The Most Revealing Freudian Slips in Sports Broadcasting

Eric NewmanCorrespondent IIIMay 9, 2013

The Most Revealing Freudian Slips in Sports Broadcasting

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    When the average Joe has a slip of the tongue, it's along the lines of seeing his voluptuous neighbor in her new hot-pink Uggs and saying, "Hey there, I see you got a new pair of boobs." Embarrassing? For sure. But who really noticed? Your neighbor herself. A couple of pals, maybe.

    But when this happens to an athlete or commentator...miked up...on live television, well that's a different matter altogether. 

    It's mortifying.

    But it makes for most excellent entertainment.

    Click on to see the most priceless parapraxes in sports broadcasting history.

Honorable Mention: The Canadian Sausage Fest

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    While competitive eating is a fringe sport at very best, this slip was just way too good to pass up. As these Global Saskatoon reporters promote the contest, tension crackles like a hot link in a frying pan. It's only a matter of time before...pop! the meat casing explodes.

Susannah Collins: A 'Success' Story

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    Many people believe a Freudian slip is an unconscious thought effervescing forth from the depths of your mind. A slip of the brain more than a slip of the tongue.

    If so, ex-CNS Chicago sportscaster Susannah Collins was mentally bedside while she was physically rink-side.

    Collins' success/sex swap resulted in the surfacing of a low-budget raunchy and offensive sports comedy in which she had acted. She and CNS Chicago quickly "parted ways."

Another 'Success' Story

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    But Collins wasn't the first reporter in the sporting world to comment on the enormous quantity of reproductive activities that athletes engage in...

Alan Shearer Subs out Tremendous for Unbelievable

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    And we have now hit the "success" trifecta. This third one is from the mouth of Premiership legend Alan Shearer, now a part of the BBC punditry team.

    Sheesh, is the water these commentators drink spiked with Viagra or something?

What Kevin Ogletree Had Last Night

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    Bam! There you have it. The "success" superfecta.

Rick Majerus Says What He Ain't

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    Confession: This is one of a handful of forthcoming clips that don't represent a Freudian slip in the true sense of the phrase. Just very amusing choice of words.

    In this beauty, ESPN2 commentator/former Utah head coach Rick Majerus casually asserts his heterosexuality...or denies his weight issue. Or both.

Eric Haubert's Segue Gone Wrong

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    Haubert, (formerly) of WNWO TV 24 News, made this most unfortunate slip back in 2007.

State of the Stadium

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    Well, most people wouldn't really argue with that choice of adjectives.

Allen Iverson and the King of Pop

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    It could have been far, far worse. He could have said "Bolton."

John Madden Discusses Tillman's Second Job

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    Personally, I would have gone with Maurice Douglass.

Rafael Nadal's Badunkadunk

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    Maybe that junk in the trunk is what gives Rafa such a powerful follow-through.

Steve Levy: Bungles the Bulge

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    Steve Levy went with the singular form of the anatomy in question, whereas...

Andy Katz: History Repeats Itself

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    ...Katz settled on the much creepier plural form.

    Are you getting a nasty visual? Sorry about that. Squeeze your eyes shut and think of apples. Fields of golden wheat. A gentle ocean surf. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Darren Pang's White Way

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    For the un-hockeyed:

    P.K. Subban is black.

    Alexander Pietrangelo is white.

    See what Panger just did? Uh-huh. Yeah.

Wanderlei Silva's Secret Desire

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    Hey Wanderlei, I'm no lawyer, but if you are scheduled to fight the guy, doesn't this desire of yours become some kind of conflict of interest?

Tedy Bruschi's Unusual Communication

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    Not really sure what "throwing a football in c**ts communication" would look like. Or sound like. Probably best not to look into it.

Elin Nordegren and the Oldest Profession

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    Oh how utterly convenient that your Midland American drawl kicked back in for just that one word, Mr. Bucigross.

Dan Dierdorf on Ryan Matthews

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    How does Dan even know this? Matthews has his hands in his lap.

Joe Theismann: Out of the Backfield

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    Theismann was probably out birdwatching before this broadcast. I'm sure that's all this was.

SEC: The Toughest

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    There's an old joke in psychology circles: A Freudian slip is when you say one thing and mean your mother.

    Apply that to this guy. Does the SEC represent mommy? Did somebody not get enough hugs growing up?

How to Beat a Zone Defense?

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    Christine Nubla, reporting for Fox Sports West back in 2007, quadrupled her web presence with this double-for-dribble slip up.

Bill O'Brien on His Team

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    When Coach O'Brien gets emotional, he uses terms of endearment to describe his players.

Tiger Woods Souvenir

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    And plenty of people apparently already have.

A Compliment for Jeanette Lee

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    That revealing tank top plus the mid shot camera angle plus the layout on the table. Has there ever been a more perfect setup for a double entendre?

The Habits of Charles Barkley's Employees

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    That might explain why they put you in such ugly sport coats, Charles.

David Coulthard and the Ferrari Supporters

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    Hey, just because they aren't all about Mercedes is no reason to get nasty, DC.

Poor Ump

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    A little talcum powder down in the nether regions might be just the cure.

Kyle Keefe: Who's Coming for Analysis?

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    McNab's analysis will be followed by more analysis—this time from Erik Johnson.

The Hoosiers Gal

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    Ashton Altieri, weatherman for Denver's 9News, catapulted himself into super viral-dom whilst trying to congratulate a co-anchor, a Hoosiers fan, for a big team win.

    No, Erin is not Erin. He's Aaron. Aaron Matas (screen right), the sports anchor.

    Still, clearly it is tough for Altieri to ignore his other anchor. The not-Erin, who is actually Corey Rose.

Phillippe Sendero Discusses Joey Barton

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    Philippe, don't even try to blame this on the whole "English isn't my first language" thing.

The Homosexual on Everest

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    OK, so I get the whole dicks for discs thing. A little consonant sound swapping. Funny, but understandable.

    But Cynthia, come on! Those two words don't even share a single letter in common.


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    Thank you, thank you, oh thank you YouTube uploader Randy Holbrook for not letting this invaluable gem escape cyber-obscurity.

    The "my goodness" golfer is Jessica Korda.