Some of The Greatest Sports Songs Ever

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIApril 26, 2009

I love the guys over at the NFL Network for their charisma and insight, but I can no longer take hearing this song "I'm a Dreamer" by K'Naan. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's a bad song (to everybody else) but I hate it and it grates on my nerves. 

If you think about it, it's crazy to think about how music can affect our mood.  Since I was royally pissed after the NFL Network played that damn song when it returned from each commercial break, I switched to ESPN.

Some of my favorite sports related songs:

Fort Minor: Remember the Name 

I heard this song on an NBA promo a couple years ago and thought it was great.  You can envision an athlete working hard in the off-season and not taking any stuff on the court.

Wrestler Bill Goldberg's Entrance: Invasion by Jim Johnston 

I always got fired up by the faux ass whoopin' that would ensue after this great music would play.

Survivor: Eye of the Tiger 

When my old high school band, the Bradwell Institute Tigers, made their way to the gym for the football pep rally, you could hear them coming from the distance. The played a song comprised of only drums and the anticipation grew as the sound moved closer and closer. 

When band arrived at the gym, the bass drums would go solo and the gym went nuts when the rest of the drums came back in. Then they'd transition into to Eye of the Tiger and the damn near bring the house down.

Queen: We Will Rock You

This song is great.  Fans can actually remake the music by stomping on the bleachers and clapping.  There may be no other sports song as great as this. 

The energy that is created by hundreds or even thousands of people making music in unison is a force that is hard to resist.  High school, college, pros, there have been millions of teams rocked to this music. 

Crazy Train: Ozzie Osbourne

In reality I only like the intro to this song, but it's a great intro to start a game, especially a football game when you are kicking off.

Chumbawamba: I Get Knocked Down - What a great song for when a team has come into your house and dominated you only to see you fight back and run that team out of your stadium?

NWO Wolfpack Theme: Don't Turn Your Back on the Wolfpack 

This a fun song to sing along to as you voted for the bad guys to come out kick somebody's butt.

USA National Anthem 

When sang correctly, this song can move both sides to tears and fire up the whole stadium as a precursor to a monumental event like the Super Bowl.

USA!  USA! Chant 

Oh my goodness, when the USA is taking on another country and taking them down is there anything greater?  You can substitute any team name and get the crowd and athletes up!

The Six Packers: Go Pack Go! 

Being a Chargers fans I'm more partial to San Diego Super Chargers which is hated by non-Chargers fans but loved by Charger fans.  However, I even I wanted to see the Packers drilling a team so I could hear the crowd the Lambeau crowd scream "Go Pack Go."

Superbowl Shuffle: Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew 

I remember this song as a kid and I was dancing my butt off and thought it was awesome.  It sounds quite ridiculous now, especially when the kicker has the best verse on the whole song.  This song was so bad, you know it was good.