The 100 Best Fan Signs Ever

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterApril 24, 2013

The 100 Best Fan Signs Ever

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    Sign, sign—everywhere a sign.

    Some sports signs are made at home and hauled to the game by passionate fans, others are crafted on the fly, popping up out of nowhere in the middle of the contest. A rare few are planned weeks in advance, and flown over the stadium for everyone to see.

    No matter where they come from, they all have a message (usually "Get me on TV"), and some signs are hands down a cut above the rest.

    From the clever to the inspirational and the downright controversial, the following signs are some of the most memorable, iconic and amazing signs ever displayed in the world of sports 

100. On Cloud Nine

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    Lehigh fans were elevated to a plane of ecstasy they had never experienced before after defeating No. 2 seed Duke in the second round of the 2012 NCAA tournament. 

    Obviously, some of them are still buzzing off it.

99. Louisville Fans Support Kevin Ware

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    Louisville fans made signs showing their support for Kevin Ware, who suffered a ghastly leg injury during the Cardinals' run to the 2013 NCAA national championship

98. The Predator Faithful

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    While his Lord doesn't choose sides in the NHL, the Nashville Predators fan who changes the sign at the Grace Cumberland Presbyterian Church sure does.

97. 'Ray-Vens'

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    Two Baltimore Ravens fans put together a rather clever combination of signs involving linebacker Ray Lewis' head to cheer on their team.

96. Brittney Griner—Dunking Sensation

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    Former Baylor center Brittney Griner is one of the few women in college basketball history capable of consistently dunking the ball during games, and these two fans obviously wanted to see her rattle the rim.

95. 'Nick Saban Uses the Shake Weight'

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    Alabama head coach Nick Saban is a fan of the piston-pump action shake weight, according to this College GameDay sign.

    Knowing this, one has to wonder if the cab fare the shake weight pays you after a workout counts as a booster donation.

94. Locked Out

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    An NHL fan shares his warm fuzzy feelings about the NHL lockout.

    Winter is so much colder when you're locked out and a Nordiques fan.

93. United Wants Their Ronaldo Back

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    A young Manchester United fan welcomes Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo back to Old Trafford, but isn't keen on Ronaldo scoring against his former club.

92. Muschamp Style

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    Florida football head coach Will Muschamp got the Psy treatment before a 2012 Gators game.

91. New England Has Andrew Luck Puns for Days

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    There was no shortage of Andrew Luck puns to be found when the Indianapolis Colts came to Foxboro to play the Patriots last season.

90. Texas-Size Your Terrible Towel

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    Everything's bigger in... ah, you know the rest.

89. A Few Good Men

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    Riding high in the midst of their strong 2012-13 season, two Gonzaga basketball fans decide to submit head coach Mark Few's name into the mix as a candidate to replace Pope Benedict XVI.

88. The Original Redskins Fans?

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    For some reason, I doubt too many Native Americans from around the nation are cheering on the Washington Redskins.

87. 'They Are Who We Thought They Were'

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    A sign held by a Chicago Bears fan making fun of former Arizona Cardinals head coach Dennis Green and his famous postgame rant about the Bears.

86. The Messi-Est Man on the Pitch

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    Simple and iconic, we've all thought the words at least once while watching Barcelona's Lionel Messi work his magic on the pitch. Or when we're destroying opponents with him on FIFA.

85. A Purple Pun

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    Fans of the purple Horned Frogs of TCU were looking to make it rain at the 2011 Rose Bowl against Wisconsin.

84. That's Neither Sane nor Sanitary

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    Vancouver Canucks winger Alexandre Burrows created a bit a stir after allegedly biting Patrice Bergeron's finger during the Stanley Cup Finals.

    Some Canucks fans are totally cool with that, it appears.

83. Walker, Texas Ranger

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    Chuck Norris jokes are old as rocks now, but there's something about a seeing the man on a sign destined for the ballpark that makes it all new again.

82. Blue Jays Fans Play the Odds

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    Attending a Blue Jays game in Toronto came with a "risk" of SARS in 2003, but some fans decided to roll the dice and head to the ballpark anyway.

81. The Human Victory Cigar

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    Bulls fans jealously guarded their possession of former Celtics bench star Brian Scalabrine, who was a man, a myth and a legend during his time in the league.

80. From the Mouths of Babes

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    Because you're never too young to start tooling on Tony Romo.

79. 'Dunk City' Represents

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    Florida Gulf Coast University's high-flying style of play in the 2013 NCAA tournament took the team all the way to the Sweet Sixteen—a first for a No. 15 seed.

    Their alley-oop laden offense also spawned the nickname "Dunk City" for the school's hometown of Fort Myers.

78. A Young 'Bama Prospect?

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    So that's how the University of Alabama stays on top of the college football world—getting recruits to sign a letter of intent before they're done teething.

