The Strongest and Most Compelling Story in the NFL Draft

Jarred PowellCorrespondent IApril 25, 2009

Micheal Oher is the No. 1 player in college football. Not for the x's and o's but because he has the best feel good story of any college athlete in tommorows NFL draft.

Oher is the most desreving player in the draft. Bar none. Everyone has their own story and talked about this and that, but his is truly remarkable.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Oher bounced around in three or four foster homes until he was 16 years old. His father was murdered when he was a baby and his mother was addicted to crack.

Oher lacked a home, guidance and parental comfort and instead lived on the streets. He did what he had to do to survive. Im not talking about something illegal or unjust, he just would make due with what he could.

His life was changed when he walked into Briarcrest Christian School. He met Sean and Lee Anne Tuohy and they adopted him. They loved him and instantly gave Oher something that had been missing out of his life, a chance.

Now Oher is a day away from going from unwanted, misfit child to millionaire. Where I am from, we would say,"that's gangster."

This is probably the best feel good draft story that I have read since Juan Dixon in the 2002 NBA draft. They both share some things in common. Both have graduated from college. They both lost their parents at a very young age. Never been in trouble with the law and yet they both succeed.

When Vernon Davis was drafted, he shed tears of joy. You do the same thing Micheal Oher. I hope you have a very productive career in the NFL. If you can come virtually homeless your whole life to college football stardom then you can accomplish anything. I'm pulling for you and I'm praying for you as well.


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