Erin Andrews: Awkward Kiss with 50 Cent Boosts Reporter's Celebrity Profile

Richard Langford@@noontide34Correspondent IMarch 7, 2013

NEW ORLEANS, LA - FEBRUARY 02:  TV personality Erin Andrews attends DIRECTV'S Seventh Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl at DTV SuperFan Stadium at Mardi Gras World on February 2, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images For DirecTV)
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Erin Andrews is no stranger to having odd stories boost her brand, and it is happening again. 

As I'm sure you recall, Andrews was unknowingly filmed in a hotel room in 2008, and the video was posted on the Internet. The story spread as fast as the video, and Andrews, who was employed with ESPN at the time, achieved a level of notoriety that exceeded her job as a sideline reporter. 

Andrews, who now works for Fox, just got wrapped up in another unique incident. This one is on a smaller scale and doesn't involve any invasion of privacy, but it is proving to have legs as well.

Reporting at the Daytona 500 on Feb. 24, Andrews was working her way through pit road to look for Danica Patrick. She never tracked her down, but she did bump into 50 Cent and this awkward kiss ensued:

It was a strange sight, to be sure. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Andrews admits the whole thing was her fault: 

I went and said hello [to him]. We’re actually business partners – I’m one of the spokespeople for SK Energy. He grabbed me, I went one way, they screamed ‘Danica,’ I whipped my neck, I got whiplash and it’s fine.

As long as he makes me a lot of money with SK energy I’ll be happy!

So, this awkward moment that has made its way to fans far outside of the racing community is turning out to be another plug for 50 Cent's energy drink. 

And, as Andrews points out, his success with the company will apparently lead to her success. So, the two gave that a jump start with this extra publicity. 

However, Andrews' gains won't be limited to just success of the energy drink. This story got her name in headlines she wouldn't have normally been in. Case in point, the interview with Access Hollywood

This is just more exposure for Andrews, which only further cements her star and name recognition. It is a battle to stay relevant in the public spotlight, and Andrews just increased her relevancy. 

That is always a good thing for someone working in front of the camera. 


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