TNA Knockout Knockdown 2013 Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistMarch 17, 2013

Photo courtesy of TNA
Photo courtesy of TNA

The taping for TNA's Knockout Knockdown went down on Sunday afternoon.

The event was a part of the company's new revamped pay-per-view schedule. TNA will now just have four major PPVs accompanied by seven shows under the banner of TNA: One Night Only (h/t TNA).

Knockout Knockdown 2013 featured some of the best female wrestlers around all facing off to see who is the best. It was a bit of a combination between the King of the Ring and the Royal Rumble. There would be nine matches, with the winners all facing off in a Battle Royal. The winner of that would be the queen of TNA.

The airing of the event has yet to be announced. Let's take a look at the results, courtesy of Wrestling Attitude.

Gail Kim defeats Alissa Flash

With Gail Kim just coming out of the Knockouts title picture, it makes sense to have her pick up a win here. You want to build her up strong. She's one of the few talented female wrestlers left in TNA.

Having her lose her opening match would have been a surprise, and not the good kind of surprise.

Lei'D Tapa defeats Ivelisse

Poor, poor Ivelisse Velez. First she loses her Gut Check opportunity to Lei'D Tapa, and now she goes down to her at Knockouts Knockdown. It was bad enough watching her mishandled by WWE, but to see it happening at TNA is too much.

It's a shame because both wrestlers are talented and could find a spot on the roster. Instead, TNA seems to have hitched its wagons to Tapa at the expense of Ivelisse.

Tara defeats Mia Yim

It's probably only a matter of time before Mia Yim is snapped up by a bigger company or, at the very least, appears in TNA alongside Ring of Honor.

With Tara being established as a big name in the company, having her go over Mia Yim is the best move.

Brooke Tessmacher defeats Santana Garrett

Never been much of a fan of Brooke/Ms. Tessmacher/Brooke Tessmacher, whether she was in WWE or TNA. While she's improved over the past couple of years, there are much better female wrestlers on the roster in TNA.

ODB defeats Trinity

It's been quite entertaining to watch ODB over the years. The more her body has changed over time, the less she's been able to do in the ring. ODB turned dropkicks into an adventure.

Hats off to the 41-year-old Trinity. She was one of the pioneers in TNA's Knockouts division. She and ODB go back almost a decade, so it was enjoyable to see these two back in a TNA ring again.

Jackie Moore defeats Taryn Terrell

TNA must have really had trouble getting people to come back if the 49-year-old Jackie Moore was given an invite. It's arguably been at least a decade since she was relevant, and at no time was she ever really that good in the ring.

Of all the people to go over the TNA talent, Moore seems like an odd choice.

Hannah Blossom defeats Sojo Bolt and Taeler Hendrix

This has to be the match with the least amount of star power. Quite possibly the most notable thing is how Taeler Hendrix spells her first name. She and Hannah Blossom are young talents and should develop over the years. They're just not there yet.

Velvet Sky defeats Jillian Hall

It almost would have been funny if Jillian Hall would have won this match and the Battle Royal to become the "queen" of TNA despite never having contributed anything worthwhile to the company.

Despite the storylines being largely kept out of these One Night Only shows, you couldn't see the Battle Royal not having Velvet Sky. She's the current Knockouts champion and one of the faces of the Knockouts division.

Mickie James defeats Serena Deeb

Mickie James is the kind of wrestler who can carry a female division. Instead, she's been marginalized in TNA to the point where she's just another generic wrestler in the Knockouts division.

On the other side, Serena Deeb was great in WWE as a part of the Straight-Edge Society. This could very well be the match of the night.

Gail Kim Wins Battle Royal

Kim beat James with a roll-up. Per the rules of the match, after seven wrestlers were eliminated, the final two had a regular match to determine the winner. It's always good to see heels fake injuries to distract their opponents, only then to turn around and try and roll them up or hit a big move. Bret Hart was always the best at that.

It would have been kind of cool to see some of the younger, more unknown wrestlers take part in the Battle Royal. Since it's a TNA event, you can't blame the company for putting its talent first.

Here's how the eliminations went:

1. Hannah Blossom
2. Lei’d Tapa
3. Jackie
4. ODB
5. Velvet
6. Tessmacher
7. Tara


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