10 Great Chris Jericho Promos We Will Never Forget

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 23, 2013

10 Great Chris Jericho Promos We Will Never Forget

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    Chris Jericho has been giving pro wrestling fans unforgettable moments with a microphone in his hand for a long time.

    From his famous list of 1,004 holds to his verbal battles with The Rock, Shawn Michaels and CM Punk, Jericho has been entertaining us with both endearing goofiness and compelling acting. Long after he's stopped being active in the ring, he can thrill WWE fans with his deftness with words.

    Beginning in March of 1998 and traveling toward the present in chronological order, here are 10 of Jericho's best and most memorable promos.

I Know a 1,004 and I Wrote Them All Down

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    After quickly dispatching of Marty Jannetty, Chris Jericho decided to show off to the WCW Nitro audience about his expansive wrestling repertoire.

    Jericho was in a feud with respected technical wrestler Dean Malenko, who is known as the Man of a 1,000 Holds. Jericho wanted to outdo him by four.

    He claimed that Malenko only had 60 holds in his toolbox and proceeded to list off every one of his own holds. That meant Jericho bragged about being able to do an armbar as well as moves we've yet to see him or anyone else do, like the moss-covered three-handled family gredunza or the Saskatchewan spinning nerve hold.

    Fifteen years after this performance, it remains one of the most talked-about promos in wrestling history. Its uniqueness and exuberant delivery are big reasons for that.

You Call Your Mediocre Career a Tribute?

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    Another great promo during Chris Jericho's feud with Dean Malenko saw Jericho venture into controversial and uncomfortable territory.

    Malenko's deceased father, Boris, became the central figure here. After tearing up a pro-Jericho sign on his way to the ring, Jericho propped up a photo of Malenko and proceeded to attack father and son, to insult Dean's career, skills and personality.

    Mocking both Dean and Boris drew heat by blurring reality and kayfabe and teetering on the edge of going too far. He lightened up the mood of this promo by following it up with a match against a man supposedly named Bore-Us Malenko.

    Jericho showed off his ability to verbally pounce on his opponent in this irreverent segment.

Should Not Be the Champ, Ted Said so

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    Not many pro wrestlers could have turned reading a letter on live TV into such an entertaining moment.

    After losing his cruiserweight title to Dean Malenko, Jericho spent every second he had on the air whining about it. He felt he was the victim of a conspiracy.

    That angle led to this moment on WCW Monday Nitro in 1998.

    Jericho read a letter supposedly from WCW owner Ted Turner that at first praised Jericho for his skills, moved on to complimenting Canada and finally got around to saying that the Malenko decision stood because Jericho was complaining too much.

    This was Jericho at his playful and pouty best. He went from ecstatic to blubbering in an instant. The energy of the performance as well as its originality keeps it in fans' minds to this day.

Raw Is Jericho!

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    In August 1999, Chris Jericho moved from WCW to WWE in thrilling fashion. A mysterious millennium countdown led to Jericho interrupting The Rock and announcing his presence to the WWE audience.

    The moment followed great buildup with an explosive reaction from the crowd and some excellent banter between Jericho and The Rock. 

    Dismissing the entire roster, Jericho simultaneously made himself look arrogant and charismatic. One of the best debuts in WWE history is certain to be a moment that is often reminisced about.

Bring What, a Vomit Bag, a Fig Newton?

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    Stick two of the most entertaining Superstars together, armed with microphones, and magic is bound to happen.

    That's what happened in 2000 when The Rock and Chris Jericho traded insults and stole each others' catchphrases. The funny segment did well to make both men look good, both coming off as equally cocky and charismatic.

    Their back-and-forth battle is not only a highly memorable one, but it's a promo that is worth watching several times over.

This Is Not a Joke, I Am Not a Joke!

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    The Rock and Chris Jericho were still going at it two years later when they faced off in 2002.

    Jericho stood at the entrance ramp, his shoulders heavy with championship gold. Even though he had defeated The Rock and was the undisputed champ, Jericho felt that people were under-appreciating him.

    This was Jericho at his angriest. Being as infuriated and frustrated as he was made for great TV. It felt that his head might start steaming like he was in a cartoon at any moment.

    Being pitted against The Rock helped make this memorable, but Jericho's engrossing performance is the real reason this segment is so well-respected.

I’m Going to Cut the Head off the Serpent

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    Chris Jericho played off his own 1,004 holds promo by doing a remix of sorts several years later.

    To prove how capable he was of knocking off Randy Orton, Jericho proceeded to list the 1,004  wrestlers he has defeated in his career. There are lot of subtle jokes in the list itself, from naming each of the Villanos in order to listing Kevin Nash, Diesel and Oz separately.

    Jericho also mocked Orton's slow promo style and dubbed himself the "Viper Killer."

    Combining intensity and comedy as Jericho did here is like giving us two promos in one. This may be one the least famous promos on this list, but it's another showcase of Jericho's knack for creativity.

A Lying, Cheating, Pathetic Little Worm of a Human Being

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    Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels had a fantastic feud in 2008. This was the moment that launched it into greatness.

    Jericho hosted Michaels on his Highlight Reel segment and mocked him. At first, he did so subtly, and then soon, he was calling Michaels a cheat and a coward.

    In a moment that evoked memories of Michaels sending Marty Jannetty through the barber shop window, Jericho smashed his foe's head through the Jeritron screen.

    Jericho billed himself as honest guy here, someone misunderstood and overlooked. It was a superb acting performance punctuated by the bloody moment that makes this so famous.

Give Me My Moment, Cole

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    For a man to have a battle of words with a computer and have it be so entertaining is a testament to Chris Jericho's skills.

    On a 2010 episode of WWE Raw, in the heart of his Nick Bockwinkel-type, suit-wearing villain run, Jericho threatened the anonymous Raw GM. He sat in his chair snarling, threatening to quit if he didn't get his way.

    This period of Jericho's work is among his best. It's not as fun as his long-haired, flippant days, but he gave many of his most compelling performances during this part of his career. This was one of the most memorable, not only because of his convincing frustration but for how satisfying it was to see him snap at Michael Cole.

Before R-Truth Said ‘What’s Up,’ I Said, ‘Shut the Hell Up!'

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    Chris Jericho returned in 2012 and declared that he would change the world as we knew it. That may not have happened, but the return led an intense feud with CM Punk. This promo was one of the first sparks that lit that fire between them.

    Jericho called the WWE stars wanna-bes.

    He said that everyone from Kofi Kingston to Miz was just copying his style. He said that Punk was not original or unique. It was Jericho who was the man who could truly carry around the "Best in the World" moniker.

    This promo, as well as his long, impressive resume before it, is proof of Jericho's mastery of the microphone, that he can manipulate a crowd and create lasting memories without even wrestling.


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