Phillip Humber Passes Through

AlexAnalyst IApril 22, 2009

When the Minnesota Twins out-righted Phillip Humber to triple-A last week to make room for the hard throwing Juan Morillo, they took a gamble on losing the former fourth round draft selection. Out of options, Humber needed to clear waivers to remain with the organization.

Luckily for the Twins, Humber did finally clear waivers on Tuesday, and will now not only be able to start and get consistent work in, but he'll also be able to do it for the Red Wings, the affiliate of the Twins. Humber could also have the chance to return to the major leagues this season if successful in triple-A.

While Humber is in triple-A, the team's search for a mainstay in the bullpen continues.

Jesse Crain, after taking a few days off with discomfort in his shoulder, has been added to the disabled list. Meanwhile, Jose Mijares has been recalled from triple-A to take Crain's spot after having a successful first two weeks in the minors.

While the Twins will look for Mijares to fill Crain's spot, and possibly stick around longer, many other questions still remain. Matt Guerrier still hasn't performed consistently, and new addition Morillo allowed four runs while only retiring one hitter in the series opener with the Boston Red Sox.

A fastball thrown consistently at 95 MPH is nice to have in the bullpen, but velocity alone will not get Morillo outs, and he has only a short period of time to prove himself before Crain returns. 

There is still plenty of time for the Twins to figure out their bullpen situation. For now however, the search continues.


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