77. A Conflicted Cavaliers Fan

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    Less than three years after their rough break-up with LeBron James in 2010, some Cavaliers fans are ready to reconcile their differences and welcome James back into the fold.

76. AJ McCarron's Little Secret?

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    It's a little blurry, but this sign at a College GameDay rally says "AJ McCarron Sleeps with a Nightlight."

    It's simple and clever, but I have to mention that Alabama's star quarterback plays some good football when it's dark out and the lights are on him.

75. Charles Woodson Has You Covered

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    Free agent cornerback Charles Woodson is looking for a new home after being released by the Packers, where fans fell in love with his superb coverage abilities.

74. The Ol' Nickelback Burn

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    No insult is more simple and efficient than saying your opponent's coach (in this case, UNC basketball head coach Roy Williams) listens to the sonic garbage that is Nickelback.

73. Old Man Pierce's Magical Wheelchair Ride

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    After being pushed out of a 2008 Finals game in a wheelchair—only to return miraculously to the game within minutes—Paul Pierce earned a heaping helping of criticism from fans around the NBA for his melodramatic acting on the court.

    Obviously, fans still enjoy reminding Pierce of the ridiculously overacted moment.

72. Plain Crazy for Clay

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    All sorts of crazy and wild undertones are dripping off this Packers fan and her sign for Clay Matthews.

71. Raiders Fan Needs TP

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    Oakland Raiders fans in the "Black Hole" cheering section need them some Terrelle Pryor. 

70. Passing the Eye Test

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    A hockey fan attempts to administer a free eye exam for an ungrateful referee.

69. United for Newtown

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    Tennessee fans show their support for the residents of Newtown, Conn. after the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

68. 'New York Stands with Boston'

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    New York Red Bulls fans show their support for the people of Boston after the Marathon bombings last month.

67. A South Carolina Storm

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    When South Carolina defensive end Jadaveon Clowney steps onto the field, the chance of pain and humiliation for opposing running backs shoots up to 100 percent.

66. Beckham Rides the Pine

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    Fans of opposing soccer clubs really laid into soccer superstar David Beckham, who in his old age hasn't been getting the playing time he once enjoyed as a youth.

65. One Big Joke

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    I don't know if these Jets fans are trying to be goofy, or if too much beer and disappointment led to their spelling mixup.

    I know what I'm leaning toward, though.

64. Dumb and Dumber

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    Who's the idiot here?

    The guy who took his time to make the dumb sign and spent the game waiting for this moment? Or the guy with the "love you long time" line from Full Metal Jacket?

    We'll call it a tie, although we have to give them credit for being in the right place.

63. San Diego Fans Are 'Norvous' People

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    The pressure to win was on San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner this last season, and even fans were feeling the squeeze.

62. Babe Ruth Didn't Dope

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    After all the steroid controversies in the modern era of baseball, it's great to see some baseball fans reminding players of a simple fact.

61. The No Luck Nets

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    After starting the 2009-10 season with an abysmal 0-18 losing streak, fans of the New Jersey Nets began sounding off their disapproval via cleverly depressing signs. 

60. Chelsea Has Spoken

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    Chelsea fans voice their underwhelmed opinion of interim head coach Rafael Benitez via a big white sail of a sign.

59. She Means Peyton, Right?

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    Some fans were skeptical about Eli Manning's ability to live up to his older brother Peyton's name when he came into the NFL.

    Two Super Bowl rings later, and this "Manning Lite" sign is only amazing because of how completely wrong it turned out to be.

58. The Fun of Being a Philly

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    Nothing makes a good sports sign like a mixture of history and failure.

57. The Jack Blankenship Face of Doom

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    Whether he's at Alabama or in Madison Square Garden, superfan Jack Blankenship and his terrifying game face are always a hilarious, if not off-putting, wonder to behold.

56. Honesty Is the Best Policy

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    Holding a sign up to show support for the team is one thing, making a sign and waving it around is whole other, much more gutsy thing.

    Honestly, I'd rather see this than a goon slamming a big "D" and a lame cardboard fence together.

55. 'Crazy' Doesn't Even Begin to Describe It

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    Oakland Raiders fans are face-painted with zeal, but this Packers fan is a bona fide nut case for going shirtless to a winter game at Lambeau Field.

54. Sometimes You're Just Stumped

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    Hey, we can't all be comedians.

53. Aston Villa Fans Will Go to the Moon and Back for Players

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    Perhaps the British Space Programme had a firesale, or maybe these Aston Villa fans are actual astronauts.

    Either way, their support for Villa striker Christian Benteke is pretty stellar (space puns).

52. 'Pryor Pawned My Other Sign''

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    Several Ohio State players found themselves in hot water after bartering Buckeyes memorabilia for goods and services in Columbus, Ohio. 

