The Best Super Bowl Ads from Your Childhood

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 2, 2013

The Best Super Bowl Ads from Your Childhood

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    Just as we gave you the worst Super Bowl ads we've seen recently, we had to prove that we can appreciate a good commercial when we see one.

    And though we expect both young and old to read this, we're hoping you mid-20-somethings out there will remember talking about some of these the day after the big game.

    Who knows what this year's ads have in store? But if they're anything like these, then we'll all be in for a treat!

Monster (1999)

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    Everyone dreams about being someone super dope when they're younger, so instead of just going with the flow and "being a brown-noser" your entire career, we like the angle Monster went in convincing their audience that there's something better out there.

Pepsi (1995)

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    Have you ever seen someone love something so much that they're willing for this to happen?

    Didn't think so, but Pepsi seems to think kids love their soda so much that they will literally do all they can to drink the entire can.

    We thought Maxwell House's slogan was "good to the last drop," but apparently Pepsi's should be too!

Budweiser (1999)

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    While being a dog for a fire station probably has some pretty cool perks, the dalmatian that sits atop the perch of a beer truck definitely has a little bit more fun.

    How much more? Enough to rub it in his sibling's face in this ad.

American Express (1989)

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    It's so cheesy, it's good.

    From the, I-was-only-six-years-old-when-this-aired department, when we came across this ad today, it was just too good to pass up.

    Nothing beats Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz broing out together.

Tabasco (1998)

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    How spicy is Tabasco?

    Hot enough that when it gets in your blood, it's like literally drinking explosives—or, at least, that's what this ad portrayed.

    You might hate spicy stuff, but admit that this made you want to at least dabble a little drop on your pizza.

McDonald's (1996)

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    It was so simple, yet so effective.

    One of the best strategies for a good Super Bowl commercial is the element of surprise, so when you see that the baby's crying each time it doesn't see the golden arches, and not for something else, it's good stuff.

Diet Pepsi (1987)

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    Playing off his success from Back to the Future, Michael J Fox will go to great lengths to please his new neighbor by giving her exactly what she wants—a Diet Pepsi.

    Jumping out of windows and leaping on top of cars is never enough trouble for him.

Budweiser (2003)

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    As we mentioned before, an effective advertising trick is to make the audience think about what's going on without trying too hard.

    We're a little confused as the commercial begins, but once we realize what's going on, it's pretty funny.

McDonald's (1993)

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    It's impossible to forget about this game of H.O.R.S.E between two of the NBA's biggest stars.

    This commercial scored rave reviews for the burger magnate, leading them to try to redo it years later with newer NBA players.

    Whether you liked the old or the new, they both drained it.

Budweiser (2000)

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    Most of us probably remember the Taco Bell chiuaua, but this acting dog put that little guy to shame with its skills.

    We tend to think that inspiration comes in the most random forms, and when this dog missed out on a couple colds ones by jumping into the side of a truck, this couldn't be truer.

Diet Pepsi (1991)

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    Ray was the man.

    The movie portraying his life was dope.

    He made unreal music while not having the ability to see.

    And he drank soda with hot girls hanging around him playing piano.

    Uh huh, the life of Ray was good. 

Pepsi (1996)

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    This Coke guy might have thought he was being sneaky by trying to grab a couple cans of the competition's drink, but when the shelves fall? Busted.

    With a security camera and the song, "Your Cheatin' Heart" playing in the background, it was hilarious.

ETrade (2000)

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    Money makes the world go round, right?

    Well thanks to this spot by the investment service company, we should all be so lucky to have money literally coming out of every part of our body...though that would be some pretty dirty cash.

CareerBuilder (2006)

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    Want to know why so many people want out of corporate America? This commercial is your answer.

    Sometimes, it just feels like you're working with a bunch of animals who have no clue what they're doing, and you just can't take it anymore.

Budweiser (2002)

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    Classy move by the folks over at Budweiser to pay tribute to the 9/11 victims just a mere months after the horrific tragedy.

    Forget whether it increased sales or not, we say it was money well spent.

Pepsi (1992)

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    When a company wants to rebrand itself, who better than an iconic supermodel to help sell the new look by having her chug a can of pop?

    The young boy's starry-eyed reaction? Yeah, that's still us...

Coke (1979)

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    Just for the hell of it, we had to add this one.

    It might not be the funniest or the most clever, but this classic Coke commercial with the Steelers Hall of Famer is one of the most memorable ever.

    For a guy who's supposed to be so mean, he doesn't seem like such a bad guy.

Budweiser (1995)

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    No one can forget these croaky little frogs when Bud debuted them during the 'Niners-Chargers Super Bowl.

    With the game being such a blowout, the toads were the ones who garnered the most attention the following day.

Nike (1992)

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    As we've already shown with the McDonald's commercial, Jordan's face was blasted on Super Bowl Sunday a lot through our middle-school years—and he was never even in the game!

    We'd like to think this ad was the inspiration for the movie Space Jam, but who really knows?

Reebok (2003)

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    At last! After all those years of Reebok finishing second to Nike in sales and catchy commercials, the sports-clothing company finally earns the top spot!

    Office linebacker Terry Tate was a hilarious addition to television and is still revered by all sports fans who need a good laugh during a boring day at work.

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