Kyle Busch vs. Flounder: The "Smell My Face Beltway Race 2" Recap

Kara MartinSenior Analyst IMarch 26, 2009

The "Smell My Face Beltway Race 2" Recap

08:05 - Kyle Busch is on his way from the airport to the DC101 station.The colors of the cars are revealed,Flounder will be driving the red FJ Cruiser, Busch the yellow.

- Busch arrives in studio, interview begins.

08:23 - Busch asked if he & Earnhardt Jr. get along or talk often. Busch replies,"Yeah, I talked to him just last week." (insert sarcasm here) Busch is dogging Junior, stating that NASCAR threw a debris caution just so Junior could get the lucky dog last week in Bristol.

08:27 - Flounder & Busch meet for the first time. Flounder asks if he intimidates Busch. Busch pokes fun at Flounder's weight, estimating how much left side weight Flounder's car will be carrying.

Elliot agrees to pay Busch's ticket if he gets pulled over by the police.

Busch urges all law enforcement to leave the yellow alone.The smack talk begins. Flounder calls Busch a "Bee-otch." Busch reminding him that he will be the bee-otch at the end of the race.

Kyle Busch declares "you are worse than Kyle Busch" when it comes to smack talk.

08:32 - commercial break.

08:43 - Drivers are in their cars.

Grand Marshall: Fitness Guru John Basedow gives the Gentlemen, start your engines" command.

08:45 - Engines fire. Busch immediately begins to put on a show by spinning his wheels.

Busch upset that there is a woman driving the pace car. Busch is honking at pace car and continues to spin his wheels.

Busch purposely backs into Flounder during pace laps, then Flounder rams Busch into pace car. There is visible damage to Busch's car as well as the pace car.

Busch asks what the collision clause is. Elliot replies,  "If you break it you buy it."

08:50 - Busch is wailing on horn, he is ready to go racing! Flounder is complaining that Busch took the pole position. It is raining hard and there is lots of traffic.

Busch continues to spin his wheels at stoplight like a "juvenile jackass"

08:53 - Pace car pulled off, lanes of 270 jammed, both cars are sitting in traffic. Flounder on shoulder pulling ahead of Busch. Busch does not approve of that type of maneuver. "Flounder is driving dirty" has 30-40 car lead.

08:55 - Busch pulls onto the shoulder, catches up with Flounder very quickly.

- Flounder crosses all lanes of traffic to get to the other shoulder, Busch is tailing him.

08:57 - Both cars in HOV lane, Busch two car lengths behind. Busch is not happy about not being briefed in driver's meeting that the shoulder was an option.

- Busch darts across three lanes of traffic & nearly rear ends an Acura. Busch is leading the race but is now boxed in by a Honda Civic.

09:01 - The cars are currently driving at 70 MPH in heavy traffic, Flounder claims to be three car lengths behind him. Roche is white knuckling the dashboard.

09:02- An "Oh Christ" moment, as Busch squeezes into a spot smaller than his vehicle.

09:03 - commercial break.

09:08 - Just passed Route 66 in Virginia, has a "friend" helping Busch out. i.e. a police escort, no lights or sirens.

09:10 - Busch is so far ahead of Flounder that they can't see him in the rear view mirror.

09:11 - Just passed a cop going 80 MPH and the cop just waved. They have traveled approximately 20 miles.

09:14 - "People are being very respectful," Flounder now in rear view mirror. Flounder now has police escort who is "flying."

09:16 -  Busch is excited, "We don't get to race in the rain that often, this is fun!" Weather conditions worsen, but Busch is NOT letting off the gas pedal.

09:18 - Have driven approximately 35 miles at this point and are now down to 30 MPH. brakes squealing!

09:20 - Busch is shifting even though the car is an automatic. Impatiently darting through traffic, just squeezed between two 18-wheelers

09:21 - It is now raining really hard, Busch still riding on bumpers.

09:24 - commercial break

09:28 - Busch cuts off an 18-wheeler blindly. He refuses to flash his head lights at the slower cars in front of him to get them to move over, he thinks that it is "rude."

09:32 - Flounder is several car lengths behind. They have driven approximately 43 miles.

- Flounder is beginning to get fidgety and is sweating a lot, but feels that he will win it. He has a plan in place for a last lap pass.

09:34 - The rain is getting harder, but Busch is driving at 80 MPH, Flounder is cut off by a Toyota Tacoma. Busch just pulled up on a cop. "Eight second lead."

09:35 - Busch says it feels "like being in lapped traffic." Roche gripping dashboard, Busch asks "are you doing alright over there?"

09:36 - Busch negotiating through traffic with one hand on the wheel in the pouring rain while casually drinking a soda.

