Rousey vs Carmouche : 5 Reasons Ronda Rousey Will Prevail

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIFebruary 23, 2013

Rousey vs Carmouche : 5 Reasons Ronda Rousey Will Prevail

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    A Ronda Rousey victory is predicted for UFC 157.

    It's hard to find any fan/media member picking against the 14-to-1 favorite and defending women's champion. Rousey is that well respected and simply that good.

    But what makes her so good? Why is she such a heavy favorite heading into the first ever UFC women's title fight?  

    Rousey is much more than just a pretty face, as she is one of the best fighters in the world. A victory for the UFC's first women's champion is inevitable, and this is why she runs through Liz Carmouche in the main event of UFC 157. 

Unphased by the Big Stage

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    Rousey is getting used to the limelight. 

    She's been here before. In Strikeforce, Rousey used her mouth and beauty to attract attention, and she used her physical prowess to dominate opponents at fight time. 

    Put up or shut is something that Rousey has had to do for a while now, and she hasn't failed yet. She has yet to crumble under the bright lights.

    Like a seasoned pro, Rousey handles the pressure and goes out and performs to the best of her abilities.

    This is a trait that all great athletes possess, and it's what will help Rousey control tonight's high-pressure situation. 

Strength Advantage

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    Rousey has the psychological advantage, but she also has a lot of physical advantages as well.

    The most notable advantage just might be Rousey's strength.

    She is a large 135-pounder, and though her grappling technique helps her dictate where the fight will go, her strength keeps the fight where she wants it.

    Trips and takedowns are all technique by Rousey, but it's her strength that allows her to maintain the top game on the ground. 

    From there, she can smother Carmouche and set up her favorite submission, the armbar. 

Superior Grappling

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    This is the moneymaker for Rousey. 

    Grappling has always been the road to success for Rousey, and once again at UFC 157, it will serve as separation.

    Her world-class grappling separates her from all of her opponents. It gives her control of the fight, as she will close the distance and use her judo to take Carmouche to the mat.

    Carmouche's only way of winning this fight is to keep it standing. In order for that to happen, she has to create space.

    Rousey won't let her. Rousey will close the distance, instigate the clinch and bring this fight to the canvas.  

Her Signature Move

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    If Rousey were a professional wrestler, her finisher would be the armbar. 

    Move over Alberto Del Rio (Dos Caras Jr.), Rousey has perfected this submission. More impressively, she's perfected it in real combat.

    Rousey has finished 100 percent of her opponents by armbar. It's unlikely that any professional wrestler carries that sort of statistic, and that's saying something considering the sport is predetermined.

    "It's still real to me..."

    Professional wrestling and finishing maneuvers aside, Rousey's recipe for winning is to use her judo and get the fight to the ground. From there she always seems to lock on an armbar submission in the first round. Expect nothing different tonight.   


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    Cheesy, right? 

    Make all the jokes you want to make, but Rousey is destined to carry the brand of women's MMA.

    After all, it was Rousey that changed the perception of women's MMA for UFC president Dana White. White went from saying "never" to promoting a main event headlined by two female fighters.

    It all lives and dies with Rousey. She brought women's MMA to this platform. If she generates enough interest and comes through with another impressive first round victory, the buzz surrounding women's MMA will only increase.

    Judging by the interest Rousey has already gained, further growth for women's MMA is imminent. It's Rousey's destiny to defend her title in the UFC's first ever women's bout.