NBA Draft Lottery Results 2013: Twitter Reaction, Recap and More

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IMay 22, 2013

Photo courtesy of NBA's Instagram account
Photo courtesy of NBA's Instagram account

With no consensus top prospect in this year's NBA draft class, we still don't know for sure who will go No. 1. But after Tuesday night's lottery, we at least know who will be making the selection.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, who had just the third-best chance (15.6 percent) for the top pick, proved to have the odds ever in their favor, making a little history in the process:

And if they're lucky, this time around will work out a fraction as well as a certain player they drafted 10 years ago at the same spot:

Their other recent top selection, Kyrie Irving, wasn't too shabby, either. 

Meanwhile, the Orlando Magic (25.0 percent) and Charlotte Bobcats (19.9 percent) entered the night with better probabilities, but were saddled with the No. 2 and 4 picks, respectively.

On the contrary, the Washington Wizards made the biggest jump, going from a projected No. 8 to No. 3. 

Here's a look at the complete results and first-round outlook. 

Official 2013 Lottery Results

Pick   Percent Chance at Top Pick
1 Cleveland Cavaliers  15.6 
2 Orlando Magic  25.0 
3 Washington Wizards  3.5 
4 Charlotte Bobcats  19.9 
5 Phoenix Suns  11.9 
6 New Orleans Pelicans  8.8 
7 Sacramento Kings  6.3 
8 Detroit Pistons 3.6
9 Minnesota Timberwolves  1.7 
10 Portland Trail Blazers  1.1 
11 Philadelphia 76ers  0.8 
12 Oklahoma City Thunder (via Toronto Raptors)  0.7 
13 Dallas Mavericks  0.6 
14 Utah Jazz  0.5 

Rest of 2013 NBA Draft Order

15 Milwaukee Bucks
16 Boston Celtics
17 Atlanta Hawks
18 Atlanta Hawks (from Houston Rockets)
19 Cleveland Cavaliers (from Miami Heat, swapped with No. 30)
20 Chicago Bulls
21 Utah Jazz (from Golden State Warriors)
22 Brooklyn Nets
23 Indiana Pacers
24 New York Knicks

Los Angeles Clippers

26 Minnesota Timberwolves (from Memphis Grizzlies)
27 Denver Nuggets
28 San Antonio Spurs
29 Oklahoma City Thunder
30 Phoenix Suns (from Los Angeles Lakers, swapped with No. 19)

Pre-Lottery Pageantry and Anticipation 

The draft lottery has become something of a flashy event, attracting stars like Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard, fellow rookies Bradley Beal, Andre Drummond and even Kevin Love to hopefully bring good luck to their respective teams.

Heck, even Cleveland-based rapper Machine Gun Kelly was there to take it all in in with extravagant Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and his son Nick:

I think it's safe to say he'll be invited to a few games after bringing this sort of good fortune. 

The best part of it all might have been the major buzz that started early Tuesday morning and had people putting the odds in, well, more hilarious terms.

First, Hickory High's Ian Levy put Dallas' 0.6 percent chance of landing the top pick in terms of Dirk Nowitzki's free-throw shooting:

Amazingly enough, it would only take two Dwight Howard free throws to earn the No. 1 pick for the Magic:

Of course, as we all know by now, that is just far too rare of an event, as the Magic failed to secure the top selection.

Still, not everyone was quite as excited with the process leading up to the draft order announcement:

How the Lottery Affects the Draft

While there are several options for the No. 1 pick, Nerlens Noel has always been viewed as the most likely to hear his name called first.  

With the Cavaliers now on the clock, that notion is only enforced (via Draft Express' Jonathan Givony):

Many believe that the uber-athletic and sweet-shooting Ben McLemore could also be an option, but with Dion Waiters already entrenched at the 2, that's unlikely.

Besides, reports suggest he isn't even in Cleveland's top three:

Noel's ACL knee injury is going to scare some off, but as HOOPSWORLD's Alex Kennedy suggests, Cleveland is preparing for the future anyways:

Add in a top pick for the Cavs from the stacked 2014 draft as well? We are still a long ways away from that, and it's merely a hypothetical, but oh my. 

Don't feel bad for the Magic, either, who will still likely get the guy they wanted all along:

Still, their biggest position of need is at point guard, so don't immediately dismiss electrifying Michigan point guard Trey Burke at No. 2 overall. ESPN's Chad Ford certainly won't:

If that happens, the Wizards, who drafted Bradley Beal last year, could just as easily pass on McLemore, although it's difficult to imagine someone with his superstar potential dropping out of the top three.

Wait, wasn't the lottery supposed to clear things up?


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