20 Cocky 'Do You Know Who I Am?!' Athlete Moments

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterFebruary 7, 2013

20 Cocky 'Do You Know Who I Am?!' Athlete Moments

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    It’s the cockiest single line you could ever lay on someone.

    Asking someone “Do you know who I am?” is the fastest way to burn any and all bridges to another human being.

    No matter where you are in the world, no one alive is going to respect you or take anything you say seriously when you're sporting this "holier than thou"attitude.

    But people still do it.

    Celebrities continue to let fame bubble up into their head—especially in the world of sports, where egos are massaged as often as muscles. 

    The following are some of the most painfully arrogant instances of athletes standing on their soap boxes and asking the powers that be—nay, the world—to recognize their status as idols above the laws of mortal men.

    So saddle up your high horse and slip on your judgment jeans, because we’re about to charge down Delusion Alley—with “Do you know who I am?!” as our war cry.

You Can’t Sit There, Ka’Deem

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    He just went out and said it.

    University of Arizona running back Ka’Deem Carey was asked to leave a UA men’s basketball game after engaging in an altercation with a police officer in the arena.

    Carey and a cousin were double-seated and sitting on the backs of chairs when they were approached by stadium ushers asking to see their tickets.

    After refusing to produce their tickets, they were asked to move to another area by a police officer, to which Carey responded “Get the (bleep) out of my face! Don’t you know who I am? I’m an All-American.”

    Already facing a charge for domestic abuse, it may well be time for Carey to relax and learn to respect others.

Matt Bush Is Certainly ‘Matt F-Ing Bush’

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    What a fall it has been for Matt Bush, the ex-Padres No.1 draft pick.

    Since becoming the Padres' first pick of the 2004 draft, Bush has gotten into a slew of trouble involving his abuse of alcohol, the most ridiculous occurring in 2009 on a high school campus.

    Drunk and feeling rowdy, it was reported that Bush drunkenly assaulted a group of high school lacrosse players on the campus of Granite Hill High School.

    Bush reportedly tossed a golf club, threw a freshman lacrosse player to the ground and struck another. It was also reported that he was yelling “I’m Matt (bleep)ing Bush! (Bleep) East County!” throughout the attack.

Nicklas Bendtner Is Famous, and Famous People Get Free Pizza

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    After his credit card failed to work late one night in a Copenhagen pizzeria, Sunderland striker Nicklas Bendtner began a drunken and tactless pizza-begging/demanding monologue.

    After demanding the pizza for free, the proprietor of the restaurant told him that he would have to pay in order to eat, at which Bendtner said, “Do you not know who I am? I can buy the whole pizzeria.”

    Bendtner continued this sad charade until two young girls bought him a slice. 

Michael Irvin Just Wants to Throw It out There

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    After being caught in 1994 in a hotel room rife with marijuana smoke, prostitutes and cocaine residue, Michael Irvin just wanted to clear the air with the police officers.

    “Hey... can I tell you who I am?” asked Irvin, who had emerged from the smoky room in nothing but sweatpants.

    “I know who you are,” replied an officer.

    Irvin ended up being charged for felony drug possession and sentenced to four years of deferred probation.

The Cops Don’t Care Who Allen Iverson Is

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    In 2011, Allen Iverson and his friend Antwuan Clisby were driving around Atlanta in a grey Lamborghini when they were pulled over for failing to signal while switching lanes. 

    The time was about 6 p.m., and apparently Iverson was feeling hungry and just wanted to get home for “dinner.”

    Iverson told the officer “Take the vehicle, I have 10 more.”

    The officer, however, was not having none of it, and wouldn’t let Iverson (who wasn’t driving) leave the car.

    Irate and apparently hungrier than a mofo, Iverson went on a rant that lasted approximately 20 minutes, which included a drop of the infamous “Do you know who I am?” line that authority figures love so very much.

    Iverson eventually was released, but not before Clisby collected a ticket for failing to signal and Iverson received one for an expired vehicle tag.

Miguel Cabrera Drinks, Drives, Drinks Again, Brags

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    Never drink and drive, everyone. 

    It’s not worth it—you’re liable to end up in the pokey and hurting yourself and others.

    But if you do somehow end up intoxicated behind the wheel of a car with a police officer’s mag light beaming down into your glassy eyes—don’t knock back a damn drink in front of him. 

    Which is exactly what Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera did when an officer found him sitting alone in a car on the side of a road in the middle of the night near Fort Pierce, Fla.

    Cabrera reportedly reeked of alcohol and slurred his words while speaking with the officer, and at one point took a nip on a bottle of scotch.

    Obviously intoxicated, Cabrera went into protest mode when the handcuffs appeared, and reportedly told the officer “Do you know who I am? You don’t know anything about my problems.”

    Welp, doing stuff like that goes a long way toward acquainting us all with your “problems," Miguel.

No One Knows Who Legedu Naanee Is

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    Not everyone is familiar with the names and faces of big sports stars. 