    Obviously, fans of the Buckeyes' opponents made sure to capitalize on the misstep.

51. Boise—Very Much Not a State

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    Boise is by no means a "state." 

    They do have a solid football program that seems to put together a team that perennially has a shot at a BCS game.

50. Make the Right Choice This November

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    A Houston Texans fan made the obvious choice by selecting linebacker J.J. Watt over presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in November 2012.

49. Pau Gasol's Mama Was a Llama?

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    Celtics fans hold up a sign comparing Pau Gasol to a certain breed of frazzle-haired livestock.

48. Finding the Blue and Silver Lining

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    Carolina Panthers fans try to look at the bright side as their team struggles during the 2012 season.

47. Not Very Subtle

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    I guess that's one way to assure you get on TV.

46. When in Doubt, Troll the Officials

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    See what she did there?

45. #BostonStrong

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    After the Boston Marathon bombings and the following manhunt, Red Sox fans celebrated the end of the terror on Saturday with "BostonStrong" signs celebrating the resiliency of the city and its people.

44. Oh, That Kind of 'Hooking'...

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    Two NHL fans make a play on words about the "hooking" penalty in hockey.

43. Unfriendly Advice

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    If you can spare a base, there's no shame in walking a man who's destined to lay a hurting on your pitcher.

    That said, this is a good attempt by a St. Louis Cardinals fan to goad opponents into giving former Cardinals player Albert Pujols a swing.

42. Boys Night Out

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    A group of Montreal Canadiens fans enjoy what was apparently a much-needed getaway from home. 

41. Chuckstrong

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    Indianapolis Colts fans showed their support for their new head coach Chuck Pagano, who was diagnosed with leukemia and was forced to miss most of the 2012 season while undergoing treatment.

40. 'O.J. Stole My Other Sign'

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    Sometimes you decide to steal sports memorabilia at gunpoint, and then you go to jail for 33 years.

    I guess O.J. Simpson managed to swipe this fan's other sign before cops arrived and arrested him in 2007, when the Juice broke into a hotel room and robbed two men at gunpoint. 

39. Butler Money

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    Duke fans at a game against the Butler Bulldogs made a sign asking for mom to send money in order to tip their "Butler."

    I'm sure mom did send money, right after her she finished running errands at the Whole Foods.

38. Do You Want to Talk About It, Lane?

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    USC head coach Lane Kiffin was almost faced with firing his father Monte Kiffin from his position as assistant coach and defensive play-caller for the Trojans in 2012. 

    Obviously, some inner conflict had to have come into play.

37. When I Was Your Age, Referees Cost a Nickel

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    An elderly Philadelphia Flyers fan gives it to the zebras with a homemade sign during a game at the Wells Fargo Center.

    I call them "zebras" because I can assume he does too.

36. You Can't Rush the Messiah's Team

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    Mike Krzyzewski is treated as nothing short of a deity by SportsCenter and most of CBS.

    So if he and the Duke basketball team need more air time to finish out a 20-point rout of another team, they'll broadcast it over anything and everything else in the news cycle.

35. Poor Sidney Crosby

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    Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby just cannot get a break anywhere he goes, especially Philadelphia.

34. Oklahoma Football Receives Double the Mockery

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    Another great two-for-one deal in single shot, these two signs at College GameDay lay into Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops for his choice to drive a mom-mobile and former Sooners quarterback Sam Bradford for his unfortunate lack of faith in the Kris Kringle.*

    *Verification of these allegations needed.

33. Finals Fever, Baby

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    Dirk Nowitzki puts his shorts on one leg at a time, but once his shorts are on, he wins the NBA Finals.

    Mavericks fans obviously know the only way to win a championship and cure their Finals Fever is plenty of Dirk.

32. NC State Keeps It Real

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    NC State fans mock in-state rival UNC for allegedly allowing student-athletes to enroll in fake "paper classes" while at school.

31. Nun Too Subtle

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    Just the kind of lady Tim is looking for.

    This fan apparently escaped from the nunnery long enough to grab some colored paper and pen in order to announce her availability to Tim Tebow.

30. 'Lou Holtz 4 Prethadent'

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    Making fun of former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz and his raspy lisp is old hat for opponents of the Fighting Irish.

29. Dirk's Doppelganger

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    As it appears, Dallas Mavericks center Dirk Nowitzki has a long-lost brother cheering for him in the stands.

28. Pixar Presents: Big Baby and Robinson

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    I'll let this one speak for itself, except for one thing: I want a donkey that looks like Nate Robinson.

27. Dumping on the Oilers

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    A play on words and some provocative artistry was all that it took to make this amazing fan sign mocking the Edmonton Oilers.

26. The Best Kind of Newton

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    Cheesy, obvious and unmistakable, what this sign lacks in knee-slapping humor it makes up for with its easy recognition.

