NFL Combine 2013 Video: Watch Leon Sandcastle Race Rich Eisen in 40-Yard Dash

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistFebruary 26, 2013

Every year at the NFL Scouting Combine, Rich Eisen of the NFL Network runs the 40-yard dash in work attire with hopes of breaking the six-second mark. This year, he had a little extra motivation as Super Bowl commercial star Leon Sandcastle ran alongside. 

Sandcastle, Deion Sanders in a wig and fake mustache, ran the drill in 4.2 seconds, according to legend. So, of course, it wouldn't be fair for him to face the host straight up. Instead, he decided to run it backward while Eisen tried to set a personal best.

As seen in the video above, Sandcastle and Eisen are neck and neck for the first 30 yards or so before the Primetime University graduate is forced to turn around as Eisen crossed the finish line. All joking aside, it was a pretty impressive showing of athleticism for Sanders.

Ultimately, Sandcastle's involvement wasn't enough to help push Eisen to his goal. He came up three-hundreths of a second shy of his six-second target for the second straight year. It makes you wonder if he's maxed out.

He even tried some "deer antler spray" for an added boost, and it wasn't enough.

.@richeisen using "deer antler spray" before running a 6.03 40-yard dash for 2nd consecutive year. #RunRichRun twitter.com/BleacherReport…

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) February 26, 2013

It also makes you wonder what Sanders is capable of at the age of 45. If he can touch six seconds while backpedaling, what would happen if he actually tried to run it like everybody else?

He wouldn't be able to touch Sandcastle's record-breaking mark, but he clearly still has plenty of speed and acceleration left in those legs, which helped him reach eight Pro Bowls.

As for Eisen, the journey to 2014 begins. He needs to find a way to shave a couple extra hundredths of a second off his mark by next year in order to finish the six-second quest. It's actually become one of the most entertaining parts of the combine.

Maybe 12 months of working out with Sandcastle would do the trick.


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