09:37 - They have driven approximately 50 miles.

09:38 - Beltway driver reports that Busch just blew by him looking "calm & collected" behind the wheel.

09:39 - commercial break.

09:43 - Passing through Prince George's county in Maryland. Traffic has come to a complete stop despite a police escort.

09:46 - Flounder is now 1/2 a mile behind Busch, there is a cop in front of Flounder slowing his pace down.

09:47 - Busch is now 13 miles from Route 270.

09:49 - So far Busch has only gotten one "middle fingered salute" from other motorists.

09:50 - A Busch hater called in to say that he was waiting up ahead to "put Kyle into the wall, payback for last year's Charlotte race."

09:51 - Roche asks Busch if he was Tony Stewart's team mate when Tony crapped his fire suit. Kyle quickly snapped "NO!"

09:52 - Flounder is now one mile behind, but now has a friendly police escort.

- Taking a break in the action while stuck in traffic to "stratemagize, "as per Roche. Busch is pissed that an Envoy maneuvered past him in slow traffic.

09:54 - commercial break.

09:59 - Flounder still trailing Busch, although he is making up some ground despite a convoy of 18-wheelers "ridiculously cutting him off." He believes that they are out to get him!

10:02 - Tons of people standing in the rain on overpasses waving and cheering both drivers on.

10:03 - Update from the station, there is a crazy, stalker fan who is dressed from head to toe in M&M's waiting for Busch.

10:05 - "No clean air", Busch is in & out of traffic looking for the right lane. Flounder darting on and off shoulder, discouraged by the lack of help from police officers.

10:08 - Busch revving engine, fishtailing a little bit on the wet pavement.

10:09 - Flounder admits to being "screwed," sounds defeated and that his back hair is covered in sweat. He sounds as if he is ready to throw in the towel, Busch mocks him.

- Busch is almost to Route 270, while changing lanes a car in front of Busch stopped suddenly, almost wrecking him.

10:11 - commercial break.

10:15 - Busch is now on Route 270 and has been pulled over by two State Police officers!

10:17 - Police officers are ticketing him for going "57 in a 55 MPH zone!" The mood of the Busch car is VERY somber!

10:18 - Flounder is now pulling onto Route 270 and has now passed Kyle Busch!

10:19 - A cop is now behind Flounder, lights are flashing!

10:20 - Flounder has been pulled over for "unnecessary use of a horn" for honking excessively as they passed Kyle Busch.

10:22 - Busch is on the move, let go with a "warning" by the cop.

10:23 - Flounder is also being let go with a "warning"  and is also on the move.The cop blocks traffic so that Flounder can merge in safely.

- Flounder has regained the lead.

10:25 - Flounder is making a left onto Montrose Rd and is stopped at a light, Busch is two cars behind.

It is turning into a serious nail biter!

10:26 - Flounder is hyperventilating turning onto Rollins, Busch is right behind him, Busch is "getting into" Flounder. There is serious beating and banging going on! Flounder cuts through the firehouse parking lot, Busch pops the curb and rams Flounder's driver-side door.

10:27 - It's official, Flounder has won the Smell my Face Beltway Race - 2 as Kyle Busch rams the red Toyota hard at the finish line.

- Post race interview begins with Kyle Busch. He is fuming that he got pulled by the cops, declaring "It was a NASCAR debris caution, that threw us into a green,        white, checker." He lames the "pit crew," aka, the state troopers for an extended pit stop that cost him the win.

10:34 - Flounder is gloating obnoxiously, tells Busch to "suck it." Busch is "at a loss for words." Flounder reminds him that he is also "just at a loss."

10:26 - The drivers compare tickets. Busch is convinced that Flounder set up the cops a head of time, the conspiracy theory begins.

10:30 - Busch accepts defeat, acknowledging Flounder's win, saying with a chuckle, "I appreciate you beating me today. " He even signed Flounder's trophy with a heartfelt "congrats on the win!"

In the end Busch left a gracious and humbled last place finisher with an invoice for a pair of busted up FJ Cruisers.

10:38 - Roche's heart is still beating fast, admitting that riding with Busch was "awesomely scary" and "intense." Doesn't even compare to riding with Castroneves three years ago, who at the time took no chances behind the wheel.

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Elliot states, "Despite the reports that Busch can be such a di@k, he really couldn't have been a nicer guy."

This was one great race! Congratulations Flounder, you beat one of the best!

Much thanks to Koons Toyota for providing the cars and to Richmond International Raceway for presenting the Smell My Face Beltway Race - 2.

Check out the photos from the race at

UPDATE - Check out Lindsay Czarniack's in car interview with Busch at


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