Fox Sports Radio Launches: Jay Mohr Sports a Show Worth Listening to

James Williams@WordmandcAnalyst IIIDecember 31, 2012

Jay Mohr debuts nationally on Fox Sports Radio this week. Photo from Fox Sports Radio
Jay Mohr debuts nationally on Fox Sports Radio this week. Photo from Fox Sports Radio

Starting January 2nd at noon on Fox Sports Radio, I am predicting that sports talk radio will have a brand new star.

Mark my words, Jay Mohr Sports will be a hit. Mohr mixes his passion for sports with his passion for comedy, and what the listeners get is pure entertainment. A sports talk show like nothing else on radio.

Most people know Mohr either from his stand up comedy career or as an actor.  After landing his dream job as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, he launched his career with Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire playing the role of agent Bob Sugar.

He became a best-selling author, appeared in more than 200 episodes of network television and starred in more than 25 feature films, working the likes of Renée Zellweger, Al Pacino, Angelina Jolie, Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Cuba Gooding Jr., Ellen Burstyn, Forest Whitaker, Kim Basinger, Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood.

While comedy has paid the bills, his passion has always been sports.

Friday after listening to Mohr do a week of entertaining radio on Los Angeles-based Fox 570AM, we spoke about his new national program and adding the role of sports talk show host to his impressive resume.  

JW: What got you interested in doing a daily sports talk show?

Mohr:  Growing up as a kid in New Jersey, I really started doing sports talk radio at my dining room table reading the sports section of the Newark Star Ledger when I was 10 years old. Very few people outside my home listened. I have been on the road for years, and no matter if I was in a big city like New York or a college town like Austin, I have listened to the local sports talk radio shows. I love to talk sports with the other comics as well as friends. Sports has always been a great ice breaker for me when being on the road or talking with other comics or actors. After a while I started filling in on Fox 570AM in LA. I found that I really enjoyed doing sports talk, then Fox Sports Radio came to me about a national show and I said "where do I sign."

JW: What is your take on sports talk radio?

Mohr:  Well, my philosophy about sports talk is simple. Sports at its best is a great diversion from our everyday lives. It can take us away from a bad day and give us the release we need to be a little crazy and really get into being a fan. But as important as it may seem at the time, we must remember that is only a game and that it should be fun. So I want sports talk that is creative, intelligent and does not insult the listeners. Bottom line: It has to be both fun and informative. That should hopefully make it entertaining.   

JW: What excites you about the show?

Mohr:  So many things. I am now not just a fan, I am doing plenty of homework making sure that the information that we give out is fresh. I love the support Fox is showing me. They are giving me access to the top names in sports as well as their outstanding team of analysts. I. am excited about the role  my friends from the stand up comedy world will play in the show. In the final hour of my show each day we will have a segment titled "Last Call." Each day one of my friends like Norm Macdonald, Rob Riggle or one my many friends from the world of stand up comedy will come on and talk sports. Comics love sports, and they can frame issues in a way that will be both insightful and entertaining.        

JW: How will the show affect you stand up career?

Mohr: Well, let me say that first of all, doing the show will give me a nice chance to have a regular family life. My wife will be one of the show’s producers, so I am very excited about working together. As to going on the road, when that happens we hope to be able to work with Fox stations around the country and do the shows live from the road. That will give me a chance to get a feel for what the local fans are interested in as I tour the country and be able to share it with our national listeners.  

All the quotes were obtained first hand in an interview conducted via phone and arranged by Fox Sports Radio.  


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