11 Most Unbreakable Records in College Football

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IMay 5, 2013

11 Most Unbreakable Records in College Football

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    College football has been played for nearly 150 years, and since its inception, there have been some records that seem to be virtually unbreakable.

    While some records are definitely made to be broken, there are others that do not appear very likely to be touched, at least not in the immediate future.

    Some are brand new and some have stood for a while.

    Either way, these records are going to withstand the test of time and those holding the records might forever live in infamy.

    These records include everything from team to individual to single-game records.

    Here are the 11 most unbreakable college football records of all time.

    *Records are for the FBS/Division I level

No. 11 Drew Brees 83 Pass Attempts in a Game

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    Even though college football has developed into quite a passing game, it is hard to imagine a quarterback throwing as many passes as Drew Brees did against Wisconsin on Oct. 10, 1998. 

    The Boilermakers quarterback heaved the ball 83 times completing 55 of those attempts for 494 yards and two touchdowns.

    In what is probably just as shocking, the Boilermakers only managed to score 24 points the entire game, losing 31-24 to the Badgers.

    No doubt this is going to be a record that will stand for quite some time, even though college football has developed into a passing game.

No. 10 David Klingler 716 Passing Yards in a Game

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    Why not stick with the passing game for the next record on the list?

    Former Houston quarterback David Klingler is one of the most decorated quarterbacks in college football history. He has many other records that nearly made the list, including six touchdown passes in a quarter.

    But, on Dec. 2, 1990 Klingler passed for 716 yards against Arizona State.

    That is a number that has not been touched since and probably will not be for quite some time, if ever.

    Too bad he couldn't carry over that success to the next level.

No. 9 Houston Amasses 1,021 Yards of Offense in a Single Game

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    Here we go again with Houston. The Cougars are on the list at No. 8 with one of the best offensive explosions in the history of the game.

    On Oct. 23, 1990, the Cougars dominated SMU by the score of 95-21. SMU was just coming back after the death penalty and was no match for Houston.

    During the game, quarterback Andre Ware led the attack for the Cougars, passing for 517 yards.

    Needless to say, this one was over before it started.

No. 8 John Reaves Throws Nine Interceptions in a Game

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    There are good records and then there are bad ones. Former Florida quarterback John Reaves is one of the unfortunate ones who holds a record he would soon like to lose.

    Against Auburn on Nov. 1, 1969, Reaves threw a record nine interceptions.

    Throwing nine interceptions is amazing for a number of reasons, but it does show that Reaves was a solid enough player to warrant staying in the game even with how bad he was playing.

    He did throw 66 passes during the game, but still nine interceptions seems like it will stand for a long time.

No. 7 David Klingler Throws 11 Touchdown Passes in a Game

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    While it was against relatively weak competition in Eastern Washington, that does not take away from the fact that David Klingler threw 11 touchdown passes on Nov. 7, 1990.

    The game was another rout in favor of the Cougars, as Houston came out on top, 84-21.

    He was consistent throughout the game, and if he would have played the entire fourth quarter, he likely would have ended up with a few more touchdowns.

    This is another record that Klingler will hold for years and years to come.

No. 6 Florida State with 14 Straight AP Top Five Finishes

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    Teams like Alabama and Ohio State have had excellent runs in recent years, but neither have come close to the success that Florida State had from 1987 until 2000.

    During that 14-year span the Seminoles finished in the top five of the final AP poll every single season.

    They were the most dominant team in the country during that time and were led by Bobby Bowden.

    It is hard to imagine a team achieving that success ever again.

No. 5 Barry Sanders Averages 238.9 Rushing Yards a Game

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    Barry Sanders is without question one of the best running backs to ever live, and in 1988 he had the best season of any running back in college football history.

    He rushed for 2,850 yards during the 12-game season, averaging 238.9 yards a game on his way to the Heisman trophy.

    While there are running backs who might end up with more rushes in a season, there is little doubt that anybody will rush for more yards a game than the great Barry Sanders, particularly with the way the college game is evolving. 

No. 4 Nebraska Does Not Allow a Sack in 1995

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    There are excellent offensive lines and then there is the one Nebraska threw out there in 1995. While the team was a run-happy option offense led by quarterback Tommie Frazier, the offensive line did not allow a sack the entire season.

    The Cornhuskers passed the ball over 200 times during the season and Frazier threw 163 of those.

    There were no sacks recorded all year and that will almost certainly never happen again, particularly with how many times teams pass the ball.

No. 3 Oklahoma 47-Game Winning Streak

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    Even though the Washington Huskies won 63 straight games at the beginning of the 20th century, not all of those games were against FBS or Division I competition.

    The 47 straight games Oklahoma won from 1953-1957 is a record that has not been close to being touched and likely never will be.

    Legendary coach Bud Wilkinson was the man in charge for the Sooners during that time, and no team has won more than 35 games in a row since.

    This is a record that Oklahoma fans love to bring up in friendly conversation.

No. 2 Pat Brady 99-Yard Punt

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    Pat Brady was not only a punter, but was also a quarterback for Nevada, and on Oct. 28 1950 he booted a 99-yard punt against Loyola Marymount.

    While it takes a little bit of luck to hit a punt like this, there is also some skill involved.

    Even though this record can not be broken, it would be possible for somebody to tie it.

    Either way, that is simply not going to happen.

No. 1 Georgia Tech Beats Cumberland 222-0

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    There are blowouts and then there is the pounding Georgia Tech placed on tiny Cumberland College from Lebanon, Tennessee.

    After putting up 63 points in each of the first two quarters, the Yellow Jackets called off the dogs and only put up 96 points in the second half on its way to a 222-0 win against a Cumberland team that had discontinued football a year earlier.

    Georgia Tech insisted that the game be played, and the Yellow Jackets exacted revenge on the college that defeated its baseball team 22-0 in 1915.

    Even though a 99-yard punt is a record that can not be broken, this record seems even more unbreakable.