XWA Wrestling Recap for November 2012: Revenge

Peter Hopey@phopeyCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2012

XWA presents Revenge
XWA presents Revenge

It’s cold and outside but it’s hot hot hot here inside Sam de Champlain in picturesque Saint John New Brunswick. We’re set for another evening of XWA Wrestling action. If you’re hockey starved and need a good dose of brutality and hard hitting this is the place to get your fix.

Tonight in one-on-one action we’re set to see Nightmare taking on El Handsomo. Another singles contest will have the defending XWA Tag Team Champion R&R Express defending their belts against the Wave Riders. The R&R Express still have some new car smell in their gear but when these two hit the ring, there seems to be little doubt that they belong in the squared circle.

"The Muscle Beast From Muscle Beach" Wesley Pipes will be battling "The Canadian Icon" Ryan Heath. Since the one-night-only reformation of Above Average back at Quest For Gold, Heath (former tag team partner with Durning) has seemingly gone his own way. Tonight is the continuation of that solo journey back to singles competition for the well decorated former champion.

And in the main event, relative newcomer to the XWA Pat Perswayze will be tackling Dazzling Dick Durning. If you recall, Durning has been out of action since Quest For Gold where he suffered an unspecified injury (rumour has it the injury was in fact a torn quadricep). One has to wonder if this injury is fully healed and whether this is in fact a wise decision on his part to get back to action this soon after such a serious injury.

Time to get down to business and find out.

[What follows is a recap of the November XWA event, “Revenge".]

Championship Roll Call

XWA Heavyweight Champion

Shaheer Rasool

XWA Tag Team Champions

R&R Express

XWA Elite Division Champion

Jonny Versace

Segment One—A Video of Last Month’s Event Plays for the Fans

The production crew rolls a video package highlighting the action at Aftermath (XWA’s October offering). Before we got into the action, another video package plays showing a great Remembrance Day tribute to the men and women who have served and continue to serve in the Canadian armed forces worldwide. Never forget folks.

Let’s get to the action!

Match Two—Shaheer Rasool (c) vs Sunny Warcloud

The first match of the evening will see an impromptu matchup of sorts. Last month Sunny Warcloud and Shaheer Rasool met up in a hard fought contest. The match ended in a DQ when Rasool refused to break the hold after putting Warcloud in the Persian Necktie while Warcloud’s foot was on the ropes. Post match, Rasool proceeded to deliver the Al Queda Plunge to referee Steve Doussaud sending him to the showers early in the evening.

Sunny Warcloud says he got screwed last month, and Hum has granted a re-match tonight. On top of that, he tells the fans that the Sheik has been banned from ringside. This will hopefully make this more of a fair one on one matchup.

Rasool wastes no time as he jumps Warcloud from behind. A ref hits the ring and calls for the bell, making this one official. Rasool delivers a running knee to the head by as Warcloud lies helpless in the corner.

Rasool continues applying pressure as he sends Warcloud into the ropes and into a sidewalk slam. Running knee to the throat by Rasool. Looks like he is going to try and put this one away quickly as he scales the turnbuckle.

Rasool soars through the air and partially misses a big elbow off the turnbuckle. Rasool still crawls over for a pin and gets a count of 2. Warcloud is out on the floor now collecting his thoughts. As Warcloud attempts to climb back into the ring, Rasool knees him to the head sending him back to the floor. Rasool is now on the apron and Warcloud takes control as he is able to reach over the ropes, get him up into position, and slam him from the apron to the floor outside the ring.

Both men continue to battle ringside. Warcloud.hammers Rasool and appears to be gaining some momentum. Warcloud sends Rasool face first into the guard rail causing the fans to shriek. The fans put their feet up to the edge of the security railing as Warcloud slams Rasools face into some kids size 4 Nike’s. Warcloud does it again!

