Graffin's Packer Draft Contest Picks

JimContributor IApril 19, 2009

The first player selected by the Green Bay Packers will be:

Chris "Beanie" Wells RB-Ohio State                                                                                                         

This selection would irritate me and probably everyone else as well. As everyone knows Ted Thompson loves the best value and there is a good shot that will be Beanie at No.9. Plus, I haven't seen anyone else pick him.

The second player selected by the Green Bay Packers will be:

Clint Sintim OLB-Virginia  

At 6-3 256 he's a little lighter then other OLB's projected around this spot. With above average sacks last year (11), I think he would be what Thompson would have in mind as a pass rushing OLB opposite Kampman.

Will the Packers make a draft day trade involving their first round No. 9 pick?No

Will the Packers third selection be an offensive or defensive player? (off/def)Def

Will the Packers use any of their draft choices (day one or two) to take a punter? (yes/no)No

Additional Comments: I think Ted Thompson feels that the front three are set with the depth picked up through free agency and will go with OLB's and CB's before D-line.      


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