CM Punk's WWE Offseason Getting as Much Coverage as His Matches

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2013

CM Punk's WWE Offseason Getting as Much Coverage as His Matches

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    CM Punk walked out on the WWE in the middle of a promo when last seen on Raw.  Since then, the former WWE champion has been resting up from nagging injuries not uncommon to the workhorse wrestler Punk has been in the WWE. published an article covering CM Punk's whereabouts, being sure to mention Punk's ties with Chael Sonnen as well as his attendance of various athletic events.  

    Punk is now the most talked-about vacationing wrestler in the WWE.  His travels, while not spectacular, have been noteworthy.  And while the WWE got into the meat of where Punk has been, the Chicago-born superstar has been just as active in his offseason as he is in the ring.

CM Punk and Lita Attend Ultimate Fighter Finale, Punk Challenged by Mark Coleman

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    Even in all his incognito glory, CM Punk couldn't escape drama.  One of his first outings after his extended break from the WWE was at UFC's Ultimate Fighter Finale on FX.

    Punk was shown during the broadcast, which reportedly angered UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman.  The Wrestling Observer reported that Coleman wanted to fight Punk since the UFC opted to show the former WWE champion instead of Coleman. Cooler heads eventually prevailed, as Coleman cleared up the matter through a statement to The Wrestling Observer

CM Punk and Lita Attend MLB Games

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    A longtime Cubs fan, CM Punk made a trip out to California to attend a Angels-Padres game while away from the WWE.  The Angels won 5-4 in extra innings.  More importantly, Punk's attendance of the game was reported on all major dirtsheets as if it were a bigger story than the game itself. 

    Punk was also in attendance for the San Francisco Giants-San Diego Padres game in the days to follow. 

CM Punk Attends Chicago Blackhawks Game

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    CM Punk must be so proud of his historic 2013 Chicago Blackhawks, who are now threatening for a Stanley Cup Championship. 

    Punk saw the hockey juggernaut live and in person as he tweeted the above picture while in attendance. 

CM Punk and Lita Attend UFC 159

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    CM Punk watched Jon Jones beat his friend Chael Sonnen's brains in during UFC 159.  CM Punk is a longtime MMA fan, and this is apparent when witnessing the MMA influence on many of his signature moves. 

    Of course, legendary WWE Diva Lita served as his date. 

CM Punk and Lita Attend Iron Man 3 Premiere

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    Where else would a lifelong comic book fan be if he had a hall pass from the WWE?  Why, at the Iron Man 3 premiere of course. 

    Punk attended the blockbuster premiere with Lita.  The movie easily claimed No. 1 for the weekend, with Iron Man 3 already making over $175 million domestically in its opening weekend. 

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