    My sister has no idea who Drew Brees is and couldn’t pick Lionel Messi out of a two-man lineup. 

    Sports just aren't everyone’s cup of tea.

    That being said, when you’re a backup on a professional team, it’s probably safest not to assume anyone knows who you are, especially the police.

    But not for San Diego Chargers wide receiver Legedu Naanee, who for one reason or another stumbled onto the crime scene of a deadly shooting in downtown Indianapolis in 2011, smelling of alcohol and mouthing off to officers who had asked him to leave the area.

    Tensions rose and Naanee engaged in a struggle with officers, and was promptly smoked in the grill with a liberal dousing of mace and arrested.

    On his way to the police station, Naanee reportedly yelled at the arresting officer “Do you know who I am? I am an NFL player, and I’m going to sue your a**!”

    Translation: “Forget about homocide, officer. You just invoked the wrath of NFL player Legedu Naanee!”

Brandon Wood Is a Classy, Important Female Abuser

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    Former Michigan State basketball player Brandon Wood went down in a fantastically awful blaze of woman-beating and megalomania this past May, according to a police report (h/t MLive.com).

    Wood was allegedly out on the town in Northwest Chicago where he met an 18-year-old woman and was invited back to the home of one of her relatives. 

    Once at the woman’s home, Wood became angry that his advances weren’t being reciprocated and stormed in and out of the house several times, prompting the home security alarm to go off.

    At this point, Alison Soria, an older cousin of the young lady Wood had come home with, confronted the former ballplayer and asked him to leave.

    Not one to give up on some loving, Wood threw a “temper tantrum” in Soria’s face, and began yelling “Don’t you know who I am? I’m the best player at Michigan State!”

    A so-so player at best during his time at MSU, Wood continued to dig himself a despicable hole by threatening Soria, and allegedly slapping Soria’s 18-year-old cousin across the face. 

    He was arrested and charged with battery, assault and criminal trespassing.

Milan Lucic Becomes ‘That Guy’

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    Whether you like it or not, sometimes you become “that guy.”

    It just happens—you’re out having a good time, you drink one too many Mello Yellos and the next thing you know you’re on top of the bar screaming “HEYOO!” and kicking chicks’ Long Island Iced Teas over. 

    Milan Lucic didn’t exactly go that d-baggy, but the eccentric Boston Bruins forward did do something pretty bag-tastic.

    Officers showed up at Lucic’s condo after receiving calls concerning a drunken public spat that Lucic and his girlfriend had been involved in earlier in the night.  

    After several minutes of answering questions, drunk Milan Lucic had had enough, and allegedly spiked his cell phone on the ground and shouted “Do you know who I am!?” at the officers. 

    That’s when the officers asked for Lucic’s identification, presumably just to piss him off.

Who Doesn’t Know LeBron James’ Mom?

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    Throw a Surgeon General’s Warning on it, because not knowing LeBron James' mom is officially hazardous to your health.

    LeBron’s mother, Gloria James, was waiting for her car to be brought around the Fontainebleau Hotel late one night in 2011 when a valet made the serious mistake of taking too long. 

    Fontainebleau employee Sorrel Rockfeller told reporters that James’ breath smelled of alcohol as she slapped him repeatedly in the face after becoming impatient with the valet service.

    “I’m very, very humiliated because she told me again, ‘Do you know who I am?’ when she slapped me,” said Rockfeller. 

    James was arrested and charged with simple battery and disorderly conduct.

Patrick Kane Is Cheap and Dumb

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    In an incident that’s as strange as it is unfortunate, Chicago Blackhawks center Patrick Kane and his cousin attacked a taxi driver late one in night in 2009 after an argument over cab fare in Buffalo, N.Y.

    Kane paid the taxi driver $15 for a $13.80 cab fare, and after the driver handed him back a dollar, Kane demanded the remaining 20 cents in change he was due.

    The taxi driver explained he didn’t have change on him, at which point Kane grabbed him by the throat and his cousin, James Kane, began punching him in the face.

    The taxi driver claimed that during the attack, Kane said, “Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you know who I am? You’re messing with the wrong people.”

Rod Coleman Wishes You Would Touch His Truck

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    After he was pulled over in Atlanta for a traffic violation in 2005, former Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Rod Coleman decided he didn’t have time for these so-called “laws of the road.”

    Impatient and angry, Coleman began cursing at the officer and telling them “I wish you would touch my (bleeping) truck. Do you know who I am? I play for the Falcons.”

    Coleman got out of the vehicle, tried to walk from his truck and told officers to shut up before he was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct.

The Cops Are out to Get Rolando McClain

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    Some people see the Illuminati and government conspiracies around every corner.

    And you can now count Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain as one of those people. 

    McClain was pulled over this January for having an illegally tinted driver’s side window, and issued an interesting response when asked for his identification.

    “Y’all know who I am,” said McClain. 