Warcloud is pumped and high fiving the fans while Rasool tries to catch his breath. Both men are finally back in the ring and Warcloud circles him like a lion stalking his prey. Jumping axehandle to the forehead by Warcloud to Rasool followed by a fallaway slam. The balance of power has definitely shifted.

Warcloud proceeds to drives his knee into Rasool's back and Rasool is howling. Warcloud moves on to digging the elbow into Rasool's back with the same result. Warcloud looks like he is about to pull Rasool into a surfboard but then applies a reverse chokehold to Rasool instead.

Just when you begin to wonder if Warcloud is heading for an upset, Rasool turns the tables. As they both run the ropes and criss-cross each other, Rasool lands a flying spinning boot to head which takes Warcloud off his feet.

Rasool heads up top again and misses with the attempted 480. Quick flurry of action and you can feel that this one is nearing an end Rasool misses a big clothesline. Quick roll-up pin attempt but Warcloud only gets a two count. And out of nowhere, Rasool nails the Al Queda plunge and transitions into the Persian necktie for the tap out victory.

Post-match Rasool delivers an RKO by to the referee and he is down for the count. Before any more damage can be done, in comes Dick Durning for the save. Durning sends Rasool into the ropes but Rasool hangs onto the ropes, drops to the mat, and slides out before he can eat any offense from Durning.

Segment Two—James Steele Updates the Fans on His Status with Izabella Bliss

James Steele provides an update on the status of he and his valet stating that everything is okay and they’ve mended fences. Steele is confident he can beat Versace but Versace hits the ring to suggest he doesn’t think so. Before this segment ends, we have Jonny Versace and James Steele set for action next month. For Steele the prize is the XWA Elite Championship title. For Versace, it’s Izabella Bliss.

Match Two—Jonny Versace (c) vs Kajimuta

No match between Versace and Steele tonight however, 'cause we are getting Jonny Versace versus someone named Kajimuta. This one was pretty short and sweet, and saw Versace putting his brute force and strength on full display.

The highlight was when Versace brought this contest to an end via spinning neckbreaker while his opponent hung by his feet from the ropes. Steele slid into the ring from behind and was ready to pounce.

Just as Steele was about to unleash his superkick,Versace used his ring savvy and catlike reflexes to dodge the kick, drop to the mat, and exit stage left. The match may be over, but the tension between these two is palpable. But we’ll have to wait until Christmas to watch this veritable pot of good versus bad boil over.

Segment Three—Pat Perswayze Can Lunge

The crowd is treated to a video in which Pat Perawayze shows everyone how to do lunges properly. Oh yeah, and Dick Durning, you can’t do this….

Match Three—Nightmare vs El Handsomo

El Handsomo doesn’t want any part of Nightmare but evidently the match is booked. Handsomo starts by running straight into a huge clothesline which takes him off his feet. Nightmare delivers stiff forearms to the back of Handsomo.

Nightmare hits one of the best snap suplexes I’ve seen in some time. This seems to take the wind out of Handsomo’s sails as he struggles to get to his feet. When he finally does get back up, he’s met with another huge clothesline for his troubles. Nightmare follows this up with a legdrop and then an Irish whip.

Handsomo shows some signs of life as he avoids an attempted splash by Nightmare. Handsomo follows that up as he proceeds to kick Nightmare in the back of the head, followed by some knees to the forehead of Nightmare.

Handsomo appeared ready to continue the offense and headed up the turnbuckle. Nightmare was ready, however, as he caught Handsomo midflight and turned it into a sitout slam that all but knocked the life out of Handsomo. This was followed by a pin and that was it.

Post match, two of Nightmare’s druids enter the ring behind him. One suddenly nails the other and follows that by wrapping a chain around his hand. He lands a huge right to Nightmare, knocking him out cold. Off comes the robe, and to the crowds surprise, it’s KI Real!

