Capital One Bowl: Comparing Bacarri Rambo to Daimion Stafford

Brian Jones@Brian_L_JonesContributor IDecember 25, 2012

Capital One Bowl: Comparing Bacarri Rambo to Daimion Stafford

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    When the Georgia Bulldogs face the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Capital One Bowl, there will be very interesting positional match-ups that will catch both the Bulldogs and the Cornhsukers fans attention.

    The most intriguing has to be the safety position as the Bulldogs feature Bacarri Rambo while the Cornhuskers feature Daimion Stafford.

    Both players were all-conference players this season and both are expected to be drafted very high in the upcoming NFL Draft.

    But who is the better safety?

    Here's a look at how Rambo and Stafford stack up against each other.

Pass Coverage

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    After not having one pick to go along with his 10 pass breakups in 2011, Stafford came on strong this season, notching four interceptions and seven pass breakups in 2012. Stafford was strong in pass coverage last year, but has to adjust to the Division I game after spending the first two seasons in junior college.

    Rambo has always been a ballhawk during his time in Athens.

    Rambo has three interceptions this season and would have had at least two more if he did not miss the first four games of the year.

    Since 2009, Rambo has tallied 16 interceptions which is tied for the most in school history. He has always been excellent in pass coverage and show no signs of slowing down.

    Advantage: Rambo

Run Defense

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    Stafford is a hard-hitting safety that rarely misses tackles. In fact, he is second on the team in tackles with 89 and he also has four tackles for loss and two forced fumbles. His ability to defend the run will help his draft status.

    Rambo is no slouch in run defense either. Despite playing on only nine games, Rambo still totaled 67 tackles which puts him fourth on the team. As good as Rambo is defending the run, his strength is in the passing game.

    Advantage: Stafford


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    Both players have always had a good feel for the game.

    Stafford caught on to the college game quickly after spending the first two years at junior college, which helped him in the long run because he has become one of the leaders for the Cornhuskers.

    Rambo is a natural at the safety position but is not looked at as the leader of the defense for the Bulldogs. However, the Bulldogs' defense was much better when he entered the lineup because he's a game-changing player that rarely makes mistakes.

    Advantage: Rambo

NFL Prospect

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    Stafford has improved and because of that he will get plenty of looks by NFL scouts if he ha sn't already.

    His tackling skills to go along with his improving pass coverage skills will help him get drafted early in the second day.

    Rambo has the look of a NFL free safety, and because of his combination of hard-nosed run defense and tremendous skills in the passing game, he should go in the first round of the draft.

    Both players have their strengths and weaknesses, but when push comes to shove, Rambo looks more NFL ready than Stafford.

    Advantage: Rambo

Final Analysis

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    Both players have had great careers at their respective schools and both have futures beyond the college game.

    But if one had to choose to have on their team, Rambo would be the most likely choice.

    Stafford is one of the better defenders in the Big Ten and it one could only wonder how good he could have been had he played for Nebraska all four years.

    Rambo had an All-American season in 2011, but fell of a bit in 2012 because of the four-game suspension. Regardless, he still led the team with three picks and got really did not miss a beat when he came back to the lineup.

    Both Stafford and Rambo want to finish their seasons strong with great performances at the Capital One Bowl. That and among other matchups is the reason that the game could be one of the best during the Bowl season.