NY Jets' Hilariously Awful Season Gets Blooper Reel and Yakety Sax Treatment

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 21, 2012

The New York Jets provided so many laughs for NFL fans, we really should send them something nice for Christmas. 

SportsGrid spotted this moment of hilarity just sitting out there on the Internets, waiting to be opened up and played ad nauseum for the rest of the season. It's the blooper reel of the 2012 New York Jets, spiced up with a loop of "Yakety Sax" played over it. The cocktail may have a fairly easy recipe, but the thing is pretty darn delicious. 

What struck me as odd, and something I hadn't really thought about until now, the Jets were far from the worst team this season. 

The team is 10th in rushing yards and second in passing defense. I would gladly take their six wins over the mess in Jacksonville or Kansas City. 

Yet, there has been something so mesmerizing about their gentle implosion. From their head coach who used to be bombastic in his Super Bowl claims to the quarterback controversy featuring everyone's favorite backup quarterback, they were phenomenal reality TV. 

The incessant turnovers, marvelous picks and opposition's glory are all here. Yes, the butt fumble made the cut and is shown from multiple angles. 

The Jets were something truly special in 2012, and we are going to miss them. In case you forget how utterly hilarious they were, you now have this short reminder to play for years to come.

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