Being a San Diego Padres Fan: It's Lonely in the Middle

gail wilsonContributor IApril 16, 2009

What other team sport brings such optimism to the lowliest (or so ESPN says) of teams?  Barely 10 days into the season and San Diego Padres fans have been jumping off and on and back off the bandwagon again.

I adore my Padres. With the exception of one or two players that should have been gifted to another team—Brian Giles, I'm talking about you—I am very happy the present 25-man roster.

We will never have the press taking apart our every move, our every pitch for we are not the Yankees, Red Sox, or Dodgers.  

We are blessed with a hometown team that most folks who reside outside of the 858 area code could not name five players if their life depended on it. I can name at least six; go ahead, ask me.

My boys had a hard loss last night against the New York Mets. Normally, I am a fan of the Mets. They are a gritty team that comes close just about every year, then breaks your heart.

Baseball is about heartache and I have learned that with my team, as well as the Mets, heartache is a terminal condition.  

Any team who still glorifies Mike Piazza is A-OK in my book. He wore a Padres uniform in 2006.

I can still remember the day when I read in the paper that my team has signed him. My Piazza jersey still hangs in my closet, longing for the day he comes out of retirement and hits the field for one more season of glory.

I think I may be waiting a long time.

I do my best not to get down on them when there is a base running error or a pitcher is left in one pitch too long and the game spins out of control.

Disparage the Padres if you may. However, they are still my guys whether they win, lose, or cellar-dwell.  

My boys of summer can do no wrong...much.


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