1950: USA Beat England 1-0 .. Amazing Match

Kenny Roger MoiseContributor IMarch 29, 2009

There has been many upsets in the world of football. But if there is one to remember for all times it is the defeat England received from the USA in the 1950 World Cup held at Brazil.

This was a time when England was a highly ranked team and USA team did not even feature in the betting odds. After 90 minutes of play time, the score read 1-0 in favor of the Americans. The USA team were captained by Ed McIlvenny and they had a rotation system for captaincy in place.

The goal scorer was Joe Gaetjens who headed in from a cross by Walter Bahr. Many critics could argue that there were players in the US team who were not US citizens and they were namely: Gaetjens, McIlvenny and Maca but FIFA cleared them of all such charges long ago.

Whatever they may say, this match was the typical David and Goliath match and this result is clear enough. Both teams played well, but the US team played better. One could blame the English for not having made Stanley Matthews available. He was at that point one of the greatest players alive.

Credit goes to each and every player in the USA team including the goalkeeper Frank Borghi. It was not after another 4 decades that the USA Football team resurfaced at the World Cup.

This match however till this date is an example for all teams out there to always play the game in its fullest spirit and always respect the opponent even if they are not ranked.

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