    Ray Allen, James Jones and Rashard Lewis all have player options for the 2013-14 season. While Allen is almost assuredly going to stay with the team, Jones and Lewis might have other plans. 

    When was the last time you actually saw them play? 

    Miami will also most likely bring Mario Chalmers back for $4 million instead of letting him walk, and there are no non-guaranteed contracts to worry about. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Just as was the case last summer, the Heat will be fairly limited in what they can do. Pat Riley doesn't hesitate to spend money, but there's only so much cash that he can part with. 

    We're in for another offseason of figuring out which veterans are willing to take lower salaries for a chance at a ring. 

Milwaukee Bucks

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    Money Committed 

    The Milwaukee Bucks are in line for a busy offseason. 

    With nine players on the roster, they're already set to spend $52,055,522. And Monta Ellis is the cream of the crop in the salary department (more on him in the next section). 

    Ersan Ilyasova is the next closest player to making eight figures, and he's over $2 million shy. 

    Decisions to Make

    The biggest decisions revolve around the backcourt. 

    Ellis has a player option for his $11 million salary in 2013-14, and Brandon Jennings is a restricted free agent. The Bucks could potential retain the same backcourt, keep one of the two or start over from scratch. 

    The team also has a club option on Gustavo Ayon's deal, but he's cheap enough that he'll likely spend another year wearing a Bucks uniform. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Milwaukee doesn't have much more money to spend if John Hammond decides to bring back his starting backcourt. Even if he only chases after either Ellis or Jennings, the Bucks' options are still rather limited. 

    J.J. Redick is also a guy worth keeping, but he'll cost money as well. 

    Milwaukee has a bit of money to throw around, but it'll likely be used to keep old players rather than acquire new ones. 

Minnesota Timberwolves

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    Money Committed 

    Injuries created a bit of a lost year for the Minnesota Timberwolves, but they'll almost have the same roster in place for 2013-14. And they hope things go a little more smoothly. 

    Eleven players are under contract going into this offseason, including Kevin Love and his nearly $15 million salary.

    The team is set to pay $52,760,673. 

    Decisions to Make

    Restricted free agents will be the focus of attention because both Chase Budinger and, more importantly, Nikola Pekovic fall into that category. 

    However, options could come into play as well because Andrei Kirilenko has a player option on his contract. He could very well choose to forgo the $10 million he's set to earn in favor of chasing a ring with a true title contender. 

    Mickael Gelabale and Greg Stiemsma also have non-guaranteed contracts. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Minnesota is another one of those teams that has enough money to chase its own free agents but can't really pursue any new and exciting players. 

    Re-signing Pekovic is going to be the primary focus of the offseason, unless AK47 chooses to opt out of his deal. If that happens, the possibilities truly open up. 

New Orleans Pelicans

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    Money Committed 

    Going into the 2013 offseason, the New Orleans Pelicans are set to pay their players $43,423,423. 

    Eric Gordon leads the charge with his max deal, and the team benefits greatly from the presence of so many players whose talents exceed the money they're making. Greivis Vasquez, for example. 

    The team has 11 players under contract, so there's room to make a move. 

    Decisions to Make

    Other than non-guaranteed contracts, the Pelicans have no reason to make any decisions until they're making draft picks or free-agency acquisitions. There are no restricted free agents or options, after all. 

    Terrel Harris, Robin Lopez, Darius Miller, Brian Roberts, Jason Smith and Lance Thomas all aren't guaranteed money, but there's not much of a reason for NOLA to let any of them just walk away. 

    Ability to Spend 

    While the Pelicans have flown under the radar thus far, they have money to spend and could land a star during the offseason. Think about the Josh Smith-level of player, a guy who isn't quite going to get a max deal. 

    With Al-Farouq Aminu potentially leaving in unrestricted free agency, Smoove could very well become a primary target for the newly renamed franchise. 

New York Knicks

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    Money Committed 

    Remember when Amar'e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler were supposed to form the next Big Three? 

    Now they're a Big Three solely in terms of finances. Together, the trio is owed almost as much as the salary cap: $57,169,385. 

    When you include the other seven players under contract, the number rises to an exorbitant $77,582,832. 

    Decisions to Make

    J.R. Smith will likely opt out of his contract and attempt to re-up with the squad for something in the ballpark of $4-5 million per year. 

    Other than that, New York will be attempting to re-sign Pablo Prigioni and Chris Copeland, both of whom are restricted free agents. 

    James White is the only player with a non-guaranteed contract. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Hah. Ability to spend. 

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Money Committed

    Even without Kevin Martin on the books, the Oklahoma City Thunder still owe their players $65,993,678. 

    Serge Ibaka's salary takes a huge jump this year, moving up from $2.25 million in 2012-13 to $12.35 million in 2013-14. He'll have to live up to that figure or else the James Harden deal will start to look even worse. 

    As you might expect, Kevin Durant is the top moneymaker on the squad. 

    Decisions to Make

    DeAndre Liggins is the only unrestricted free agent, and Hasheem Thabeet's $1.2 million is not guaranteed. 