Match Four—R&R Express (c) vs. Wave Riders

And now it’s time for the tag team gold to be defended as the latest team to climb to the top of the mountain the R&R Express, defend their titles against fan favourites, the Wave Riders. Worth noting here is that Rick has one of his legs heavily wrapped. No news floating through the Twittersphere as to whether this is an injury suffered in the ring or something acquired during training. We’ll see if this plays a factor or not in the outcome.

Starting the match are Mikey and Rodney. Rodney controls the action at the start and makes a quick tag to Rick. R&R Express execute a little double team action before Rodney steps out. The Wave Riders started taking over from here and, as one would expect, zeroed in on Rick’s injured leg.

Mikey pulled Rick over to the Wave Riders' corner and locked in a single legged crab. He made the tag to Kayden who joined his brother in executing a double legged crab. Kayden stays on that knee as he picks Rick up and drops him on it.

Quick tag and back in comes Mikey who picks up a count of two. Rick instinctively rolls Mikey over for a two-count of his own. Mikey seems a little startled by this and takes Rick back into the Wave Rider corner. Rick punches his way out, but Mikey kicks him in the leg, taking him back to the mat.

The Wave Riders continue to tag in and out keeping Rick fighting for his life. Kayden runs across the ring and jumps off Mikey’s back (kneeling) at Rick who is still in the corner. Rick catches him and drops him back first onto Mikey’s back.

After another short burst where the Wave Riders maintained control, Rick FINALLY tagged in Rodney. Having spent a lot of time on the apron waiting to get into the action, Rodney cleaned house.

As everyone works their way back into the fray, Kayden reaches into Rick and Rodney’s cooler and grabs a beer. He turns and clobbers Rodney with it and it splashes everywhere. Roll-up pin for the win and we have NEW XWA Tag Team Champions! And not only are the Wave Riders taking the tag straps away, they are taking the R&R Express’ cooler with them!


Match Five—Wesley Pipes vs “The Canadian Icon” Ryan Heath

In the first match post-intermission we have a classic matchup with Wesley Pipes taking on Ryan Heath. Pipes gets the early nod with a nice arm drag. Heath counters by taking Pipes down into a reverse chinlock. Pipes shows off some mat wrestling skills as he works his way out of the hold and back to his feet.

Both Heath and Pipes deliver some offense off the ropes, as well as some counters including Pipes issuing a big elbow to the side of Heath’s head.

Heath hits a back body drop then pulls down his knee pad before dropping his knee to the face of Pipes. Both men, back to their feet, trade forearms before Pipes delivers a double chop to the throat of Heath. Pipes focuses on taking Heath off his feet with a series of chokes.

Pipes attempts a legdrop, but misses. There is a Polish Hammer sighting as Heath drops Pipes to the mat and outside the ring. Heath eventually chases Pipes outside the ring and back in. Pipes catches Heath on re-entry, stopping him cold.

Pipes works the headlock again trying to wear Heath out. Heath eventually was able to power up and hit a fallaway slam. Heath follows up with a belly to back suplex, but Pipes blocks a second attempt. Pipes nails a scorpion deathdrop followed by a two count. Pipes follows that up with an inverted suplex slam. Pipes seems to be in control now.

Perhaps smelling victory, Pipes goes for the big boot to the face, but Heath catches him and delivers four successive belly to back suplexes. Lastly, he bridges into a pin attempt but to most everyone’s surprise, Pipes kicked out at two.

Heath tries for a submission with the Ryan Tamer, but Pipes is able to crawl to the bottom rope to break the hold. Both men are outside the ring now. Heath slams Pipes face onto the mat from the outside. The referee is counting. At about the six-count, Heath begins laying on the chops. Pipes returns them back as the ref continues to tell them to get back in the ring.

Pipes sends Heath into the post outside and the referee calls for the bell. This one goes to a no contest as both men appeared to disregard an attempt for a pin in hopes of perhaps delivering a crucial blow to either put his opponent on the shelf, or end their career.

