Ranking the 10 Biggest WWE Diva Disappointments of All Time

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 18, 2013

Ranking the 10 Biggest WWE Diva Disappointments of All Time

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    Alas, not every Diva will be Trish Stratus or Amy "Lita" Dumas, both of whom achieved huge popularity and found worldwide fame during their time in WWE.

    Indeed, over the years, the company has hired many women and pushed them to the moon, only to see them falter and flop on the main stage.

    Sometimes this has come down to shortcomings of the girls themselves; other times it has been straight-up awful booking on WWE's part.

    Considering popularity, in-ring skill and long-term career success (or lack of it, rather), here's a list of the 10 biggest Diva disappointments of all time.

10. Kaitlyn

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    On paper, NXT winner Kaitlyn (aka Celeste Bonin) has everything it takes to be a star in the Divas Division.

    The former bodybuilder has the photogenic good looks, the charisma and has shown an admirable willingness to to get in the ring and wrestle. Of course WWE has tried to push her as the next big female babyface. She has great potential.

    Sadly her current run with the Divas Championship has to be considered a flop. The title didn't mean a whole lot when she won it from a departing Eve Torres back in January, and it means even less now.

    Come on, how many times have we see Kaitlyn wrestle Aksana in truly awful wrestling matches? Or take on Tamina Snuka to complete silence and indifference from the crowd in attendance? And that's if she even makes TV at all.

    Her title reign just isn't taking off.

    Of course, it's still very early on in Kaitlyn's career, so it might not be fair to dismiss her entirely...just yet. Hence, her lower ranking on this.

    Hey, who knows what could happen in the future? Maybe she can turn things around. 

9. Alicia Fox

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    Despite having a decent amount of athleticism and a feisty sort of charisma, Alicia Fox (aka Victoria Crawford) has spent most of her six-year WWE stint on the sidelines.

    Why? Well, a somewhat stiff in-ring style probably hasn't aided her cause.

    As Diva-Dirt noted, back in 2011 Fox landed wrong on Divas champion Beth Phoenix during one of their matches, leading to the title-holder receiving a very nasty-looking bruise on her face afterwards. We can't say for sure whether this caused Fox's de-push, but her WWE profile did plummet soon after, and it's hard to believe the botch wasn't at all a factor.

    You have to wonder if WWE's booking team will ever come up with any new ideas for the former model.

8. Rosa Mendes

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    OK, so Mendes is a fairly good valet for tag team Epico and Primo, and nobody was ever expecting the former Diva Search girl to suddenly turn into Takako Inoue in the ring.

    But, still, Mendes makes the list for somehow managing to botch the simple act of standing still in a corner during a 2011 tag team match when Kelly Kelly attempted a handspring elbow

    Not to mention that amusing time on PPV when she and Jillian Hall seemingly both forgot that they were meant to be on the same side and started brawling with each other at ringside. As the video clearly shows, both realized what they were doing and quickly backed off, looking mightily embarrassed.

    Oh, Rosa.

    Has anyone ever brought so much unintentional hilarity to WWE programming?

7. Melina

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    So, what exactly wrecked Melina Perez's once-promising WWE career?

    The numerous injuries surely didn't help. Nor did her habit of botching. Or how about the fact that she was, per reports, always garnering backstage heat for one thing or another?

    Hey, Melina even acknowledged herself once, likely in response to the Trish Stratus debacle, that she was known for being "The Most Controversial Woman in Wrestling."

    OK, so Melina accomplished a fair amount in WWE. After all, she won the Women's Championship several times. But, really, she could have done a whole lot more...if only she'd been able to keep her attitude in check. That alone guarantees her a place on the list.

6. Natalya

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    Yes, ultra-talented third-generation Diva Natalya has the dubious honor of making this list.

    And you know what? It's not even her fault.

    WWE has squandered her considerable potential over the years by placing her in one abysmal angle after another. The booking team ensured her WWE run could be considered nothing but a disappointment.

    Who exactly thought a "flatulence" gimmick was a great idea? Or that putting the third-generation star in a weird romance angle with The Great Khali was a decent use of her talents?

    Did anyone consider just, you know, letting her wrestle?

5. Christy Hemme

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    After winning the 2004 Diva Search contest, former dancer and actress Christy Hemme seemed to be on her way to big things in WWE.

