The Sandlot 20th Anniversary: 20 Reasons It Was the Greatest Movie Ever Made

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistApril 5, 2013

Image via Movies.com
Image via Movies.com

The Sandlot came out April 7, 1993 and is now celebrating its 20-year anniversary. Let me put it this way: If The Sandlot was a person, it would be in college now, trying to buy beer with a fake ID.

And guess what? Twenty years later, it still holds up. When you factor everything in, pound for pound, this may just be the greatest movie ever made. Here are 20 reasons why:

1. It contains the most important quote of our generation.


GIF via Gifrific.

2. Really, Patrick Renna (Ham Porter) should have been nominated for an Oscar. I bet he's looking at Jonah Hill's career right now and thinking, "That should have been me."

3. Wendy Peffercorn. Your first crush.

4. DAT HAT. I can't stop looking at this hat. Seriously, where did they find this hat? I must have it now.

5. It showed us the most badass way to treat a black eye. Thanks, Denis Leary.

6. Ray Charles' rendition of America the Beautiful was just perfection.

Please consider this your periodic reminder that an .mp3 of Ray Charles performing "America the Beautiful" should be the national anthem.

— Danger Guerrero (@DangerGuerrero) July 31, 2012

7. Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez was the kid you wanted to be.

Seriously, look at this slide.

Plus he grew up to have this amazing moustache.

8. It immortalized the PF Flyers. I had no idea what they were when this came out, but dammit, I wanted them after this movie.

9. The schemes to get the ball back were incredible. I remember watching this movie and thinking, "I need to do cooler stuff. Why can't I be hooking three vacuums together and blowing things up?"

10. James Earl Jones. He could have phoned-in this small part in a kids' movie, but he freaking nailed it.

11. It had the best non-motorized chase scene ever. That thing took up two separate music montages. Notable objects destroyed:

a.) Movie theater screen

b.) Giant cake.

12. It contained the greatest put-down any of us had ever heard at the time.

It's kind of not great now, considering the sexist nature of the put-down, but it's very true to how kids think.

13. It introduced us to chewing tobacco, which simultaneously seemed like the coolest and worst thing ever.

14. Hey, speaking of puking, it taught us how to properly aid a friend who was about to blow some chunks.

15. The narration was on point. And really, the best movies have a narrator: Shawshank Redemption, Christmas Story...you get the point.

16. Who didn't want a tree house after this came out? 

17. Each character was great. Each one got their moment to shine. Other classic kid sports movies from back in the day couldn't claim that. This is really unique to The Sandlot.

18. Smalls' transition from terrible to good was hilariously immediate. He didn't even need a montage. He stuck his glove out, Benny essentially performed a miracle to hit the ball directly into it, and—viola—he's a bona fide baseball player.

19. They kind of cursed a lot for a kids' movie. Which, as a kid, was awesome.

20. Hercules. Seriously, how adorable does he look in this shirt?

Love you, Sandlot.


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