MLB Players and Teams That Are Losing the Offseason

Mark MillerCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2012

MLB Players and Teams That Are Losing the Offseason

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    With the MLB winter meetings behind us, some teams have taken on a very new look, while others are still left with many pieces left to move around before heading into spring training.

    Seeing players like Michael Bourn and Josh Hamilton still on the market isn't always the most common occurrence, as the biggest dominoes are oftentimes the first to fall, but in any case, it's only a matter of time before they find new homes.

    For every move that was made, however, you have to believe that there were a handful of deals that were just a John Hancock away from completion before inevitably falling through.

    Here are some teams and players that have some work left to do if they hope to enter 2013 on a positive note.

Los Angeles Angels

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    The Los Angeles Angels look like a team that can contend in 2013, and though they haven't made a big splash yet this offseason, they have made some moves that they hope can shore up their starting rotation.

    Signing Joe Blanton and trading for Tommy Hanson will no doubt fill some bodies, but in the end, adding players not named Zack Greinke could be a move they regret down the road.

Ryan Dempster

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    Moving to the Texas Rangers during the second half of last season, Ryan Dempster showed that he still has something left in the tank, winning seven of his 12 starts in the second half.

    His ERA in Texas was more than double what it was in his 16 starts in Chicago (2.25), and at 35 years old he may be holding out for more than he's going to get this offseason.

    He was offered a two year deal worth $25 million from the Boston Red Sox (via the Chicago Tribune), but turned it down in hopes of a third year. This was risky considering that a high-priced starting pitcher nearing the age of 40 isn't always appealing for teams looking to make big moves.

Cleveland Indians

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    Heading into the offseason and MLB winter meetings, it was expected that the Cleveland Indians would take a similar path as the Minnesota Twins, dealing players that have some value for prospects that could help rebuild the franchise.

    As the meetings finished this week, however, Shin Soo Choo, Justin Masterson, Ubaldo Jimenez and Chris Perez were still Indians.

    The end of the meetings doesn't in any way mean they won't make these trades at some point this winter, but as the free-agent market dwindles, the value for these players could decline.

Josh Hamilton

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    As one of the top names on the free-agent market, Josh Hamilton has gotten attention from plenty of suitors looking to insert his powerful bat into their lineup

    With an astounding offensive outburst earlier this summer, Hamilton gave the entire league notice of what he's capable of.

    He slowed a bit toward the middle of the season, but rebounded down the stretch and finished the year with 43 home runs and 128 RBI.

    Hamilton has set his expected value at seven years, $175 million, but as teams continue to fill their need for outfielders and he remains on the table, you'd have to think he's going to come up well short.

New York Mets

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    Anytime you're talking about dealing the reigning Cy Young award winner, expectations have to be at an extremely high level.

    The New York Mets appear to be very willing to make a trade, and while a deal wasn't made during the winter meetings, it wouldn't surprise anyone to see something happen before the end of the year.

    We are, however, seeing pitchers start to find their way off the market as signings continue to take place, something that could lower the demand of a pitcher like Dickey.

    Signing David Wright to a contract extension is definitely a bright spot for the Mets this offseason, even when you consider the big contracts that have come back to bite the franchise in the past.

Michael Bourn

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    Speedy outfielder Michael Bourn has led the league in stolen bases a few times already during his young career, twice swiping more than 60 bags.

    There's no doubting his value to a franchise, which is why many anticipated that the Scott Boras client would cash in huge this offseason.

    Bourn didn't sign during the winter meetings this past week, and with Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Francisco and Boston solidifying their center field spots, his market is diminishing.

Texas Rangers

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    The Texas Rangers have had plenty to think about this offseason with a number of top players entering free agency, and while they have brought in late-inning option Joakim Soria over from Kansas City, there are still plenty of questions heading into next year.

    Nobody would have been surprised if they won the Zack Greinke sweepstakes, but with Greinke signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers, they'll need to consider other options as Ryan Dempster, Colby Lewis and Roy Oswalt are all free agents.

    They've lost solid offensive options in Mike Napoli and Michael Young and could officially close the door on the Josh Hamilton era if he signs elsewhere.