John Cena: 7 Curious Facts About WWE's Poster Boy

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIJanuary 18, 2013

John Cena: 7 Curious Facts About WWE's Poster Boy

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    John Cena: Where to start?

    Cena has been Vince McMahon's poster boy and squeaky-clean babyface for a while now.

    To most fans in the WWE Universe, Cena's act may seem boring. It doesn't matter that he's one of the WWE's most polarizing Superstars or that he's one of the most highly decorated athletes to every put on wrestling tights—er, jorts.

    However, Cena isn't as predictable as he seems on WWE programming. While it's a good chance that you'll see the five moves of death in every Cena match, his background and journey to the WWE have been nowhere near predictable. 

    Here are seven curious facts about WWE's biggest babyface, John Cena. 

1. He Was Laying People out Way Before He Came to the WWE

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    John Cena has made a living of dropping the five moves of death on his opponents. This lethal combination of moves would never happen if it weren't for his flying shoulder tackle. 

    Cena's shoulder tackle isn't like the normal shoulder tackle you see in professional wrestling. No, his shoulder tackle looks a little different. 

    There's a good reason for that. 

    Cena was practicing his big hits on the gridiron at Springfield College in Massachusetts. John played center on the D-III football team and was an All-American. 

    When he wasn't smashing heads on the field, Cena was in the classroom earning a degree in Exercise Physiology. 

2. He's Had Some Strange Tag Team Partners

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    John Cena has always been a decorated singles wrestler. But every once in a while, Cena is thrown into a tag team match on Raw. 

    While his one-time tag matches usually end in shenanigans, Cena was a successful tag team wrestler earlier in his career. 

    During his time in OVW, Cena won the OVW Tag Team Championship with Rico Constantino.

    Who's that? See the image on the left. Rico was the flamboyant ringleader of WWE's 3-Minute Warning and the stylist of Chuck and Billy, everyone's favorite homosexual tag team. 

    Cena has also held the WWE and World Tag Team Championships. He won the WWE belts once with The Miz and once with David Otunga. He also won the world title with Batista and HBK.

    Most of his tag titles weren't with...cooperative partners. Right, HBK? 

3. He Wasn't Always SuperCena

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    WWE fans are familiar with John Cena's current gimmick, and most fans even remember his "Doctor of Thuganomics" phase. 

    One gimmick most fans aren't aware of is Cena's Prototype persona in UPW and OVW. 

    Cena portrayed a half-man, half-robot who was the prototype for every other professional wrestler. 

    Prototype, or Mr. P, was a monster in the ring and even played up his robot half occasionally

    Here's Prototype in action

    How did Vince pass up that gimmick?  

4. He Was Once Defeated by Kevin Federline

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    Cena has beat everyone. At WrestleMania's alone, he's defeated Big Show, JBL, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Batista, among others. 

    WWE's babyface has beat a ton of other Superstars whose names will go down in history as some of the best professional wrestlers.

    One person Cena didn't beat?

    Kevin Federline. K-Fed.

    Remember K-Fed? He was married to Brittany Spears for 12 minutes. Vince McMahon grabbed hold of K-Fed's fame and put him into a storyline that roughly involved Cena.

    Cena was put into a match with K-Fed, and, to put it simply, he lost. Maybe it wasn't clean, but it'll go down in the history books as a loss.  

5. He Once Won a Match with a Torn Pectoral Muscle

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    WWE Superstars are some of the toughest athletes in the world.

    There are numerous stories of real-life injuries happening to Superstars in the middle of matches.

    Whether it's Triple H's throat or thigh, Stone Cold's neck or Shawn Michael's numerous in-match injuries, WWE stars have to get creative and find ways to make it through the rest of the match. 

    In a match against Mr. Kennedy in 2007, Cena tore his pectoral muscle completely away from the bone.

    Yet Cena didn't just make it through the rest of the match. He got to the end of the match—noticeably favoring his injury—and even won. 

    It didn't stop there. Cena then survived a scripted post-match attack from Randy Orton, as seen above. 

    Whether you like Cena or not, that's downright impressive. 

6. He Was a Manhunter

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    Everyone remembers UPN's classic program, Manhunt, right? don't?

    You don't even remember UPN? You're not alone. 

    Manhunt was a ground-breaking show on UPN that featured men...being hunted. Cena portrayed Big Tim Kingman, the leader of the bounty hunters who would chase the contestants. The last contestant standing won money.

    Simple, right? 

    Wrong. The show went up in flames after it was revealed that it wasn't actually shot in Hawaii as the show claimed and was said to have predetermined outcomes.

    If the WWE Universe gets tired of Cena's gimmick, he can return as Big Tim Kingman and hunt down Hornswoggle every week. 

7. He Had an Accident During a Match

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    In an interview with Men's Fitness, Cena described one of his most embarrassing moments ever, which came in a match against Scott Steiner in Canada. 

    Cena had food poisoning and still went down to the ring for a match. The rumor goes that Cena got a DDT and felt like his food wasn't going to stay down. According to some accounts, Cena went under the ring to...lose his lunch. 

    As Cena lost his lunch, his body let go completely, and he had an accident. 

    Cena had this to say when he was asked about his most embarrassing moment:

    Losing control of all bodily functions, intestinal and gastrointestinal in a match in Hamilton, Ontario. I had food poisoning, tried to go out there and do it, just didn't work. [It was] coming out of every end. [Laughs] Yeah, it was rough.

    Here's a recap of the issue from

In Conclusion...

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    There you have it.

    Cena got his start knocking heads on the gridiron at Springfield College, became a cyborg, tagged with Rico, lost to K-Fed, fought through a torn pectoral muscle in a match, hunted fake fugitives and had an accident during a match.

    John Cena will always be a polarizing figure in the WWE, but there's one thing every WWE fan can agree on: Cena has had some weird experiences.  

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