Flushing Mistake: New York Mets Letting Ruben Gotay Go Down the Drain

Dan SiegelSenior Analyst IMarch 27, 2008

Last year, Ruben Gotay wasn’t good enough to be the everyday second baseman, so, despite his hot hitting, the Mets went out and got Luis Castillo.

Now, Gotay isn’t good enough to be the backup second baseman, shortstop, or third baseman, as the Mets have placed him on waivers and are thinking of Fernando Tatis to take his spot.

Why Tatis?

Well, Tatis is a righty and the Gotay-haters out there will point out that while Gotay is a switch-hitter, he is more effective as a lefty.

No, but really, why Tatis? Gotay is 25.  Tatis is 33 and hasn’t been a full-time major leaguer since 2002, appearing in 114 games.

Good point.  Tatis played those 114 games (and 53 games the next season) for Montreal.

Ah, yes. Tatis is an Omar man.  Omar scooped up Tatis one year ago and stuck him in AAA to let him get his stroke back.  His 21 homers earned him an invite to big league camp this year and, despite early Visa problems, has managed to stick around long enough to have Willie Randolph scratching his head.

Tatis, a third baseman by trade, would occupy the role held by Julio Franco in 2006 and the beginning of 2007—right-handed pinch hitter and spelling Carlos Delgado at first base.  Willie has also given Tatis time in the outfield, further helping his case.

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Uhh, isn’t the above description Damion Easley’s job?

Well, yes.  But, don’t forget to add second base, shortstop, right fielder if Ryan Church can’t hit lefties and left fielder if we never hear from Mosies Alou again.

But, wait, Brady Clark could take Gotay’s spot too.

Met fans should hope Willie and Omar don’t decide to go in this direction.  At least Tatis can play the corner infield positions.  Clark can only play in the outfield, leaving Easley as the lone backup infielder on the major league roster.

Marlon Anderson came up as a second baseman, but his lack of fielding is the primary reason why he is a highly coveted bench player as opposed to a starter.

Best of luck to Ruben Gotay.  He provided this Met fan a memorable day at Shea last June.


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