    Other than that, the Thunder are waiting until they can sign their unrestricted free agents like Martin. 

    Ability to Spend 

    As is the case with most true title contenders, there isn't much of an ability to spend money. 

    OKC is already over the soft cap, and it'll be tough to find enough wiggle room to bring in a true impact player. Fortunately the Thunder already have a pretty solid trio in Durant, Ibaka and Russell Westbrook.

Orlando Magic

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    Money Committed 

    The Orlando Magic already have 12 players signed for the 2013-14 season, but they still don't have too much money committed. 

    That's what tends to happen when Hedo Turkoglu and Jameer Nelson are your two highest-paid players, making $12 million and $8.6 million, respectively. 

    When you include the other nine players in the calculation, the Magic are on the books for $50,991,837. 

    Nikola Vucevic and Tobias Harris will use next season to assert themselves as some of the best bargains in the league. Together they're making less than $3.5 million. 

    Decisions to Make

    DeQuan Jones is the only unrestricted free agent, and frankly, I'd be surprised if anyone outside of Florida can put a face to that name. 

    The bigger name is Hedo Turkoglu, who has an early termination option that he isn't likely to use. Why would he give up $12 million exactly? However, only $6 million is guaranteed, so that could come into play as the Magic look to free up even more cap space. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Orlando finds itself in the same situation as the Charlotte Bobcats. The Magic have plenty of money to spend, but it'll be nearly impossible to convince a star to join forces with the rest of the lackluster roster. 

    Still, the Magic have enough money to sign a high-quality player, and they could nearly afford a max deal if they handle the Turkoglu situation properly. 

Philadelphia 76ers

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    Money Committed

    Now that Andrew Bynum is an unrestricted free agent after spending a grand total of zero games in a Philadelphia 76ers uniform, the team has only $44,542,324 committed to eight players. 

    And that includes Jrue Holiday's salary, which has risen from $2.7 million to over $9 million. The standout point guard is now the highest-paid player on the squad, which is only fitting. 

    The Sixers are one of the few teams on which every single player makes seven figures. 

    Decisions to Make

    Kwame Brown has a player option for nearly $3 million, and it's tough to envision the draft bust not exercising it. That's more money than he'd make elsewhere. 

    Charles Jenkins is the lone restricted free agent, and that's all that's going on in Philly right now. 

    There aren't many decisions to make at the present. 

    Ability to Spend 

    What happens when a max player leaves the books? You have enough money to either re-sign him or go find a new one. 

    That's the situation the 76ers find themselves in following the impending departure of Andrew Bynum. Most stories involving this team will center around him, although Philadelphia could also look into bringing back either Nick Young of Dorell Wright. 

Phoenix Suns

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    Money Committed

    Believe it or not, but no one in the desert makes more money than Marcin Gortat, who is owed $7.7 million during the 2013-14 campaign. Goran Dragic falls just behind at $7.5 million. 

    Even though 12 players are under contract, the Phoenix Suns still have only $48,252,297 committed. 

    This is one of the few bright spots for the franchise at the moment. 

    Decisions to Make

    Diante Garrett is the lone restricted free agent, and no players have any sort of options on their contracts. 

    Other than Garrett, any decisions being made will involve Shannon Brown, Hamed Haddadi and P.J. Tucker, all of whom have non-guaranteed salaries. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Phoenix could become a major player during the offseason because it offers two primary things: money and the chance to be a go-to option. 

    Currently lacking that No. 1 scorer, the Suns will be looking for one this summer, and they have the money necessary to land one. 

Portland Trail Blazers

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    Money Committed

    The Portland Trail Blazers don't have much depth on the roster, but they do have just $44,640,165 committed for the 2013-14 campaign. 

    Most of the money is allotted to LaMarcus Aldridge and Nicolas Batum, who make $14.6 million and $11.3 million, respectively. 

    Temper your expectations here, though, because Portland also has only nine players and four starters under contract. 

    Decisions to Make

    What do the Blazers do with Eric Maynor? The backup point guard acquired from the Oklahoma City Thunder is the only restricted free agent controlled by Portland, and he could go a long way toward giving the team more backcourt depth. 

    The only other relevant piece of information in this section deals with Sasha Pavlovic, who has a non-guaranteed contract for $1.4 million. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Portland can't truly splurge because it has to fill so many roster spots, but it can afford to go out and sign a high-quality center to replace J.J. Hickson. 

    That's the primary focus of the offseason, with finding depth serving as a secondary concern. 

Sacramento Kings

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    Money Committed 

    It's never a good thing when Marcus Thornton is your highest-paid player. Fortunately for the Sacramento Kings, the high-scoring 2-guard is making only $8.05 million during the 2013-14 season, so it's not entirely crippling. 

    As a whole, the eight players under contract for the Kings are scheduled to earn $40,461,364. 

    Jimmer Fredette  is the least-paid player on the roster, coming in at just over $2.4 million. 

    Decisions to Make

    Sacramento gets to worry about a number of restricted free agents, many of whom are guards. Tyreke Evans is the biggest name, but Isaiah Thomas, Toney Douglas and James Johnson all fall into the same category. 

