Josh Beckett's Pitch—Too Much Or Too Little?

KOSTAS EVANGELIOUContributor IApril 15, 2009

Just recently the Boston Red Sox and Anaheim Angels met for a three-game series. It is the  first time they faced each other since Boston eliminated Anaheim last year in the playoffs for the second straight year and three times overall in the past six years.

These pesky Angels have had enough of Boston and they were not going to be pushed around much longer.

In Sunday's game, the two teams met and tempers flared when Josh Beckett, the ace of the Boston Red Sox, threw a pitch up almost hitting Bobby Abreu in the head. There was about 12 seconds before Beckett threw that pitch because of a late time-out call by the umpire.

The league met and decided to hand out a six-game suspension for this action by Josh Beckett. Was this too harsh? Was Beckett just letting the pitch go because of the late timeout call?

You have to believe that he is passionate and plays to win. He simply may have been frustrated on a late time-out call,let the pitch go, and unfortunately came close to hitting Bobby's head.

However, I think the suspension would of never taken place if he didn't have a few select words back to Abreu.

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