B/R 2009 Playoff Pool First-Round Results

Matt HunterCorrespondent IApril 29, 2009

All right everyone, the first round of the NHL playoffs are over, and for some of the B/R contestants they too will be hitting the links along with the eight other teams who were knocked out this round as well.

The first round saw one contestant get a possible 11 points out of 16, and then there was another contestant who only got 3 out 16 possible.

There was a tie for the bottom three and so there was a coin toss to determine which one of those three would be safe, and which two would be making an early exit.

Here are the results of our first round:

1.Wally McNab-11pts
2.Tab Bamford-8pts
3.John Gehan-7pts
4.Matt Hunter-6pts
5.Steve Prud-6pts
6.Jim Chandley-5pts
7.Mike Wagenk-5pts
8.Luke Summer-5pts
9.Christian Kar-5pts
10.Mike Howell-4pts (Won tie break)
11.Mark Jones-4pts (Lost tie break)
12.Chris Difran-4pts (Lost tie break)
13.Brendan Camp-3pts

Now those in the top ten, I need your picks for the next round. Along with this I need the total goals scored TOTAL in all the series combined for the tie breaker. I need your picks in before the first game of round 2. If your picks are not submitted by then via this article or on my bulletin you will be given 0pts and miss the chance to move on.

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For you guys who were knocked out, thanks for taking the time to participate in this years playoff pool. Hope you decide to come back again next year and join in.