B/R Turns Into the WWE Chapter 3: Welcome to ECW

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IApril 14, 2009

(Commentator)Hello and Welcome to ECW ladies and gentlemen we have an action packed show for you all tonight, and from what I have been told our new interim GM has a few surprises up her sleeve and now if you will please welcome our new interim GM Miss Celeste Winchester.

(Godsmack’s The Enemy strikes up)

Good evening everyone, let me introduce myself …thank you…thank you …I am Celeste Winchester your new interim GM.

I can see that things have been going down hill here at a rapid pace , but now that I am in charge all of that is certainly going to change.

First let me remind you all, that ECW stand for Extreme Championship Wrestling and that is what I expect from every member of this roster.

In honor of myself becoming the new Interim GM I am bringing back an old favorite of mine, “The Hardcore Championship”.

The first heat for this title is to…

M interrupts as he makes his way down to the ring “Now hold on for a minute Celeste, you can’t just change everything here without notice”

Oh really? Well here is a news break for you Sunny Jim, I can and I will, and for your disrespect you have earned yourself the first match of the evening.

You will be facing Doctor Death in a First blood match; I suggest you get ready…NOW!!!!

Now, on to the rest of the matches I have in store for you for tonight.
Back to The Hardcore Championship match this will be a hardcore match
Rashad August vs. Dan Telek

The next match will be a tag team championship qualifier match

Ryan Michael & Joseph Daniel vs. Jabot Singleterry & Clifford Yates

Main event will be a handicap match for the ECW Championship.
Tony Arnoldine vs. Dub Sizzle vs. Bryn Swartz

(Commentator) I am so excited about all these hardcore matches, well you can say one thing about our new GM she sure has heated things up around here.

(Commentator 2)she sure is into extreme matches that’s for sure, I like her style"

(Ring announcer) The following is a First blood match
The rules are to make your opponent bleed.
All weapons in this match are legal, there are no disqualifications or count outs.

Introducing Doctor Death and the challenger M

(Commentator 1) M does not look impressed.

(Bell ring)

Both men start in a grapple hold followed
Doc then delivers a string of back breaking suplexes.
Doc heads for the nearest turn buckle he uncovers it, just then M rushes at Doc and attempts to push his face into the uncovered steel ring.

Doc reacts fast and throws M over the top rope both men are out side of the ring now searching for a weapon M lines Doc up for a spear and sends him flying into the steel stairs back first is this it? Has M made Doc bleed? Doc struggles to get to his feet anger and anguish written on his face… The bell rings   (Commentator1) it’s over…it’s over Doc is bleeding profusely form a deep cut on his back.

Doc enraged picks up a steel chair and smashes it over M’s head, M is knocked out cold the ref intervenes and stops Doc from attacking the knocked out M again.

(Announcer)  Your winner M

(Commentator 1) Holy cow did you see the rage on Doc’s face, I think we can say that this wont be the end of the feud for these two.

(Commentator 2) You can say that again the thing about Doctor Death is that he is as nasty as he is impressive.

(Commercial break)

(Announcer) The next match is for the Hardcore Championship this match is scheduled for one fall.

Introducing Rashad August and the challenger Dan Telek

(Bell ring)

Rashad is the first one in the ring waiting for Dan to get in but Dan is busy throwing all sorts of weapons in trying to hit Rashad with one of them.
This is mayhem there are flying trash cans and lids kendo sticks even a fire extinguisher is airborne.

Rashad finally at a loss of patience backs up and delivers a huge suicide dive taking Dan off his feet ,he then throws him against the ring

Dan stars punching Rashad and they are going at it blow for blow both men roll back into the ring Rashad throws Dan into a corner and tries to deliver a massive high elbow

Dan reacts quickly with a low blow he then picks up a kendo stick and smashes it against Rashads back Rashad falls to his knees in pain.

Dan quickly moves in for the pin but is not successful Rashad kicks out and delivers a high elbow to Dan’s face. He then picks Dan up and power bombs him over a trash can its over Rashad pins Dan 1...2...3 the bell rings.

(Announcer) here is your winner and the new Hardcore Champion Rashad.

(Commentator 1) I sure would not want to be in his shoes having to defend that championship belt 24/7.

(Commentator 2) It will sure make it interesting around here again, I’m glad the Hardcore championship is back

(Announcer) The next match is a tag team qualifier match for the tag team championship
Introducing the tag teams of  Ryan Michael & Joseph Daniel and Jabot Singleterry & Clifford Yates

This match is scheduled for one fall

Ryan and Cliff start the match off with a grapple hold.

Cliff gets Ryan into a headlock Ryan gets out of it and throws Cliff into the ropes Cliff comes off the ropes and delivers a thunderous clothesline then goes in for the pin
1…2…Joseph intervenes to save his team mate.

Both men are back to their feet Cliff is on the receiving end of kicks to his midsection, he breaks and manages to tag in Jabot.

Ryan also tag’s in his tag team partner Joseph both men are going at it punch for punch Jabot manages to get Joseph into a head lock and delivers a flying bulldog.

He goes in for the pin 1…Joseph kicks out and trips Jabot he goes flying face first in to the turn buckle Joseph tries to roll him up but Cliff breaks it up Jabot back to feet now delivers a swinging neck breaker to Joseph and pins him 1…2…3 it’s over .

(Bell rings)

(Announcer) The winners of this match, the team of Jabot Singleterry & Clifford Yates.

(Commentator 1) Did you see the speed of Jabot and Cliff those two might just have it all sewn up

(Commentator2) it’s not over till it’s over I can’t wait to see the second qualifier next week.

(Commercial break)

(Commintator1) And were back for all you watching don’t forget to tune in next week for the second tag team qualifier match

(Announcer) This next match is a handicap match scheduled for a one fall and is for the ECW Championship.

Introducing Bryn Swartz and the challengers the team of Tony Arnoldine & Dub Sizzle (The Fighting Pit bulls)

(Bell rings)

Tony and Bryn start it off with a barrage of punches and kicks.
Bryn gets the better of Tony and elevates him over his head and drops him like a led weight,

Dub loads off a few punches of his own onto Bryn with no effect Bryn turns and choke slams him Bryn goes for the pin 1… but Tony breaks it up with a precision uppercut, both men on their feet now exchanging blows and chops that echo and thunder through the stadium.

Bryn head butts Tony, then as he turn around he walks face first in to the size 18 boot of Dub he recovers shaking the cobwebs out of his head and throws Dub over the top ring the sickening crunch is heard through the whole stadium as Dub’s head hits the commentators table, he is out cold .

Tony unloads on to Bryn he delivers a clothesline but Bryn ducks and delivers a reverse roundhouse that connects right into Tony’s temple.

He moves in for the pin and quickly rolls him up for the count 1…2… Shoulder up you can see the frustration written across Bryn’s face he goes on to the top rope and delivers a brilliant Moon Sault he once again goes for the pin 1…2…3 it’s over .

(Bell ring)

(Announcer) Here is your winner and your new ECW champion Bryn Swartz

(Commentator) Well that’s it for tonight join us next week for more action on ECW .


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