WWE Diva Rewind: Miss Elizabeth

Jen PrestonSenior Analyst IApril 13, 2009

"Mean" Gene Okerlund called her "The First Lady of the World Wrestling Federation", but as of the 2009 Hall of Fame class, she is still without her highest honor.

Elizabeth Ann Hulette was born in Frankfort, Ky., on Nov. 19, 1960. She and her brother Steve were raised by their single mother, Mary Ann, and while growing up, Elizabeth loved to ride horses and go swimming.

Elizabeth would graduate from Franklin County High School and later from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Communications.

Between attending UK and interning at a local television station, Elizabeth met Randy Poffo while he was working for his father Angelo Poffo's International Championship Wrestling (ICW). The couple married on Dec. 30, 1984.

The following year, "Macho Man" Randy Savage (Poffo) was entertaining bids from some of the top managers in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) upon his debut, including Jimmy Hart and "Classy" Freddie Blassie. But his choice?

"Is this a movie star? Who is this?"

It would be Miss Elizabeth, making her television debut on July 30, 1985.

Elizabeth wouldn't be prominent in one of the Savage's angles until 1986, when she became the object of affection of George "The Animal" Steele. She would also play a major role in his feuds later that year with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and Hulk Hogan.

At Saturday Night's Main Event in October 1987, Elizabeth ran to get former foe Hogan to save Savage from an attack brought on by The Hart Foundation and The Honky Tonk Man, whom Savage was wrestling for the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

Hogan, then WWF Champion, agreed to help, and "Hulkamania" and "Macho Madness" solidified the creation of the team the "Mega Powers." 

The first test for Elizabeth and the new team were the "Mega Bucks" of Andre the Giant (who had beaten Hogan for the WWF Championship at The Main Event in February) and the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase.

Hogan would assist Savage in his WrestleMania IV victory in a 14-man tournament for the championship, which Andre was stripped of, once he sold the belt to his tag team partner, DiBiase.

Hogan would soon after take a leave of absence from the company, leaving his partner and his valet to take on DiBiase and Andre themselves.

A challenge made by Savage for the MegaBucks to face him and a tag team partner of his choice for that year's SummerSlam was quickly accepted, and the Mega Powers united again to capture victory.

This period was Elizabeth's peak of popularity, with most of the drama centered around her. Her distraction of Andre and DiBiase during the match was the main factor in the Mega Powers victory, and the beginning of their dominant tag team success.

However much she helped her team, she would ultimately be the cause of their explosive breakup.

The separation started at the 1989 Royal Rumble when Savage, after being accidentally eliminated by his tag team partner, began fighting with him, only to be separated by Elizabeth, who had also taken to managing Hogan.

Savage's jealousy would come to a head when the Mega Powers had a tag team match with The Twin Towers (Big Bossman and Akeem), when he left Hogan in the middle of the match. While Hogan would go on to win, the tag team between himself and Savage was officially a loss.

Hogan and Savage would meet at that year's WrestleMania after weeks of fighting over their manager. Elizabeth stated she would be in neither man's corner for the match, which Hogan would win.

After Savage replaced her with Sensational Sherri, Elizabeth occasionally managed Hogan when he faced his former partner and also hosted WWF Wrestling Spotlight.

Elizabeth would become involved in a feud with Savage and Sherri in time for WrestleMania VI when she joined "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire in their match against the "King and Queen" of the WWF. Sapphire, after Elizabeth pulled the hair of Martel, would pin Martel for the victory.

However, at the following WrestleMania, when Sherri turned against Savage after losing a retirement match to the Ultimate Warrior, Elizabeth would come to his aid. It was the first time she appeared on WWF television since she teamed with Sapphire and Rhodes.

The two became on-air husband and wife during their "Match Made in Heaven" wedding at SummerSlam in 1991.

A snake given to the couple at their wedding reception would bring Savage out of retirement to feud with Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who, with the Undertaker, crashed the reception just moments later!

Savage would defeat Roberts at the Tuesday in Texas PPV, then went on after the match to continue his assault, stopped only by Elizabeth's begging.

Angered by this, Savage grabbed his valet by the hair and slapped her. Once backstage, the Undertaker saved her from a chair attack by Roberts.

Her final WWF angle would involve then-champion Ric Flair, who claimed he'd dated Elizabeth before Savage, even printing photographs of the two together in WWF Magazine.

The feud would culminate in a match for the title at WrestleMania VIII. Savage would win the match, and the championship, only after Flair tried to kiss Elizabeth, who sat ringside against the wishes of officials.

Elizabeth managed her last match with the WWF when she kept Shawn Michaels' manager, foe Sensational Sherri, from interfering in his match with Savage.

In real life, Savage and Elizabeth would divorce in 1992.

Elizabeth would not return to television until 1996, when she joined World Championship Wrestling (WCW) to once again manage Savage. However, she would turn on him to join Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen.

After her tenure with the Horseman, Elizabeth once again turned and joined the New World Order (nWo), and eventually would again take Hogan's side against Savage. She would also accompany Eric Bischoff to the ring for a short time.

For the rest of her WCW tenure, Elizabeth would work with the likes of Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, and again with Hogan. She even made her in-ring debut against Daffney, and would go on to work against Madusa and Rhonda Singh.

However, during Hogan and Luger's program, when Elizabeth was escorting Luger to the ring, Elizabeth no-sold Hogan's atomic drop on her. She would be released from WCW in 2000.

Miss Elizabeth would never appear on TV, or wrestle, again. She and Luger maintained their relationship, and while living in Georgia she began working at a fitness center, working the front desk.

The couple had a rocky relationship, including Elizabeth claiming that Luger abused her, attacking her in their garage. After leaving her with two black eyes and cuts to her face, Luger was charged with battery and released on bail.

Luger would also be arrested for drinking and driving after he rear ended another car. The police report stated that Luger had a 9-mm handgun in the car with him at the time of his arrest, and Elizabeth, his passenger, was sent home.

At 42 years old, Miss Elizabeth was found in the home she shared with Luger on May 1, 2003, unconscious. She died after CPR failed and she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

It was reported that she and Luger were taking a large amount of prescriptions, including OxyContin and Xanax, among others, and mixing them with alcohol.

Luger would be arrested after police also pound testosterone and other anabolic steroids in the home. He received five years of probation and a fine after pleading guilty.

While her life ended tragically, an even bigger tragedy is the fact that Miss Elizabeth is yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Because without Miss Elizabeth, there would be no WWE Divas.


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