WWE Hall of Fame 2013: Top 5 Moments of Bob Backlund's Career

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IJanuary 22, 2013

WWE Hall of Fame 2013: Top 5 Moments of Bob Backlund's Career

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    The latest addition to the WWE's Hall of Fame, Bob Backlund, may no longer be a household name, but the Minnesota-born superstar is one of the most celebrated wrestlers in WWE history. 

    In honor of his addition to this year's WWE Hall of Fame class, here are the top five moments of Bob Backlund's career.


Bob Backlund's College Years

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    Before ever stepping in the ring, Bob Backlund was already a distinguished athlete, having managed to become an All-American in both football and amateur wrestling in only his first year of college.  

    Eventually Backlund would go on to win the Division II NCAA amateur wrestling championship for his alma mater North Dakota State University in 1971. 

    Backlund would eventually take this amateur wrestling skills to the pro-wrestling world—debuting as a pro-wrestler in 1973 for the American Wrestling Association. 

Backlund Joins the WWWF

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    After a successful amateur career Backlund would eventually find his way into the WWE—then called the WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation). 

    Backlund's technical skills and clean cut look would allow him to become a fan favorite in the WWWF. 

    Backlund's first match for the WWWF Championship would be against "Superstar" Billy Graham only four months after his WWWF debut—Backlund lost the match by countout. 

    This would be the beginning of Backlund's legendary involvement with the company's top championship.

Backlund's Monumental 2,138 Days as Champion

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    These days CM Punk's 400-plus days WWE champion seem impressive, however Punk's achievement is easily shadowed by Backlund's who for a combined time of 2,138 days remained the company's top dog. 

    Backlund's achievement marks the second longest title reign (Bruno Sammartino's 4,050 combined days as champion is the first).

    During those 2,138 days as champions Backlund would go on to have great matches across the world with figures such as Antonio Inoki, the Iron Sheik, and Greg Valentine. 

    Backlund's title would eventually end up in the hands of the Iron Sheik. 

Bob Backlund Runs for President

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    Returning to the WWE after an eight year absence Backlund found himself struggling to find prominence during the eve of the company's attitude era. Backlund would find a new source of popularity when in 1995 he declared himself a presidential candidate. 

    The angle would become one of Backlund's most memorable in recent history. 

2012 WWE Return and 2013 Hall of Fame Induction

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    Long missing from WWE television, Backlund would mark his return during the weeks leading up to Raw's 1000th episode where he would face Heath Slater. 

    His short match against Slater was well-received and has allowed Backlund to introduce himself to younger fans. 

    Now that Backlund has been announced to be added to the WWE's Hall of Fame he may once again be entertaining a new generation of pro-wrestling fans.