    She was gorgeous, radiated charisma and personality and was even shaping up to be a somewhat decent in-ring performer. The star even snagged the cover of the April 2005 edition of Playboy, something that was considered a prestigious honor for any Diva at the time.

    If anyone was going to be the next Sable or Sunny, it was her.

    Shockingly, she was then released in December of 2005 for reasons that have never quite been explained. She joined rival company TNA soon after, and has been there ever since.

    Who knows what WWE were thinking when they released Hemme. Certainly, she had more potential than your average Diva Search girl.

4. Jackie Gayda

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    Sadly, Tough Enough Season 2 winner Jackie Gayda (now Jackie Haas) will probably be best remembered for "that match" on the July 8 2002 edition of Raw.

    The still-green Jackie teamed with Chris Nowinski to take on the pairing of Bradshaw and Trish Stratus and the results were, eh, not pretty, let's just put it that way. The two girls botched so many moves the crowd in attendance booed them vociferously, and even company man J.R made no secret of how embarrassed he was on commentary.

    The tag team debacle even won that year's award in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter for "Worst Worked Match." Unsurprisingly, after that disaster, Jackie's WWE career never really got off the ground.

3. Candice Michelle

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    OK, so she had an annoying voice and her theme song was absolutely awful, but Diva Search contestant Candice Michelle really did have potential. A newcomer with no knowledge of wrestling when she joined the company in 2004, she worked incredibly hard to improve, eventually become a solid worker. She even won the Women's Championship in a great match at 2007's Vengeance PPV

    The title "The Next Trish Stratus" has been thrown around a lot since Stratus retired in 2006, and, really, Candice Michelle was one of the few girls given the label that came genuinely quite close to achieving this.

    Sadly, various injuries derailed her once-great career and she was released by WWE in 2009. She has since settled down with her husband and had two children, and shows no desire to get back into the business.

2. Gail Kim

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    Over the past eighteen months, TNA star Gail Kim has established herself as one of wrestling's finest performers. Whether its playing the catty heel or churning out terrific matches, she can do it all.

    She may not have the high-profile of a Trish Stratus or Lita, but she's just as skilled and talented as they are. Maybe even more.

    Of course, her TNA stint only serves to make her two dreadful WWE runs even more disappointing. Marginalized in throwaway six-women tag matches and stuck in awful angles (What was that Daniel Bryan thing about? Does anyone know?), Kim floundered.

    Sure, she's super-talented, but you'd never know if you only watched her WWE stuff.

    To the surprise of no one, Kim parted ways with America's No. 1 wrestling promotion in late 2011. In interviews since then she has trashed the company for sabotaging its female performers and not allowing them the chance to be good. It seems she's happy in TNA and has no wish to go back to WWE.

    This is probably for the best, because Vince McMahon and company clearly has no clue how to use her properly.

    The massively wasted potential of Kim guarantees her a high place on this list.

1. Ashley Massaro

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    Following her victory in the 2005 Diva Search, model Ashley Massaro received one of the biggest pushes that WWE has ever given to a woman. Really, only Rena "Sable" Lesnar in 1998 or A.J. Lee in 2012 could compare.

    Massaro appeared in the April 2006 edition of Playboy. She also had high-profile photoshoots in Maxim and Flex. She was all over television in feuds with Torrie Wilson and Victoria. In 2007, the company even sent her to appear on CBS' hit reality show Survivor. Management seemed to be absolutely crazy about her.

    So, what was the problem? Well, despite her best efforts, she couldn't wrestle. At all.

    You know things are bad when an in-her-prime Trish Stratus can't carry you to anything remotely watchable. And the less said about her debacle of a match with Torrie Wilson on Raw in September of  2005 the better.

    She was also injury prone. Not to mention, her Avril Lavigne-wannabe act usually came off as very phony and a transparent appeal to fans by being "different." Come on, were we really meant to believe she was a genuine "Rock Chick" in the Lita mold? 

    Maybe Ashley could have had a decent run as a manager. She did have a certain amount of charisma, after all. But WWE's insistence of making her a wrestler backfired fiercely.  

    Note to Vince: Some girls just aren't cut out to be wrestlers.