Go Daddy Offers Laughs and a Sky Waitress in Superb Super Bowl Commercial

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 29, 2013

This one goes out to all the lazy geniuses out there, content to sit on their remarkable ideas only to see someone else snatch it up. 

Once again, we find ourselves at the time of year when commercials are not the worst thing on television. 

The Super Bowl affords us the one time when companies are forced to milk every ounce of creativity from their marketing campaigns and deliver the funny or the creative for a 30-second spot that will cost them millions. 

It's enough to make you wonder why commercials aren't normally this good. 

As for this ad, it really delivers with the punchline, so I suggest you watch the short spot before reading any more spoilers. 

Go Daddy promises a landscape to make all of your dreams come true. They will host your website, but you have to get off your lazy butt and make it all happen. 

If not, you will only see that one genius idea get gobbled up by a man who wears bright yellow pants. 

I also dare you not to chuckle the moment our resident dream stealer offers, "more everything, sky waitress." Only to laugh unmercifully at you lethargic dreamers out there. 

May your life be plentiful with private jets and sky waitresses. 

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