Sheamus: 7 Fun Facts About the WWE's Celtic Warrior

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIMarch 28, 2013

Sheamus: 7 Fun Facts About the WWE's Celtic Warrior

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    Since coming into the WWE, Sheamus has taken the organization by storm. The Celtic Warrior is a force to be reckoned with in the ring and has become one of the biggest draws for WWE's blue brand, SmackDown. 

    Now, as Sheamus prepares for an epic WrestleMania 29 matchup against The Shield, he'll look to add another great WrestleMania moment to his crazy 18-second victory over Daniel Bryan last year. 

    As Sheamus and his teammates prepare, let's take some time to look into the life of Sheamus and some of his more...unique encounters. 

    Here are seven fun facts about Sheamus. 

1. He Was a Singer

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    The stories of the Celtic Warrior's upbringing are mostly true. He was indeed born in Ireland (Cabra, Dublin, to be exact), and he holds his heritage very near to his heart, which is pretty apparent in his character. 

    While he was growing up in Ireland he did what any good, young Irish boy did. He sang. 

    Sheamus was a member of the boys' choir until he was 13. 

    Looks like the WWE has a new candidate for Rock concert segments once The Rock leaves TV..."Loch Concerts"? We'll work on the name. 

2. He Was an IT Technician

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    Everyone needs to pay the bills right? 

    According to an interview the Great White gave to Gizmodo, he lived the nerd life for a while. 

    From 1999-2007 Sheamus worked for a few different IT companies including Symantec and Hartford Life in Dublin. While working his IT jobs he made CAT-5 cables and used Ghost to image machines. 

    Speaking on his technical prowess, Sheamus said: 

    You know, the funny thing was with IT, I was never really a tech type of person, I was better with people; good at dealing with people; I had technical experience, I knew the nitty gritty; I could never be a programmer or anything but I knew my way around. Wrestling for me was always something I wanted to do, and it working in IT was just a way to get financially looked after; I went and wrestled on the side because you don’t make any money when you’re starting off and you don’t have any name value.

    Sheamus can kick your face off, lift some of the largest men in the world and, oh yeah, help you troubleshoot Windows. 

    Not bad for a pro wrestler. 


3. He's Not Just a Wrestler

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    Like many WWE Superstars and Divas, Sheamus' athletic career goes beyond the world of professional wrestling. He is, however, unlike most WWE performers who were amateur wrestlers or football players. Instead, Sheamus played rugby. 

    Sheamus played both rugby and Gaelic football in his university years. He played rugby for the National College of Ireland, where he received a National Diploma, and Gaelic football for the Erin's Isle team, where he performed so well that he was once named "Sports Star of the Month."

    Some guys wrestle in college, some guys, like Big Show and Kevin Nash, play basketball. Sheamus played the brutal sport of rugby, which really makes a lot of sense. 

    Are brogue kicks allowed? 

4. He's Had a Few Interesting Confrontations

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    As most Superstars and Divas do, Sheamus has made quite a few media appearances since his big push a few years back. While most Superstars just push a pay-per-view or a new movie coming out, Sheamus finds ways to get...well, rowdy. 

    The video above shows Sheamus on Conan, which features the Celtic Warrior brogue kicking the head off of a Conan mannequin. 

    This isn't Sheamus' first TV confrontation. Here's a video from early in his pro wrestling career where he got into a war of words with one of Ireland's most loved hosts, Dustin...who's a turkey. 

    Another amusing Irish run-in came on the Podge and Rodge show, when a very young, bearded Sheamus dressed like a leprechaun and engaged in some good ol' fashioned leprechaun arm wrasslin'. 


5. He Goes Way Back with Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett

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    Drew McIntyre is being buried as a member of 3MB, Wade Barrett is the Intercontinental Champion but is jobbing to the main event guys and Sheamus isn't even in the title picture. 

    If only they could go back to the old days, eh? 

    Back in the day, as part of Irish Whip Wrestling, Sheamus, McIntyre and Barrett were all part of the same organization and actually competed quite a bit around Europe. Sheamus and McIntyre had countless matches around the continent before they made the jump to the WWE. 

    Sheamus, as Sheamus O'Shaunessy, or SOS; McIntyre, as Drew Galloway; and Barrett, as Stu Sanders were some of the brightest professional wrestling talents in Europe and, thankfully for the WWE, they snagged all three of the foreign Superstars. 

6. He Took a Pedigree Before He Was Even on the Roster

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    It's not uncommon for young guys on the WWE roster or guys from developmental to be used on WWE TV. We've seen numerous people who start out in FCW or NXT who appear on TV as a security guard or a random person in a scene, like Scorpio Sky in the Team Hell No skits or CM Punk as a part of John Cena's WrestleMania entrance

    Sheamus, like many of the young guys before him, was used in a few different scenes. Unlike other young guys however, Sheamus got a little more than a few punches. 

    When Sheamus came to the ring as a member of the security team to get DX in order, he got a pedigree from the same man who would push so hard to get Sheamus a huge push. 

    Hard work pays off, I guess. 

7. He's a Movie Star

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    Sheamus has actually been in a pretty legitimate movie. The Escapist came out in 2008 and told the story of an inmate who wants to escape a prison to see his ill daughter. 

    The movie has a small cult following and featured a scene where Sheamus, as Two Ton, engages in a prison fight-club battle with one of the leads. 

    While he doesn't throw any brogue kicks, he still looks like a terrifying monster. 

    He was also in Legend of the Bog...after watching this trailer, I'm still not quite sure what's going on there...

In Conclusion...

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    There you have it. Seven fun facts about the WWE's Celtic Warrior. 

    Sheamus has had a long journey from humble beginnings in Dublin to becoming one of the most popular WWE Superstars in the business.

    He started out as a young boy singing on TV, became an IT technician, played a little rugby, beat up a fake Conan O'Brien, grew up fighting Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett, took a pedigree before making it to the main roster and even starred in a few films. 

    Yes, Sheamus' career has been impressive, but none of that will matter at WrestleMania 29 when Sheamus joins forces with Randy Orton and the Big Show to take on The Shield on April 4. 

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