Segment Four—Nelson Hum Warns Rasool

President Nelson Hum issues a stern warning to Shaheer Rasool that there is to be no more attacking the referees. If there are any more attacks on XWA officials, Shaheer Rasool will be stripped of the belt.

Segment Five—Pat Perswayze Can Train

Pat Perswayze shows us another video highlighting his training abilities. And of course he reminds everyone (especially Dick Durning), that you can’t do this.

Match Six—Dazzling Dick Durning vs Pat Perswayze

Perswayze takes his time before getting into an initial lockup. There’s been a lot of online chatter from Perswayze but now that it is "push comes to shove" time, he doesn’t look nearly as interested in getting in the ring with Durning.

This one starts off with Durning taking Perswayze down into a front facelook. Durning is already favouring his leg and Perswayze is quick to notice. Perswayze does a little “Karate Kid Crane” move and hops on one leg across the ring only to be met with a big boot to the face by Durning.

It was at about this point (early on in the match) that Perswayze took control and started working on Durning’s leg. All Durning could do was work his way to the ropes and grab on, forcing the referee to break the hold. But each time he got at the leg, he did a bit more damage. And eventually, the damage was done. And with very veteran presence, Perswayze continued with the legwork.

Mid match, Perswayze throws Durning off the ropes and then dropkicks his quad, sending him reeling. Perswayze moved into a single leg crab. Durning mustered up the strength to push Perswayze off of him and into the ropes. As he came back, Durning caught him and rolled him up into a pin for a count of two. Perswayze wasted no time before clipping Durning's knee and ending any comeback Durning was making.

As a way of rubbing a little salt in the wound, Perswayze did some pushups for the fans. Perswayze takes a moment to go to his own corner and drink one of his delicious shakes. Before he gets to polish off the delightful drink, Durning barrels into the corner and nails him with the high knee.

Durning tries to apply his patented babykiller piledriver, but it’s countered as Perswayze rolls Durning into a crossface of sorts. And out of nowhere, Durning rolls him over, hold his shoulders to the mat in a pin, and it’s over. A hard fought match that ended in the blink of an eye. Perswayze looks like he knows he may have let that one get away from him.

And Rasool hits the ring and attacks Durning. Not only does he nearly take his head off with a shot to the temple with the belt, he stands him up and delivers the Al Queda Plunge before taunting Durning and the fans in a total act of defiance.

Biggest Pops Of Night

1. Sunny Warcloud announces that not only has Nelson Hum granted an XWA Heavyweight Championship re-match, but he’s barred The Sheik from ringside!

2. James Steele lets the fans know that, while feelings were a bit strained over the past few months, everything is now okay between him and Izabella Bliss.

3. Dazzling Dick Durning comes out of nowhere to get the quick pinfall victory over a clearly surprised and disappointed Pat Perswayze.

Biggest Boos Of Night

1. Shaheer Rasool hits ringside and nails Dazzling Dick Durning with his XWA Championship belt.

2. Wesley Pipes and Ryan Heath fight to a no contest after both men ignored referee Steve Doussaud’s ten-count instructions to return to the ring.

3. Pat Perswayze tries to enlighten everyone via video (especially Dick Durning) on how to do a proper lunge.

Highlight of Night

1. Ryan Heath rolls through four successive belly to back suplexes, but Wesley Pipes is somehow able to kickout and avoid the loss.

Surprise of Night

1. KI Real returns to the XWA and makes his presence known when, after being revealed as one of Nightmare’s druids, attacks Nightmare leaving him in a heap of hurt.

The next Saint John show is Christmas Chaos, and will come to you from Sam de Cham on December 8th 2012. Doors will open at 7:00pm, first bell is 7:30pm. See you next time!

XWA is Canada's premier independent wrestling promotion based out of Saint John New Brunswick Canada. More information on the promotion including recaps of past events as well as information on upcoming events can be found on their website located at:



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