NBA Draft: Will Anybody Take a Chance on Kenny George?

Sean StancillSenior Writer IMarch 28, 2008

UNC Asheville has many players, but none like Kenny George. A 7-8 360lb megazord of a man to be exact. With the draft coming up, it made me wonder, is a 2nd round draft pick to high of a price to draft a giant? Obviously from watching the highlights of Kenny grab rebounds without lifting a fiber off his shoe off the floor, effortlessly dunk the ball over defenders almost half his height, he looks appealing to the naked eye, but he’s much more than that. George has had 5 double-doubles on the year, he’s had a block in all but 4 games this year, 16 games in which he’s had 3+ blocks, a career 65% FG shooter, averaged 3.3 BPG, When has there ever been a man in the NBA that has had a 9 foot wingspan? His mobility has repeatedly been questioned, in large part because of 7-7 360lb frame, and also with Tyler Hansbrough throwing it down on him when the two teams faced earlier this season. In his defense, George Mikan wasn’t exactly the most athletic of all centers during his time, he was so awkward he was almost not asked to play basketball for coach Ray Meyer at Depaul University. Even when Meyer began to work with Mikan on his footwork and his coordination, thus making him more moible and agile around the rim and up and down the court. Kenny George only plays 19.8 minutes per game which makes no sense because he is an automatic mismatch to every team in the country. If he was given more playing time, he would be averaging 20 and 10 on a regular basis and learn how to become fundamentally sound. In my eyes, Kenny George is a modern day George Mikan. The pioneer of basketball began to bloom in college while Kenny has yet to come out of his shell. Even if George does not develop into a star, he will undoubtedly be a brute coming off the bench for a NBA team.