    The Kings will certainly bring back at least one of them, but will they want to pay the necessary price for it to be Evans? 

    With no options or non-guaranteed contracts to hone in on, that can be the sole focus of Sacramento's collective attention. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Remember the problem faced by the Orlando Magic and Charlotte Bobcats? 

    How is the as-of-yet-unnamed general manager in Sacramento going to convince marquee players to join his team? He has the money to offer, but that's the only incentive on the table. 

    Sacramento has the funds to make a move, but that move might not happen. 

San Antonio Spurs

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    Money Committed 

    One of the primary rules of basketball fandom is never to doubt anything that the San Antonio Spurs do. So let's just assume that they're in good shape before diving into the actual numbers. 

    The Spurs have just $41,663,028 committed for the 2013-14 season, and it's spread out among 10 players. 

    Tony Parker is the top earner on this squad, and Tim Duncan falls just behind. But notoriously absent from the calculation is Manu Ginobili, who's now an unrestricted free agent. 

    Decisions to Make

    Tiago Splitter is the biggest (literally and figuratively) restricted free agent formerly under the employ of R.C. Buford and the San Antonio organization. Gary Neal also joins him in that category, although he's of significantly less import. 

    The Spurs also have a club option for Patty Mills and could chose to let his $1.13 million salary slide right off the ledger. 

    Other than that, Matt Bonner has a non-guaranteed contract, but it's tough to see San Antonio letting the sharpshooting redhead get away. 

    Ability to Spend 

    The Spurs have enough money to do one of two things. 

    They could either bring back Manu and Splitter, filling up the rest of the roster with role players, or they could go in an entirely new direction and bring in a star. Can you imagine what a player like Josh Smith would do on the Spurs? 

    The prospect of Gregg Popovich molding a near-max player is simultaneously a terrifying and tantalizing one. 

Toronto Raptors

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    Money Committed 

    The Toronto Raptors are pretty much set for the 2013-14 campaign, and it'll be interesting to see what they can all do together if they remain healthy. 

    Rudy Gay makes more money than anyone else, checking in just shy of $18 million. He'll have to start shooting more efficiently and playing like he did at the end of his first season in a Raptors uniform if he wants to justify that type of salary. 

    Between the 12 players on the roster, Toronto has $72,951,259 committed, thanks in part to the large uptick in DeMar DeRozan's salary. 

    Decisions to Make

    John Lucas is the only relevant player in this section. He's the only restricted free agent, and not a single player north of the border possesses any sort of option in his contract. 

    Moreover, Kyle Lowry is the lone player with a non-guaranteed contract, but it's tough to envision the Raptors telling him to go take a hike. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Again, the Raptors are pretty much set for the 2013-14 campaign. 

    They don't need to do anything but fill out the back portion of the roster, and they can't afford to do anything else anyway. 

Utah Jazz

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    Money Committed 

    With Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap finally hitting unrestricted free agency, two things happen. 

    First, Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors get their chance to shine. Each will likely step into the starting lineup and attempt to realize his massive potential. 

    Secondly, Utah doesn't have much money committed at all.  Only seven players are under contract, and combined, they make $26,116,698. 

    Marvin Williams makes more money than anyone else, scary as that may be, and Kobe Bryant single-handedly earns more than the incumbents in Salt Lake City. 

    Decisions to Make

    For a team potentially losing so many players, the Jazz sure don't have too many decisions to make before free agency begins. 

    Marvin Williams has an early termination option, but think again if you believe he's going to decline $7.5 million. 

    Other than Marvin, Kevin Murphy is the only relevant player. He's set to make less than 800 grand, although he does have a non-guaranteed contract. 

    Ability to Spend 

    The Jazz are another team that will surface early and often during free agency. Tempting as it may be to turn control over to the youths across the board, they have the money necessary to bring in more established players. 

    There's also a chance that either Millsap or Jefferson (or both) could return to Utah. 

    But with less than $30 million committed, the Jazz can pursue anyone their collective heart desires. 

Washington Wizards

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    Money Committed 

    Emeka Okafor may be getting up there in years, but he's still the player on the Washington Wizards earning the most money during the 2013-14 season. John Wall will eventually surpass him when he re-ups with the team, but the throne belongs to the big man. 

    Washington has nine players under its control right now, and it owes them a combined $57,065,517. 

    The Wizards are losing a lot of players to unrestricted free agents, but Martell Webster is the most prominent player in that group. 

    Decisions to Make

    Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza both have options that could allow them to go elsewhere, but they're both unlikely to decline them. After all, they're set to make $14.5 million and $7.7 million, respectively. 

    With no other options, no restricted free agents and no non-guaranteed contracts, that's it for this section. 

    Ability to Spend 

    Washington can only go after bench players this offseason, especially if it wants to re-up with John Wall, but this is a playoff-caliber team already. 

    Remember how good they looked when Wall returned from his injury?

    In the Eastern Conference, the Wizards are a strong contender for one of the final spots in the postseason, and that's especially true if all the young guns continue developing. 

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