Cody Rhodes: 7 Fun Facts About WWE's Mustachioed Superstar

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Cody Rhodes: 7 Fun Facts About WWE's Mustachioed Superstar

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    Some professional wrestlers get by on just their last name. Some professional wrestlers have to build their own legacy out of nothing, but there are a select few who come up through developmental with a famous last name that earn their spot on the main roster. 

    One of those people is Cody Rhodes

    Rhodes may be the son of Dusty Rhodes, but this charismatic WWE Superstar definitely has the chops to hold his own in the WWE ring with the best of them. 

    Cody has been through a lot in the WWE, most notably some very strange gimmicks and personas, including his time as "Dashing" Cody Rhodes. 

    However, Rhodes' gimmicks aren't the only interesting things about him... 

    Here are seven fun facts about Cody Rhodes. 

1. He Was a Referee

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    As you've seen throughout these WWE Fun Facts slideshows, professional wrestlers usually have to pay their dues in the business or find themselves holding odd jobs before they hit it big. Cody Rhodes paid his choice. 

    While Cody was just a young buck at Lassiter High School in Georgia, he spent his time away from the amateur wrestling mat (he was a state champion) with his dad, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, at a different wrestling mat. 

    Cody helped his dad's wrestling promotion Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling by reffing matches between guys like Disco Inferno, Barry and Kendall Windham and Big Ron Studd when he was needed. 

2. He's a Nerd

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    Somehow between an impressive high school wrestling career and a blossoming career in pro wrestling, Cody Rhodes still found time to get his nerd on. 

    Rhodes is a huge gamer and has even discussed his love of comic books in numerous different interviews. However, there is one game in particular that steals Rhodes' time away. 

    Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is Rhodes' favorite game, which, according to an interview with ESPN's "The Life," he plays at least once a year. Rhodes loves the game and the series so much that he even wrestled with the Zelda triforce on his boots for a period of time, before and during his run with The Legacy. 

    Along with Zelda, Rhodes has also expressed his love for the EA Sports franchises Madden and FIFA, among other sports games. 

    As for comics, Rhodes prefers Omega Red and Cyclops, who are his favorite characters, and he discussed his love for Archangel and most things Marvel in an interview found here.

3. He Actually Needed the Mask

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    In the WWE, it isn't rare for a Superstar or Diva to come down the ramp a few days removed from an exceptionally intense beatdown wrapped up in tape or other signs of injury. Most of the time the added gear is all part of the show as an excuse to make them weaker for whatever reason. 

    So when Cody Rhodes started wearing his Rip Hamilton-esque mask, it had to be just for show, right? 


    Cody Rhodes legitimately had his nose broken by Mysterio early in their feud and needed something to protect his snapped schnoz. Rhodes then incorporated the mask into his character, using it to headbutt and even bludgeon unsuspecting opponents when the ref wasn't looking. 

4. He Had the Most Eliminations in 2012

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    Cody Rhodes has had some big gigs since coming to the WWE. He teamed with Hardcore Holly for a while, became huge as a part of Legacy and since then had feuds with greats like Rey Mysterio and Big Show. 

    Through all of those feuds, he put on some really memorable performances, but none more memorable than his performance at the 2012 Royal Rumble. In the Royal Rumble match, Rhodes lasted for 40 minutes—something few can say—and eliminated six competitors, including Mick Foley, Booker T and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Rhodes' six eliminations were more than anyone else in the 2012 Royal Rumble. 

    Big Show, a long-time veteran, was the next-best with just four eliminations. 

5. He Comes from an Impressive Family

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    It's no secret that Cody Rhodes is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. While just about everyone knows that, most people are also aware that Cody is the half-brother of former WWE Superstar Goldust, Dustin Rhodes. 

    While those two connections alone are pretty awesome, Cody's pro wrestling lineage doesn't stop there. Rhodes' sister Kristin Ditto was once a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, he's a nephew to both Jerry Sags and Fred Ottman, he was once the brother-in-law to Terri Runnels and he's even the godson of Magnum T.A. 

    Talk about a professional wrestling family. 

6. He's More Than Just a Professional Wrestler

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    Cody Rhodes isn't all pomp and pro wrestling. As mentioned before, Rhodes was an extremely successful amateur wrestler in high school, ranking sixth in the state of Georgia as a sophomore at his weight class and winning back-to-back state championships as a junior and senior. 

    Rhodes' out-of-the-ring talent doesn't end there. 

    Rhodes has also tried his hand a bit at acting, most notably during his appearance in Warehouse 13, a sci-fi drama TV series. 

    The dashing superstar took on the role of Kurt Smoller, one of the main characters' love interests for an episode, even getting a chance to sneak a kiss in with the main star, Joanne Kelly. 

    Thankfully for Rhodes he didn't only have his WWE acting background to work from. Rhodes attended acting school early in his professional wrestling career. 

7. He Has a Lot of History with Damien Sandow

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    Since his feuds with Rey Mysterio and Big Show, Rhodes didn't have much going on. That is, until Damien Sandow made his way to the main roster. 

    Rhodes and Sandow joined forces in an effort to enlighten the unwashed masses and have become quite the tag team. They have incredible chemistry, and it turns out there's a very good reason for that. 

    Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow have shared the ring before, quite a few times actually, except back then they were on opposite sides of the squared circle. 

    From early July 2006 until that September, Rhodes and Sandow, as Cody Runnels and Aaron "The Idol" Stevens, competed 13 times in singles and tag team action in Ohio Valley Wrestling, including one match for the OVW Heavyweight Championship (which Sandow won). 

    Of the 13 encounters, just three were singles matches, all of which found Sandow victorious. Rhodes got the last laugh, though, by winning seven of the tag team matches that pit him and his future tag team partner against each other. 

In Conclusion...

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    There you have it, no smoke and mirrors. Seven fun facts about WWE's Cody Rhodes. 

    Rhodes has done it all. He started out at a young age, moonlighting as a ref, he somehow finds time for comics and video games, he got his schnoz snapped by Rey Mysterio, he had one especially amazing Royal Rumble performance, professional wrestling runs deep in his family, he's an accomplished amateur wrestler and actor and his tag team partner used to be one of his biggest rivals. 

    Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow continue to fight their way through the tag team division on Raw and SmackDown and will most likely find their way onto the card at WWE's upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view. 

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