ESPN's Hannah Storm Relives Scary Gas Explosion Accident in ABC Report

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 2, 2013

Hannah Storm is back and just as beautiful as ever after what was a terrifying explosion that left her face and neck burned and a great deal of her hair singed. 

As was reported, ESPN anchor Hannah Storm was back to work after a three-week break following a horrible gas-grill explosion that left her burned. 

She stopped by ABC's World News and delivered her scary tale and more on the long road to recovery she continues to make. 

Not only does she deliver her story with grateful smiles, showing her fans she is doing well, she also delivers a lesson to you would-be propane grillers out there. 

When asked what she could have done to prevent her explosion, she issues patience is very much the virtue when the flame goes out on your gas grill. 

You need to give your grill time to allow the leftover propane to dissipate. After seeing the scary ordeal Storm went through, I will approach gas grilling with a healthy dose of paranoia from here on out. 

If the flame goes out, I will turn off the gas, look to my wife and state, "Looks like we aren't grilling this month, babe."

In all seriousness, we are thankful Storm is doing well and back to filling our sports day with insightful reporting.

As David Muir issues in the report, Storm is back and as beautiful as ever. We are all very relieved at that. 

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