Detroit Red Wings: Female Fans Find Their Own Verison of the Playoff Beard

Katie EvansCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2008

As the playoffs grow closer it is known that the hockey players and fans (who decided to participate) await the growth of a "playoff beard". Members from Letsgowings.com, a fan site where Red Wings fans can discuss current games as well as other NHL news, started to discuss the playoff beard and how they would be, as fans, growing beards as well.

Katie Evans and Rabia Asghar, two ladies of the site, wanted to come up with an alternative and fun way that the female fans can support the Detroit Red Wings rally towards the Stanley Cup. With help and some ideas from others an idea was finally created and the "Ladies equivalent to the playoff beard" was created. The rules are simple and its an easy way for the female Red Wings too participate in the annual playoff beard. This also helps fans who cant grow beards because of a job or they simply just cant grow one.

This is all you will need: Embrodirey Floss; which can be bought at almost any craft store in red and white.

When the playoffs begin fans will tie the strings onto their wrist like a bracelet, adding red to represent a win and white for a loss; the goal in the end to have 16 total red strings. Each game whether it being a win or a loss fans will add a new string to show off their support towards their team. Members will also post picture to show off their playoff spirit as well as be known as Red Wing fans.

The Red Wings are not only awaiting the playoffs but the fans as well, so its simple...Are you in?