MMA: 12 Apps Every MMA Fight Fan Needs to Own

Levi Nile@@levinileContributor IIIMarch 13, 2013

MMA: 12 Apps Every MMA Fight Fan Needs to Own

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    A lot has changed since the days of waiting by the magazine rack for the latest edition of Black Belt, where you would flip through the pages to see a small write up, the results of the last UFC event and maybe even a picture.

    The information is now not only all over just about any magazine rack you can find—not to mention the internet—you can even have it shot straight to your mobile device for immediate viewing and reading pleasure.

    It’s simply amazing just how specific you can be when deciding how to tailor the information you get on your mobile, and in the spirit of discovery, this list presents 12 applications every MMA fight fan needs to own.

    Nearly all apps have minor bugs and formatting issues, but as nearly all of the apps mentioned are free, it is up to you to decide which work best for you.

Joe Lauzon Mobile

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    Cost: Free

    The Joe Lauzon app is like taking MMA lessons from Joe Lauzon himself. It doesn’t stop at technique, either. Strategies are also explored and just about every discipline in MMA is addressed.

    This app also gives fans an inside look at the life and training of an MMA fighter, all in that Lauzon style.

MMA Torch

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    Cost: Free

    One of the first MMA news applications available in app form, the Torch provides breaking news and headlines with columns covering each notable MMA organization and the standout fights.

    Be it the UFC, Dream, Bellator or any other promotion in between, MMA Torch has it covered.

MMA Underground

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    Cost: $1.99

    For a very long time, fans of the sport have been able to interact with each other and the fighters thanks to The Underground.

    Men like Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo, Dana White, Tito Ortiz, Matt Lindland and many others have posted on The Underground forums, covering topics from fights to breaking news and everything in between.

    It is perhaps the closest thing to being in a room with fans of the sport that never shy away from putting forth their opinion. That is worth the $1.99 price tag alone.  


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    Cost: Free

    By now nearly everyone knows the value of Twitter, especially MMA fans who have followed Dana White and received free event tickets by monitoring their Twitter accounts and finding White in their city.

    It’s perhaps one of the most utilized social media tools by fighters, promoters and the writers that cover them, and gives fans a chance to interact with the movers and shakers in the sport.

    When it comes to being an MMA fan, having a Twitter app is a must. 

Bleacher Report Team Stream

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    Cost: Free

    Bleacher Report’s Team Stream email has long provided fans with news updates, interviews, fight predictions, slideshows and editorials covering the sport of MMA.

    The app is the same thing, but shot right to your mobile device.

    You also get important information from B/R content partners, all of which is hand picked by the editorial staff and sport/team specific.

    Fast and user friendly, the MMA and UFC streams are an excellent source for fight results and breaking news. 


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    Cost: Free

    Perhaps the most well known and used social media tool around, Facebook is heavily utilized in the MMA community.

    Nearly every major promotion, news outlet and fighter has a Facebook page that helps promote the sport. The UFC has used it to show free preliminary fights for the fans as well.

    When you really want to connect with the MMA community, aside from the MMA Underground, this is just about the best app for the job. 


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    Cost: Free

    It's very slick and boasts a great deal of original content. The GSP mobile app is one of the better fighter-based applications around.

    Not only do you get news about the champion, but you also get nutritional advice, recipes, photo galleries, GSP Fightclub, wallpaper, thorough training advice from GSP and his trainers, challenges, games and more.

    Perhaps the best thing about the app is that it gives you access to GSP’s RUSHFIT program—an eight-week fitness course that allows you to work out with the champ, doing a variety of exercises that can be done in the home. 


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    Cost: Free

    Another news-based application, MMAFighting is a good app that gives you the best of the website on the go.

    News, interviews, results—it’s all here for you to take with you in a user-friendly interface that is quite linear, which makes it easy to navigate.

    The video interviews with big names such as Dana White really put you in the thick of it all, allowing you to get the news straight from the source. 

BJ Penn

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    Cost: Free

    Another fighter-based application, this gives you the best of two worlds in BJ Penn and MMA.

    It gives you a Twitter client, MMA forum, wallpaper, videos, photos and news. Another big plus is that it gives you all of Penn’s video blogs.

    A must for any BJ Penn/MMA fan.   

Bellator MMA

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    Cost: Free

    Offering stats and video, one of the more intriguing features the Bellator MMA app provides is that it allows the fans to act as prognosticators and offer up their opinions as to who will win each bout.

    In addition, the fans can also act as a fourth judge, which is extremely cool. The commentators on the Bellator cards will read the fan scores during each round.

    It’s got all the bells and whistles you would expect, and more, making it an excellent and entertaining app for any MMA enthusiast.

MMA Junkie

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    Cost: Free

    Just like the website, this app gives you constant news updates and results, as you want them and when you want them.

    Be it on-site event reports, business dealings, rumors or features on top fighters, this app is one of the best.

    Think The Associated Press, MMA style. That is what you get with this app.


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    Cost: Free

    As one would expect, the UFC has their own app which is an extension of their website, more or less.

    It allows you to watch video clips and live UFC events, if doing so on a smaller screen does not bother you.

    There really is a lot for the MMA fan in this app; including the ability to watch weigh-ins and press conferences for free, in addition to getting stats and information on the fighters.

    When you add in the fact that you have access to past UFC fights, this app is like having your own MMA library, and what fan doesn't love that? 


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