Will Ferrell Entertains Staples Center by Working Security During Lakers Game

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistFebruary 13, 2013

Whether he's creating strange commercials for Old Milwaukee beer or wrongly choosing milk as a daytime beverage, Will Ferrell seemingly never stops providing laughs.

Those at the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Phoenix Suns once again found that out, as Ferrell was a surprise addition to the Staples Center security staff Tuesday night, much to the bemusement of all in attendance. Kam Pashai of LakersNation.com tweeted out a photo of the Anchorman star in his snazzy red jacket:

Like any good actor, he came fully in character for the stint. According to Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch, the name Ferrell envisioned for his character was quite creative, albeit not exactly family-friendly:

Something tells me a lot of kids are going to be putting dollars in the swear jar after reading Mr. Ferrell's name tag.

Though most were happy to see Ferrell's cameo, TNT analyst Shaquille O'Neal may not be one of those people. The former Lakers star was in attendance and seemingly on his best behavior, but Ferrell would have none of it. He escorted the lumbering seven-footer away from his courtside seat, per the Orange County Register's Kevin Ding:

Credit the always good-natured O'Neal for being a good sport. 

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Amusing hijinks aside, one has to wonder why Ferrell decided Tuesday night was ideal for moonlighting as a security guard. Could there be a new movie in the works and he's introducing us to a character virally, like he has the sweet nectar of Old Milwaukee beer the past two Super Bowls?

Perhaps, but it's unlikely. The more likely explanation is that Ferrell just did it simply for his own amusement. After all, this is a man who made a Spanish-language movie last year without knowing how to, you know, speak Spanish

At this point in his career, Will Ferrell does what Will Ferrell wants whenever Will Ferrell wants. That's the type of freedom making classic comedies on a near-yearly basis can afford.

And on Tuesday night, Ferrell decided to be a security guard. One can only wonder what he has in store next for the sports and entertainment world.