25. Mangino's Monster Tighty-Whities

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    Former Kansas football coach Mark Mangino is a Hefty bag of a man, and these Oklahoma State fans were quick to find a tarp-sized pair of underwear to mock the big man with.

24. Northwestern Graduates Do It with a Pocket Protector

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    Another College GameDay, another jealously scathing sign about SEC football. 

23. Tooling on the Giants Is a Four-Man Job

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    All hands were on deck in order to hold up this lengthy sign making light of the San Francisco Giants and the steroids scandal involving former slugger Barry Bonds. 

    Somewhere in San Francisco, four other guys were hurrying to make a "Got Fans?" banner in response.

22. 'Revis & Butthead'

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    A Philadelphia Eagles fan dusts off a Beavis and Butt-Head reference to make fun of the New York Jets' Darrelle Revis.

21. Purdue—The Indiana Ugly Filter

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    With nearly a 60 percent male student population on Purdue's West Lafayette campus, the Boilermakers are apparently a bit low on female students in general.

20. Not an Angel

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    "Well, son... Mom hasn't let me in our bedroom for 18 years. I'll let you know if something changes. Have fun in college."

19. Packers Fan Has Her Revenge

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    Judging by this poster, he'll be spending most of his time on that couch.

18. Tim Tebow's Secret Passion

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    The Jets backup quarterback loves Jesus. And denim, apparently.

17. It's Up in the Air

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    Tiger Woods was posed with this airborne question at the 2010 US Open, when a plane flew over the golf course on Father's Day pulling the paternal inquiry through the sky.

16. Louisville Fans Keep Track for Michigan

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    A young Louisville Cardinals fan holds up a sign poking fun at Chris Webber's infamous time-out call that cost the Michigan Wolverines a shot at a banner during the 1993 NCAA national championship game.

    Louisville faced off against Michigan in the 2013 NCAA national championship, prevailing over the Wolverines 82-76.

15. Rex Pays His Respects

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    In case anyone doesn't know, let's shoot straight through it: Rex Ryan and his wife are really into feet, allegedly.

    Let's move on.

14. An Expensive Vintage

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    Unless you really enjoy the taste of Grey Poupon and conceit, I'd go with beer over Duke tears, actually.

13. The Cure for Noisy Kittens

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    Does your panther make way too much noise?!

    The Panthers weren't causing too much a racket, not after Philadelphia Flyers hit them with the "Kitten Mittens."

12. Paying Tribute

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    A New York Yankees fan pays tribute to the victims and heroes of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on Opening Day 2002.

11. Two Masterworks in One Shot

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    Behold—a Star Wars reference and an "I Like Turtles" kid reference in one photograph.

    Pepper in the fact that both are aimed toward the Duke Blue Devils and their former star Kyle Singler, and you've got a two-for-one shot fan sign masterpiece.

10. The Gingeraffe Cometh

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    Fans made this immaculate monument to the San Diego State forward/full-time redhead, James Johnson.

    Fear the Gingeraffe.

9. White Lightning

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    A Brigham Young University fan fires back at the notion that their players can't keep up with the rest.

8. She Makes a Mean Chamomile Tea, Too

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    A San Jose Sharks fan gave former Detroit Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios a hard time for his age, making a sign offering the then-45-year-old man an opening to date their grandmother.

7. The Diabolical Raiders Haters

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    Mile High's finest rolled out the Raiders jokes at a Denver-Oakland game in 2012.

6. The Bertuzzi Jailbirds

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    Vancouver Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi narrowly avoided jail time after attacking Colorado Avalanche player Steven Moore during a 2004 game. 

    NHL fans took notice, and this group crafted an amazing cardboard jail for their Halloween costume. 

5. When Rivalries Get Weird

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    Dallas Mavericks fans get an A+ for creativity (and Photoshop skills), but something about this poster is deeply unsettling.

    Maybe it's the Wade hair, or the baby 'Bron. Or the everything.

4. Showing a Little Skin

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    Fans resorted to temptations of the flesh in their desperate attempts to stop Larry Bird from hitting his free throws.

    A career 88.6 percent shooter from the line, Bird probably enjoyed the pictures and sunk his shots at the same time.

3. A Big Love for Basketball

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    BYU is a part of two separate conferences. It makes you just wonder: how do the conferences get along this way?

    Do they not mind seeing the Cougars with the other conference? Is this right in God's eyes?

2. A Very Brave Fan

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    You know what's powerful stuff? An Atlanta Braves fan making a sign and skipping chemotherapy treatment just to see Chipper Jones play at Turner Field.

1. Giving It All for the Team

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    No one could ever say this Arkansas State fan doesn't love him some Gus Malzahn, who left Auburn to become the Red Wolves head coach.

    Unfortunately for this fan, Malzahn returned to Auburn the following year. Talk about a raw deal.


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