Soszynski Continues Hollywood Pursuit Alongside 'Terminator' Star Michael Biehn

Matt Molgaard@MattmolgaardCorrespondent IIIMarch 12, 2013

Photo courtesy of Sherdog
Photo courtesy of Sherdog

Like many before him, including Cung Le, Heath Herring, Roger Huerta and Bas Rutten, to name just a few, Krzysztof Soszynski is parlaying his fame as a professional fighter into an active career in Hollywood.

Thus far Soszynski has made appearances in Here Comes the Boom and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Well, the nine-time UFC competitor has a trio of films on tap for the near future, one being an obvious comfort fit—the mixed martial arts-themed Tappedwhile the other two—Severed Connection and Hidden in the Woodsslide into the realm of horror cinema.

Soszynski has apparently built a fine working relationship with the legendary Michael Biehn, who has appeared in some mesmerizing pictures in his day, including Terminator, Aliens, Planet Terror, The Victim and The Abyss.

It may be safe to label these men friends, as Biehn and Soszynski have officially teamed up for all three of the aforementioned films.

While Tapped and Severed Connection will both hit the market from production company Tapped Pictures, Hidden in the Woods will see release under Biehn’s own production company (a dual partnership with his wife of four years, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn), BlancBiehn Productions.

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Unlike Tapped and Severed Connection, Hidden in the Woods carries some history and subsequent bonus allure. The picture serves as an American transfer of the popular Chilean film, A Las Afueras de la Ciudad.

Shooting on Hidden in the Woods is scheduled to begin in June.

Whether or not Soszynski’s acting career takes off remains to be seen. At least the man has a solid start with some excellent connections. Biehn may not sit atop the list of current Hollywood A-listers, but he’s a well-respected thespian with a staggering resume and the power to draw long-term fans to cinemas.

Good luck, Mr. Soszynski. It seems you’ve got designs on a far less dangerous and significantly more lucrative career!

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