What Do The NHL Schedule Makers Have Against the Chicago Blackhawks?

Jacob NitzbergAnalyst IApril 29, 2009

One of the four NHL Conference Semifinal Series begins on Thursday. You guessed it, the Canucks-Blackhawks series. Two other series begin on Friday with the final one starting on Saturday.

The Canucks haven't played since last Tuesday, the 21st, when they swept the St. Louis Blues out of the postseason. The Hawks' last game was this past Monday, Apr. 27, when they went into Calgary and finished off the Flames in six games.

Sure, three days is plenty of rest between hockey games, but it's the least of any of the teams (tied with Carolina). This is annoying, but it's not what I'm truly upset about.

Game One of the Hawks series is at 8PM on Thursday. Game Six of Bulls-Celtics is at 6PM. Why should a fan have to choose which one to watch?

What's worse is, the NHL schedule makers did it again two days later! A potential Game Seven of the Bulls-Celtics series is on Saturday, presumably in the evening (although it is still TBD), while Game Two of the Hawks series is Saturday at 8PM.

The worst part of all, is that the solution isn't very hard, switch the Blackhawks-Canucks series with the Ducks-Red Wings series and let the Hawks play Game One and Two on Friday and Sunday.

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