Diaz Brothers: Top 5 Most Outrageous Moments

Jordy McElroy@https://twitter.com/JordyMcElroyCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2012

Diaz Brothers: Top 5 Most Outrageous Moments

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    Controversy and chaos typically follow wherever Nick and Nate Diaz go.

    Their outlandish antics have landed them in the doghouse several times, but they have also brought an edge to a sport constantly walking on eggshells to avoid upsetting outsiders.

    People are either fans, or they love to hate them.

    The Diaz brothers shed all of the superfluous banter about loving and respecting your opponent. They are fighters stripped down to the rawest form.

    Instead of hugging and shaking hands, opponents are subjected to taunts, middle fingers and trash talking during the actual fight.

    Whether inside or outside the Octagon, the nonsensical stunts the Diaz brothers have pulled have angered and entertained fans for years.

    Today, we look back on the top-five most outrageous moments in the careers of Nick and Nate Diaz.

5) Nick Diaz Misses UFC 137 Press Conferences, Then Blames GSP

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    Nick Diaz was originally slated to challenge Georges St-Pierre for the welterweight title at UFC 137, but after missing multiple press conferences, he was stripped of his shot.

    The bout with St-Pierre was expected to do blockbuster pay-per-view numbers, and the UFC paid for all of Diaz's promotional travel expenses.

    All Diaz had to do was get on the plane, sit at a table and answer a few questions.

    The most outrageous part about the entire situation was him actually blaming St-Pierre for losing his title shot.

    According to Diaz, St-Pierre should've stood up for him and protested his punishment.

4) Joke Gone Wrong: Nate Diaz Confronts Fictional Character Renato Laranja

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    Everyone loves a good joke, but if you plan on ribbing Nate Diaz, you may need a couple of bodyguards.

    Fictional character Renato Laranja, who was created as an inside joke at Eddie Bravo's gym, took media questions alongside Diaz at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo in May. As usual, the Laranja character was arrogantly boasting about being a 27-time world champion.

    Unfortunately, Diaz wasn't in on the joke, and an altercation erupted in the Long Beach Convention Center.

    "The Great" Renato Laranja was lucky enough to live to troll another day.

3) Don’t Be Scared Homie: Post-Fight Scuffle with KJ Noons

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    Unless it's actual competition, it's never a good idea to let Nick Diaz "challenge" someone in the cage.

    After losing the EliteXC lightweight title, Diaz entered the cage in June 2008 to ask KJ Noons for a rematch.

    Noons wasn't interested, and he had the backing of his hometown crowd.

    With his brother Nate at his side, Nick didn't take kindly to Noons not accepting the fight, and eventually, an all-out scuffle ensued.

    After the skirmish was broken up, the Diaz brothers could be seen holding up middle fingers and shouting obscenities as they were both being escorted to the locker rooms.

2) Round 4: Hospital Fight with Joe Riggs

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    When it comes to outrageous Diaz moments, it's tough to top Nick's hospital brawl with Joe "Diesel" Riggs in February 2006.

    After battling it out at UFC 57, Diaz and Riggs were transported to a local hospital, which immediately became the scene for round four of the welterweight fight.

    According to Diaz, the police broke up the fight and threatened to use tasers. It was a very serious situation.

    Riggs could be heard yelling at Nate across the hall, "Get your brother man, he's crazy."

1) Mayhem vs. the World: Nashville Brawl

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    The Diaz brothers have had their share of crazy moments, but none are more memorable than the "Nashville Brawl."

    Jake Shields, a teammate and close friend of the Diaz's, defeated Dan Henderson in Nashville, Tennessee in the headliner on a CBS-televised Strikeforce event.

    After the fight, Jason "Mayhem" Miller entered the cage uninvited and asked Shields for a rematch of their November 2009 title bout, but before Shields could answer, Mayhem was attacked by the Diaz brothers.

    With the event being nationally televised, it truly was an ugly scene for the sport.

    The hope was that people would start looking at fighters as world class athletes and role models, not thugs drunk on inflicting pain.

    From now on, Mayhem will probably think twice before entering a cage with the Diaz brothers alone.