    The officer then asked for McClain to allow him to inspect his driver's side window, which McClain refused, saying he been diagnosed with light sensitivity by a doctor and was therefore allowed dark window tinting. 

    After more arguing, the officer eventually was allowed to inspect the window and wrote McClain a citation.

    McClain signed and then returned the citation to the officer with the signature “(Bleep) y’all.” When the officer asked him to sign his real name, McClain said “That is my real name” and was arrested for providing false identification. 

    That’s it, McClain—don’t fall into their game.  

    That’s how you get around the law.

Olympics Minister Tries to Swing the Meat on Event Security

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    London Olympics minister Hugh Robertson is a very busy man.

    And the last thing he needed during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games was his employees doing their jobs.

    On his way to a engagement in a secure room, Robertson was blocked by Olympics security professionals when he failed to produce the proper access pass. 

    Robertson blustered and argued for 10 minutes with the security officers (who were probably wondering if it was a test), saying “I’m the Olympics minister. You damn well know who I am.”

Ledley King Wants in the Damn Club

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    After being refused entry to a London night club in 2009, Tottenham Hotspur defender Ledley King went ballistic and began an arrogant and racist public tirade.

    King was barred from the club for being “too drunk to stand,” and began shouting that glorious line “Do you know who I am?” at bouncers and taunting them.

    Witnesses said King taunted the doormen, saying “I'm a rich guy, I earn £80,000 a week. You earn £10 an hour.”  

    King was restrained (read: picked up and choked out) until officers responded to the incident and put him in handcuffs.

You There, Get out of D.J. Mbenga’s Way

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    When a drunken 7-foot Congolese man tells you to get out his path—you do a barrel roll and get the hell out of the way.

    Unless you’re a police officer, that is.

    Former Los Angeles Lakers center D.J. Mbenga got into it with several police officers while leaving a Dallas restaurant late one night last fall. 

    Mbenga was walking out of the joint when several officers were making their way inside, and the player reportedly put his hand on one of their shoulders and said, “You move out of my way.” 

    The officers didn’t oblige, and they warned Mbenga not to speak to anyone, much less an officer of the law in such a way. 

    The report said Mbenga responded to officers, saying “You want to go? I do what I want, so move out of my way!”

    Mbenga was cuffed (it probably took a couple of people and as many pairs of irons to do so) and charged with public intoxication.

Raheem Brock Wants to Be Taken Care Of

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    After being pulled over for speeding and blowing twice the legal limit on a Breathalyzer, defensive end Raheem Brock demanded a break from his arresting officer.

    “You guys don’t take care of your athletes out here?” Brock asked, incredulous that the officer would actually be busting his chops over something like a little drunk driving. 

    Brock then went on to tell officer about all the other cities he’d been pulled over for drinking and driving, and that those police had only let it slide and followed him home in order to make sure he made it in one piece.

    It begs the question: “Why would anyone take care of you, when you won’t take care of yourself, Raheem?”

He Knew Who Derrick Rodgers Was, but It Didn’t Matter

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    Don’t have lunch with Derrick Rodgers' wife. Unless you enjoy being concussed by heavy pieces of patio furniture.

    Former Dolphin linebacker Derrick Rodgers came upon his wife and a 19-year-old man named William Peguero having lunch at a popular outdoor cafe on South Beach in 2002.  

    According to the police report, Rodgers walked up to the table and asked the young man, “Do you know who I am?”

    The 19-year-old responded, “Yeah, You’re Derrick Rodgers.” 

    Rodgers responded “You’re with my wife.”  

    Peguero left the table, but returned to get his cell phone, at which time Rodgers slammed him in the head with a patio chair.

    Rodgers was arrested for aggravated and simple battery. 

UGA Athletic Director Isn’t Trying to Bribe You, BUT...

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    University of Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans wasn’t trying to bribe a police officer when he was pulled over while driving late one night in 2010—he just wanted to discuss alternatives to arrest. 

    The police report states Evans had a female companion in the car and was pulled over for failing to maintain a lane.

    Edwards was reported as saying, “I am not trying to bribe you, but I am the Athletic Director of the University of Georgia.”

    The officer noticed that Evans eyes were bloodshot, and that he had a red pair of women’s underwear tucked between his legs.

    “I don’t want to use who I am,” Evans also reportedly said. “But I would ask that you take me to a motel.”

    Instead of a greasy room at the Motel 6, however, Evans was taken to the Atlanta City Jail.

It’s Cool, He Plays for the ValleyCats

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    In 2011, a waitress in a downtown bar in Albany, N.Y., was groped by a man claiming to play for the Tri-City ValleyCats—a local minor-league baseball team.

    The player allegedly grabbed the breasts and buttocks of the 21-year-old woman while she was serving drinks to him and several other ballplayers, and stated “Do you know who I am? I play for the ValleyCats.”

    The players were eventually kicked out of the establishment and the waitress filed a report with the police.

    But seriously, how can you resist the slimy advances of a minor-league ballplayer?

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